How do you let your prose flow

Barbara Siwik

Barbara Siwik got her school wisdom from 1945 to 1957 in Falkenberg / Elster and Herzberg / Elster. Actually, after graduating from high school, she should continue studying German, but - people think a little and father (GDR) state thinks differently. A social pedagogical training at church level (FS) in Berlin made her a viable educator, first in a Christian one Children's home in Calbe / Saale, later in a Christian kindergarten in Halle / Saale. Those who marry usually have children and they need attention: After working as a kindergarten teacher, she followed a career as a housewife for several years and at the same time as a distance learning student at the college for librarians in Leipzig. Before completing her studies, she got a job as a librarian in the Merseburg City and District Library and was its director from 1990 to 1999. During this time, she occasionally published specialist articles, only in retirement did she begin to write, initially poetry, later also short stories . Her poems have appeared in numerous anthologies, including some in Italian (Antologia "Oltre le nuvole", Sanremo 2003; Antologia "diVersi nel Vento", Marcerata 2006; Antologia "La parola sensuale, Marcerata 2007).
Fairy tales, crime stories and fantasy stories have also appeared in anthologies.
In her poems, the author prefers philosophical and contemporary topics, but also understands humorous and satirical-critical tones. Her stories are often on the verge of truth, i.e. the line between the possible and the impossible is fluid. In the case of prose texts related to the present, episodes from the author's many decades of life are usually incorporated, often truthfully, but at least only slightly alienated. She spins fairy tales from the thread that the devil lets grow and the potions brewed by witches, who don't always have to be the bad guys.
In 2007 she and Wolfgang Reuter published a volume of political-satirical poems under the title "High-matt-Land" at Schmökerverlag Garbsen. In 2010, Fhl-Verlag Leipzig published a fantasy novel by the author under the title "Das Erbe des Casparius ". The book was re-published in 2015 by Sarturia-Verlag Unterensingen and shortly afterwards the second volume of the story "Das Buch der magischen Sprüche" was published by the same publisher.
In October 2015 the family novel "Where you will go" followed
In September 2016, the fairy tales collected by Karina-Verlag, Vienna, were published under the title "Die Märchenweberin" and in October 2017 the fantasy story for students from 12 years of age "The Treasure from the Chest"
Barbara Siwik is a member of the Association of German Writers in Saxony-Anhalt.

The anthology "Drachenstarker Feenzauber" received the German Fantastic Prize in 2007. Contribution by the author "Die Ausreißerin"

available manuscripts:
"The widow from Betulia" (historical novel around 500 BC)
"Italian impressions" (poetry and short prose)
"Israel - terra magica" (travel story)