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The most powerful members of the Justice League Dark

By Juliet Kahn / .29. January 2020 1:24 p.m. EDT

For so many radiant benefactors the DC Universe has to offer, there are just as many shadow stalking creatures of the night. Sure, they're often heroic, but they're a lot creepier to look at than your typical crimefighter. This is part of what makes the world of superheroes so popular. Goodness and light live next to magic and chaos. You can't read Superman After all, all the time. Every now and then you need a copy of Light blazer break up all the sunshine.

Enter Justice League Dark. A loose collection of wizards, warlocks, magicians, and other occult heroes dealing with cases too weird, wild, and funny to be taken over by another super team. Its ranks have grown and shrunk massively since its inception in 2011 as part of New 52, ​​resulting in a huge pool of characters that have claimed their affiliations over the years. Given the nature of the team, while many of these members have strong powers, which ones are the heaviest players? Allows us to introduce you to the most powerful members of the Justice League Dark of all time, from the Molecular Manipulators to the Manipulators of Time.

Wonder Woman brings powerful magic to the Justice League Dark

Well, everyone knows Wonder Woman, the Amazonian princess, the pillar of the Justice League and the beloved perpetrator of daring deeds. One could imagine that this isn't exactly the Justice League variety of Dark League, but it is actually about James Tynion IV and Alvaro Martinez '2018 Justice League Dark Series revision. The residents of the DC Universe are just as confused by this as anyone else - the series opens with Zatanna, apparently not for the first time explaining why she refuses to join Diana's 'Mysterious Magical Justice League' - but fate forces the team together when Wonder Woman itself becomes a problem that needs a magical solution.

As flashbacks show, Diana was marked by Hecate, the goddess of magic, as a girl who buried part of her own power in the girl's soul. Years go by and finally Hecate comes to take back her magic, regardless of the cost or consequences. All of this comes to the boil in 'The Witching Hour', an event that puts Wonder Woman under the spell of the vicious wizard Circe, only to get rid of it with the help of the Ragtag team she has put together. Wonder Woman may not spend much time on the magical edge, but as the demigoddess Amazon with divinely endowed powers, she is powerful enough to take anything the occult could throw at her.

Swamp Thing has that green energy

It's been a long, strange journey for Alec Holland, the botanist who got swampy. Founded in 1972, it began as a horror creature desperate for a means to regain its humanity. Alan Moore completely reworked the character when he took on the character's solo series in 1984 and made Swamp Thing an elemental being associated with 'the Green' or the plane of being that connects all plant life. He is an avatar, a defender, and an anthropomorphization of nature. To no surprise, he packs a huge punch with chlorophyll propulsion.

As an extension of the green, Swamp Thing is associated with all plants on earth. This means that it can inhabit and manipulate all plant matter, whether it is sentient, strange or thousands of kilometers away. Because of this, physical harm means little to him. How can he really be hurt when his consciousness is connected to every single leaf, root, and branch? If anything threatens its level of performance, it is the general health of the earth itself. But even that is so vast and diffuse that it is an unreachable bar for any villain. Swamp Thing's potential is so great that it is essentially unlimited, which makes him not only one of the toughest hitters in the Justice League Dark, but also one of the most formidable forces in the entire DC universe.

Zatanna is an unstoppable sorceress

As a stage magician who is also a true sorceress, Zatanna is one of the smartest characters in the DC universe. Justice League Dark manages to put them through their paces on both fronts and confront them with magical horror that threatens their act and the primal chaos from which all magic springs. Thankfully, she's more than up to the task of correcting what went wrong in the magical realm while keeping her stage outfits ironed as crisp as ever and if there ever was a superhero who deserved her own movie, it would be her .

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As a member of the Homo Magi Race, Zatanna is genetically linked to magic which she channels through backward verbal commands. When Zatanna calls 'tlah', anything threatening her must stop, and what she commands can be pretty much anything. The limits of Zatanna's power have never been set in stone. It has used its powers to heal matter, transform it, wipe the minds of its enemies, teleport and throw energy, and there are a multitude of one-time commands. Occasionally her powers reached divine limits as she predicted the future, opened multiple portals on the space-time continuum, and defeated centuries-old deities. Even if she is not stopped by choking her mouth or magically quenching her mouth, it cannot stop her from speaking her commands out loud. She simply writes her orders in what is available, even if that is her own blood. The depths of Zatanna's powers are essentially unfathomable. Fortunately for the DC Universe, she uses them forever.

