Long-haired cats get winter coats

Do dogs need a jacket or coat in winter?

Dogs who wear a jacket or coat are often smiled at. Your owners anyway. Admittedly, a clothed dog simply makes a strange picture. It looks unnatural, pampered and belittled.

Humanization is all too often accused of dog owners who put a jacket or coat on their dog. Is It Sensible What They Do To Their Dogs? Do dogs need a jacket / coat in winter?

We say: if you are freezing, of course!

Why do dogs need a jacket or coat in winter?

There are dogs that are sensitive to the cold due to the condition of their coat or their physical constitution.

Through breeding, some breeds have emerged that have very short fur. Other dog breeds do not have an undercoat to warm them. Of course, these breeds also freeze faster. This applies not only to small breeds of dogs but also to large ones. At low temperatures, not only Chihuahua, Yorki and co freeze faster but also large breeds with short fur and no undercoat such as Rhodesian Ridgeback, Boxer etc.

Physically weakened or very old dogs also freeze faster.

How do you know if a dog is freezing?

It's simple: when a dog is cold, it trembles. In principle, tremors can of course also have other causes. However, if the dog is healthy and the air temperature is very low, it can be assumed that the tremor is temperature-related.

What kind of jacket / coat do dogs need in winter?

The range of jackets and coats for dogs is huge. They are available in many colors, plain or patterned, thick or thin, water-repellent, knitted, with a belly flap, hood, rhinestones and fur collar. For the dog, of course, the function is decisive, not the appearance.

When choosing a dog jacket / coat, the following points are important:

  • The fit: The jacket must fit comfortably and well. It should be long enough to cover the kidney area.
  • The material: The material of the jacket should also protect against wind and water. Knitwear looks chic, but is less suitable because it offers little protection.
  • The lining: The thickness of the food should always be chosen so that the dog is warmed but not "overheated".

Dogs that are cold need a jacket / coat.

Regardless of whether people find it visually appealing or not: If a dog freezes in low temperatures, he has to wear a jacket. This has nothing to do with pampering or anything like that. Through human breeding, the coat of some dog breeds has been changed in such a way that it can no longer offer protection from moisture and cold. Before the affected dogs freeze, they should definitely wear a jacket / coat.