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Today Rift was patched for in Europe RIFT update 1.8 (04/19/2012). Check out the lease note below.

Magelo Sync is already up to date!

RIFT 1.8 Hotfix 0.5 - 04/19/12

  • A bug has been fixed where the wrong message was given of an initial success.
  • Tents and bed rolls are now available for use
  • Fishing related pets should now spawn immediately.
  • A bug in which reserved groups in a queue were permanently resolved by existing LFG groups and groups for public events has been fixed.

  • The leaderboard for Expert Mode: Dark Depths has been corrected and can now be activated.
  • Fixed a bug related to the leaderboard: The Library: Duration of Mass Martyrs.

  • Dawn creep: Now with correct pricing.
  • Ember Isle raid essences now have a minimum level requirement to equip.

RIFT 1.8 - 19.04.12

  • Dawn of Hell: The new raid for 20 players that challenges them with seven new bosses as they storm the Carcera to prevent the rise of Laethys and the freeing of Flamemouth from his prison under the volcano.
  • Relax on the beaches or go on an adventure in the wilderness. You can do both with the new Fishing and Survival craft skills! For more information, see Fishing and Survival below.
  • Players and guilds can find each other more easily using the new guild finder. Keep reading on GUILD SEEKER to learn how to use it!
  • With the new functions of the leaderboards you can compare yourself with your friends, guildmates and other players in different categories and measure yourself against them. More below under BEST LISTS.
  • Brand new appearances and animations for fairy companions of druids, original companions of beastmasters and companions of rangers!
  • Immediate adventures come to the Ember Island. Level 50 characters can now jump straight into the action with the new Ember Island Queue available in the Instant Adventure menu.
  • Achievements that have been partially achieved are now highlighted in the Achievements window in the list of ongoing achievements.

  • Deep under the Carcera on Ember Island, Laethys and Flamemouth have joined forces to escape the ancient volcanic prison. It is now up to the elect to counteract these efforts and prevent them from bringing fire and anger to Telara along with their followers.
  • Infernal Twilight is a new raid zone for 20 players who already have some experience and some loot from fighting the threats of Telara in Hammerknell Fortress.
  • The accesses to the lower-lying bosses of Hell's Dawn will be released in several stages after the 1.8 update to give raids time to experience different encounters.
  • Even characters equipped with Hammerknell equipment will find more valuable pieces throughout the Dawn of Hell raid.

  • Two new trade skills are now available: Fishing and Survival. It revolves around fishing equipment, catching fish, turning them into useful refreshments, and camping gear that gives you refreshment.
  • One or both of these skills can be learned alongside your three existing trade skills and do not take up any of these places.
  • Go to the new fishing instructors in Sanctum or Meridian, or speak to introductory NPCs and instructors in Silverfield or Kelari Refuge to begin your training!
  • In addition to food, business-minded fishermen will find various treasure chests, artifacts or even companions.
  • An adventurous survivor can not only make fish into delicious meals - which offer a variety of benefits - but they can also make tents and sleeping bags for some comfort outside.

  • The guild seeker was introduced in 1.8 to support guilds looking for members and free agents who want to call a guild their home.
  • Press Shift + G or select Guild Finder from the Social menu to bring up the Guild Finder for guildless characters.
  • In your search, enter various criteria such as guild size, required roles, play style and more in order to find a suitable guild!
  • Contact guild recruiters directly in the guild finder. If they are online, you will receive a direct message. Otherwise you will be contacted via email.
  • Recruiters can accept your invitation request even if you are offline. You will then receive an in-game email for information.
  • By default, senior officers in guilds and above have permission to edit the guild's recruitment tab.
  • Access to the recruitment tab and identification as a recruiter are controlled via the guild permissions.
  • Guilds can set up their recruitment criteria and add a description of their guild to customize their appearance in the Guild Finder.
  • Guilds are only shown in the search results of the guild seeker if you have activated the option List guild in guild seeker in your recruitment tab.