Deadman can own pretty much anyone

Deadman is dead. Once a trapeze artist named Boston Brand, he was murdered by the diabolical assailant known only as 'The Hook'. However, this was not the end for Boston. His spirit fell into the divine hands of Rama Kushna, a goddess who granted his unbound soul life a kind after death.

Deadman is a disembodied spirit capable of possessing other living beings while remaining undetectable to all but the most discerning clairvoyant. Those he possesses remember neither his presence nor what he did in their bodies when he inhabited them. He can jump in, do whatever it takes to save the day, and then split up, keeping the person who played a part in his superheroes no smarter. And hey, even if they felt something was wrong, he's invisible, immaterial, and able to travel between realms of the living and the dead - what are they going to do to hunt?

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Although prolonged possession risks permanent attachment to the host, the limits of this weakness have always been ill-defined. The only real problem Deadman faces are those with particularly strong wills. Batman, for example, has been able to throw off Deadman's attempts at possession in the past. Bad luck for the ghostly hero, but this is Batman. The broader DC Universe is comparatively easy to choose, which makes Deadman one of the most powerful members of the Justice League Dark.

Madame Xanadu is an old, powerful member of the Justice League Dark

Madame Xanadu has a long history in the mystical arts - in fact, among the longest of any member of the Justice League Dark. Her story begins in Camelot, where she was known as Nimue Inwudu, sister of the Lady of the Lake and Morgaine le Fey. Her life has been lived long and deep, full of card games with death itself, magical gaiters with Merlin, and stays before the courts of notorious monarchs. She is a survivor of the highest order, not least because her mastery of magic is nearly complete.

Teleportation, pre-recognition (usually via her trademark tarot cards), immortality, and levitation are among Madame Xanadu's abilities, all of which are based on her life spanning multiple ages. In Xanadu empires rose and fell, ice ages formed and melted, revolutions ignited and smoldered. She is neither easily wavered nor easily fooled, especially given the fact that the future is far from opaque to her. Additionally, she is familiar with the heaviest players in the dark side of the DC Universe, which means that few of them retain their ability to intimidate or scare them. Etrigan, Jason Blood, the ghost - all of this and more are known to her and provide her with knowledge, history and enduring emotional ties that come in handy in critical moments. Madame Xanadu has age, experience and brute strength on her side, as well as a killer collection of magical ephemera on display in her ever-trusted fortune-teller salon and curio shop.

Shade the Changing Man is both strong and a little crazy

As his nickname suggests, Shade's powers are changing. A creation by Steve Ditko, the character was transformed by Peter Milligan and Chris Bachalo in their 1990 Vertigo series into an alien poet in love, sent to Earth to deal with the rising tide of madness on the planet. Shade isn't exactly the most sensible person, however, especially when it comes to its M-Vest trademark, the source of its tremendous power.

The M-Vest - also known as the Meta-Vest, Miraco-Vest, and Madness-Vest - is a fabulously patterned coat that Shade can't take off. Seriously, if tried, there will be an explosion of nuclear intensity. While this means that the vest is both a curse and a blessing, its powers cannot be denied. With this garment, Shade can manipulate reality itself. Illusions, constructs, bodies - you name it, he can make it, mix it up again, reshape it and destroy it, from top to bottom. The disadvantage of this is made clear in Justice League Dark's first issue in which Shade is introduced alongside Kathy, his lost love, in the midst of an emotionally charged argument. When Kathy begins to melt, she screams in shock that she wasn't real at all ... and she's right. It is a construct of the M-vest that is permeated with sentience. Shade's powers are powerful indeed, but the cost can be downright dire.

Detective Chimp is a powerful primate

Yes, you read that right. There's a character named Detective Chimp, and he's one of the most powerful members of the Justice League Dark. If you think the name could be a wise misdirection, you are wrong. He's a dexterous chimpanzee indeed, wearing exactly the Sherlock Holmes-y outfit one might expect. His name is Bobo T. Chimpanzee and should not be underestimated.

First of all, he's a fucking detective. Bobo possesses ingenious intelligence by human standards that has been carefully refined through years of study and work. And his communication skills not only cross the barrier between humans and chimpanzees. Bobo can speak to any living being in his own language and he can speak any human language. That alone is impressive enough, however Justice League Dark granted Bobo another gift in the night master's legacy. A hero of Dark Knights: metal In this case, Nightmaster died to protect humanity, leaving his magical watering hole, the Oblivion Bar, to Bobo alongside his sword of night, the title of Nightmaster and a sworn duty to protect Myrra, a magical realm out of time. 'They weren't thrilled when a talking monkey showed up,' mumbles Bobo as he presses for Myrra's opinion of him, but the fact is: Detective Chimp is now one of the slickest detection dogs in the DC Universe, masters of the magical world and hangout Myrra's sworn defense attorney.

