Can a dead rattlesnake bite you

About wisdom and folly

101 Dead flies spoil good ointments. A little folly outweighs wisdom and honor.

2The wise heart is on his right hand, but the fool's heart is on his left.

3 Even if the fool is in the street, he lacks sense, but he thinks everyone else is a fool.

4If the ruler is angry with you, do not leave your place; because serenity averts great disaster.

5This is a calamity that I saw under the sun, like an oversight from the mighty:

6A fool sits in great dignity, and the rich must sit in lowly.

7I saw servants on horses and princes on foot like servants.

9 Those who break stones can hurt themselves, and those who split wood can be injured in the process.

10If an iron becomes blunt and the cutting edge remains unpolished, you have to work with all your might. But wisdom brings advantage and gain.

11If the serpent bites before the summon, the summoner has no advantage.

The words of the wise man's mouth bring him favor; but the fool's lips devour himself.

13The beginning of his words is folly, and the end is pernicious folly.

14The fool speaks many words; but man does not know what will be, and who will tell him what will become after him?

15The work tires the fool who does not even know how to go into town.

16Wo you, land, whose king is a child, and whose princes dine early in the morning!

Good to you, land whose king is noble and whose princes dine at the right time as honorable men and not as drinkers.

18Laziness causes the beams to sink, and casual hands drip the house.

19Meals are made to laugh, and wine makes life good, and money does it all.

20Neither do you curse the king in your thoughts, nor do you curse the rich man in your bedroom; for the birds of the sky carry the voice away, and have the wings, say it on.