  • Characters can now measure themselves against others using the leaderboards and compare their activities. The leaderboards track various stats and achievements across a wide variety of different lists - PvE, PvP, raids, crafting, and more!
  • Characters are assigned to a league (bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond) and a division of a list. Compete within a list to increase your score, reach a higher rank and a higher league!
  • In each of the leaderboards you can see where you rank among your friends, your guildmates and the top 50 of your war group or where you stand in sections that group characters with similar progress.
  • View the leaderboards from the Social menu or use the standard ';' key.
  • Positions in the leaderboards are tracked and can be viewed for the current week, previous week, and best week ever (historic high).
  • Your character's league is updated daily. If you are absent for a longer period of time, your character can only be promoted or relegated by one league and will be updated the next time you log in.
  • With the release of 1.8, the leaderboards will be based on historical data, so be prepared to see a lot of position changes, especially in the first week after going live.
  • For some of the more in-depth lists, tooltips with more detailed information about which activities affect the points are displayed when you move the mouse over the leaderboard.

  • We have changed the methodology for awarding quest rewards via the diamond-shaped treasure chest icon (especially noticeable when completing dungeons). There is now a limit to the maximum retention time before the oldest unredeemed rewards expire.
    • With the start of version 1.8, cash and experience point rewards are automatically awarded when the quest is completed. However, choice rewards still need to be redeemed manually.
    • When the maximum number of open rewards for this type of quest is reached, players will receive a notification. If the maximum number of open rewards is exceeded, the oldest open rewards will be deleted, but younger rewards can still be redeemed.
  • A new equipment slot is now available for crafted sealing items. Instructions for crafting seals are available from around level 40 / skill level 225 for all production crafting skills (with the exception of rune crafting) and can be purchased from various crafting instruction vendors.
  • New Daily Quests are now offered in Chronicles. These quests are given by Raj Tahleed in Meridian or Abbess Katia in Sanctum.
  • Travel between porticulae within the same zone now costs 1 gold in Stillmoor, Shimmersand, Iron Pine Peaks, Moonshade Mountains, Badlands, Stonefield, and Gloamwood.
  • The Treasure UI is now displayed by default on the right side of the screen below the Rift progress bar.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the permanent deactivation of the automatic PvP marker to be ignored when attacking neutral NPCs belonging to the opposing faction.
  • Agile mounts (90% more speed) are now available from level 25 for 25 platinum. You no longer have to wait until level 30.
  • Players can no longer drop their weapons while under the influence of mind control. I'm afraid we cannot allow this, chosen one.
  • The loading screen for higher-level characters in Meridian and Sanctum has been spiced up.
  • After a shard-only restart, the daily and weekly quests offered should no longer change.
  • Fixed a rare bug that could cause some characters to become blocked after sharding.

  • Due to popular demand, the popular 'Skirmish' Zone events that previously took place in Phase 5 of Carnival will now be available as random events in Shimmersand, Stillmoor, and Iron Pine Summit.
  • Global event quests should now either automatically complete correctly or be removed when changing event phases.
  • Infernal Awakening will now be updated from 5 rifts (not 10), as stated in the event text.

  • The splash text Repel Attackers is no longer displayed for invasions that you did not contribute to knocking down. The same goes for positions.
  • Zone events in Scarlet Gorge and Scarwood Region now have a longer time to kick off after being announced.
  • Glowing pure springs will now be dropped during the Visions of a Past Future event in higher-level areas if the player is in the Front of the Plains or Shield of the Land quests.

  • Immediate adventures come to the Ember Island. Level 50 characters can now jump straight into the action with the new Ember Island Queue available in the Instant Adventure menu.
  • After joining an instant adventure group in a remote land that has not yet been discovered by your character, the new entry point is now at the respective local cemetery - and not in Meridian or Sanctum.
  • Most bosses in instant adventures can now be taunted.
  • Death Gate, Scald Water Fields, and Fire Sand Desert have been split into smaller adventure locations to better define the area of ​​the quest objectives.