John Constantine fights demons with magical street smarts

An icon of cynicism, smoking breaks, and rule breaking, John Constantine is one of a kind. His magical abilities are amazing. Necromancy, time travel, demon summoning, invisibility and astral projection are all part of his wheelhouse. In addition, his human blood mixes with that of a demon, giving him some immunity to old age, disease, and combat damage. This natural defense, combined with magical abilities, makes him uniquely resistant to magical attacks, even if they come from some of the most magical characters in the DC Universe. The whole thing is rounded off by his familiarity with stage magic, from prestidigitation to escapology. It may not seem like much in itself, but with magical power behind it, a sure instinct can mean serious business.

All of this is impressive enough in itself, but what really makes John Constantine his formidable figure are his everyday skills. Constantine is a battle-hardened detective, walking encyclopedia of occult knowledge, and a brilliant impostor who can get out of any scratch with quick thinking, careful concealment, and street smarts. In the world of Justice League DarkThis flexibility makes it not only unique, but absolutely necessary. How many other magic users are as comfortable staring at a demon as they are haggling over their beam?

Mind warp skills are terrifying

Mindwarp doesn't care much about caution, caution, or anything that prevents him from living life to the fullest. It does not mean that he is approaching the happy one. On the contrary, he describes himself as an 'existentialist murderer' who every now and then tries to live with a pot of murder. Mindwarp doesn't believe in the afterlife, any inherent meaning, or anything other than its unique abilities and what they can snap up to him. Which can mean quite a lot, given the skills in question.

Mindwarp can project itself beyond his body in what he calls his "seizure soul". While his physical body lies sluggish and the brain spasms between life and death, his soul travels as immaterially as it needs to be or as physically solid when a knockout punch is required. That way, he can grab almost anything he wants, which usually means women, expensive watches, and a ton of animal-themed furniture. He may be a bum, but his grim outlook on life comes from an understandable place. Any projection of his seizure soul could cost him his life. A high price, but one it is willing to pay, if not typical of the noblest of destinations.

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Doctor Fate is the champion of order

Two doctors function in fate Justice League Dark. There is Kent Nelson and his great-nephew Khalid Nassour. Veteran and neophyte, both were bestowed fantastic Doctor Fate abilities by the Lord of Order, Nabu - abilities that border on god-like limits. As a cosmic being over 10 billion years old, Nabu created the Helmet of Fate, the Amulet of Anubis, and the Cloak of Fate to strengthen his chosen defenders of order against the stormy forces of Chaos. Chaos is quite a big deal, of course, and so Kent, Khalid, and everyone else who took over the mantle from Doctor Fate have wielded tremendous power in putting on the sacred robes.

To begin with, Doctor Fate has the full range of standard superpowers, from flight to superpower. But in addition to these powerful skills, he can effectively rewrite reality. Teleportation, time manipulation, astral projection, telepathy, molecular manipulation, and telekinesis reside in his wheelhouse, not to mention the extensive knowledge of the arcane and the occult that Kent and Khalid have amassed over the years as scientists and explorers. When it debuted in 1940 in More funny comics # 55 put it this way: Doctor Fate's powers are 'the true conversion of energy into matter and matter into energy'. That makes a pretty big player for Justice League Dark on their side.

The Phantom Stranger could be the most powerful member of the Justice League Dark

When it comes to the Phantom Stranger, it's all in the name. A mysterious character with nebulous powers, the Stranger is unique among members of the Justice League Dark - and indeed all residents of the DC Universe - in that he has no particular origin. Many have been suggested, most of which imply that he is an immortal wanderer of the earth, doomed by divine powers to dwell among the people from whom he is eternally separated. His powers are similarly ill-defined, to the point that he is perhaps the most powerful Justice League Dark Hero of all. In fact, he's one of the most powerful DC heroes of the period.

It is difficult to catalog the stranger's abilities. He seems to be able to do anything effectively. It can travel long interstellar distances, transform matter, manipulate dreams, animate inanimate people and appears to be effectively immortal. He is apparently also omniscient and once notices that 'nothing remains hidden from him'. He crosses the line between man and God, his only real weakness being his inability to respond directly to the events of history. He may know how they will play out, what fates lie ahead, and what exactly is at stake, but he can only gesticulate, suggest, and warn those he wants to help, and even then often cryptically. So it is with the phantom stranger - effectively divine, cosmically limited.