  • Group Queue Updates: When a group enrolls in a queue, the game will now take a 'snapshot' of the group members at the time of enrollment. After enrolling in the queue, group members can split up, add new members, and join raids or instant adventures without losing their original status in the queue. They are not automatically removed from the queue if the group composition changes. Hovering over the queue status icon will reveal the names of the people who are currently members of your queue group.
  • Fixed a borderline case where a player with unassigned soul points for a role that is currently inactive would be kicked out of the group search queue when using a porticulum.

  • The mutual consumption of Streak and Bloodthirsty when both abilities are active has now been fixed.

  • Equipping weapons during combat now triggers a global cooldown. If you are already in the global cooldown at this point, it will be extended.
  • The focus target remains in place even if you leave the target's field of vision - even if the target is a friendly player and dies.
  • Focus target now shows the correct health percentage when this option is activated.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent group NPCs from attacking the target despite using provocation skills such as Provoke.
  • Skills with area effects should no longer affect companions.
  • Fixed a bug that, on rare occasions, prevented NPCs from turning towards the target of their abilities while casting spells.

  • A new Chosen Power, Wrath of the Chosen, has been created to replace the Antiplanar Compaction / Holy Champion available to all levels. This new ability is granted at level 1 and above and has a shared one-minute cooldown with Antiplanar Compaction / Holy Champion (if you have one).
  • Antiplanar Densification and Holy Champion can no longer be learned from vendors. However, characters who already have one of these skills will not lose them. Wrath of the Chosen is intended as a substitute for these Chosen Powers, and allows players to familiarize themselves with how it works at lower levels.
  • A new option ("Reactivate floor drainage") has been added under the settings, which is deactivated by default.
  • By activating the option "Cast new ground channels" you can now interrupt the channelized ground target spells (such as the pyromancer's firestorm) with a second spell and select the target area for the same spell.
  • Versions of skills that have high-quality, soul tree-enhanced bonuses are no longer automatically overwritten.
  • Avenger NPCs no longer use Sovereignty.
  • All skill tooltips for Warrior and Cleric skills have been updated.
  • Fixed a bug where tooltips for more complex skills were displaying incorrect numbers.

A lot of buffs have been changed to passive effects to reduce the amount of re-casting.

  • Lurking decay. Is now a passive effect. If you are logged in as a Kabbalist after the 1.8 update, you must first swap roles. One less reinforcement that you have to work again!

  • Druids have been redesigned to increase their DPS competitiveness and address a lack of movement skills in combat.
  • Companion abilities no longer work due to the requirement that they must face the target.
  • Brutal Impact: Now increases the damage of Zealous Strike and Combined Strike by 3-9%.
  • Rock Hammer: Damage is now calculated correctly when stacking.
  • Fairy Step: New ability that can be obtained from 20 points. Teleports you straight to the target. Range 20 meters, 15 seconds cooldown, no global cooldown.
  • Hot-Blood: Increased spell power bonus from bombing and life outbreak by 5-25%. To do this, it is no longer necessary to use points on Fairy Anger.
  • Fairy's Rage: Cooldown reduced to 2 minutes.
  • Oak Shield: Now absorbs all types of damage. Movement speed is increased by 5% when Oak Shield is activated.
  • Inertia Spirit: The debuff now increases the target's cost by 50%.
  • Spirit of the Forest: Can now also trigger from Wild Strike.
  • Stone Kick: Skill removed.
  • Wild Strike: Now hits 5 targets.

  • Nysyr's Reprimand: Now correctly requires clear line of sight to be cast.

  • The following was introduced with the intention of making Avengers less dependent on avoidance (evasion, parrying). Attenuation has been increased to compensate for these changes.
  • Cavalier: Acts passively now. If you are logged in as Avenger after the 1.8 update, you must first swap roles.
  • Devout Distraction: Now adds 33-100% of your wisdom for parrying and 33-100% of your intelligence for dodging.
  • Redemption: is now a passive effect. If you are logged in as Avenger after the 1.8 update, you must first swap roles.
  • Shield of Faith: Reduces damage taken by 3-15%.
  • Sovereignty: Now deals Life damage and stuns the target for 2 seconds.
  • Sturdy Citadel: Now adds 33-100% of your wisdom to blocking.
  • Dominance: Now reduces physical damage taken by 9-18%.
  • Thorvin's Law: Now reduces damage taken by 2-4% plus an additional 1.2% per point over 26 used on the Avenger.

  • The way several Purifier buffs culminate has been tweaked so that the Purifiers are less likely to block an important cooldown ability.
  • Ancestral Rite: Cannot be cast on a target currently under the effects of Spirit Fire.
  • Ancestral Wards, Ancestral Gathering: Can no longer be used on a target under the effects of Spirit Fire or Ancestral Rite.
  • Regenerative Flame: No longer affected by delays.

  • Strengthening light. Now only select targets with poison, disease or curse on them.
  • Healing Invocation: No longer affected by delays.
  • Healing Community: Less healing effect in PvP.

  • Fixed a bug with the line-of-sight requirements for Cascade, Spheres of Flood, and Spheres of Stream.
  • Deluge: Healing over time through revitalizing water is based on all healings over time that are on the target, not just those that you act on the target. No longer affected by delays.
  • Healing Flood: Less healing effect in PvP.
  • Healing spray: Less healing effect in PvP.
  • Abundance: Now gives less healing in PvP situations.
  • Calming Stream: Less healing effect in PvP.

  • The duration of various damage over time on mages is now more standardized to help with better rotations.
  • Switchable abilities, such as Inner Charge, no longer provide a process of opportunity.

  • Consuming Flames: Can no longer be cast on a target influenced by Rite of the Ancestors of the Purifier or spiritually fired.
  • Cleansing Flames: Now removes up to 1 poison, disease, or curse from up to 10 party or raid members in the target area. Only selects targets that are also under an effect that can be removed.
  • Parasitic Flames: Duration reduced to 8 seconds.
  • Looter Stone: The ability description will now properly update the stats of this buff when using points for Strength of the Stone.
  • Searing Vitality: Duration reduced to 8 seconds.

  • Veil of Life and Veil of Life: Healing in PvP is increased by 15%.
  • Natural Conversion: Fixed a case where they would be consumed by an existing Damage Over Time effect instead of the next damaging spell being cast.
  • Natural Healing: No longer affected by delay effects while casting.
  • Withered Tendrils: Now instant cast. Duration increased to 16 seconds.

  • Charged Shield: No longer removes your Mage Armor Reinforcement when cast on an ally.
  • Degenerate: Fixed a bug where damage was not being dealt as stated in the description.
  • Excruciating Pain: Duration increased to 16 seconds.

  • Icy Shell: Duration increased to 16 seconds.
  • Ignite: Duration reduced to 8 seconds.

  • Corpse explosion. Duration increased to 30 seconds.
  • Necrosis: Base duration reduced to 10 seconds. When points are spent on Flesh Rotten, Meat Rot's duration is now increased by 2-6 seconds, base damage is increased by 20-60%, and the benefit of Meat Rot by Spellpower is increased by 20-60%.

  • Bottom of Strength: The immunity effect now also works with banishment effects such as B. Crack Prison.

  • Some spells no longer grant a charge while Storm Protection is active.
  • Fork Lightning: The maximum number of targets that can be hit has been increased to 8.
  • Lightning Rod: Skills that deal damage under targets, such as: B. Anger of the nature of the chloromancer, were not affected. This has been fixed.

  • Desecration: Desecration no longer continues to consume landing after being removed from the target.
  • Empowered Darkness: Now consumes 75 charge to be cast. But no longer consumes a charge or blocks any gained charge while it is active. Reduces the Warlock's damage bonus by 70% while Empowered Darkness is active. Maximum duration is 15 seconds.
  • Leech of Life: Base duration reduced to 10 seconds. When points are spent on Improved Leech of Life, Leech of Life now increases duration by 2-6 seconds, increases base damage by 20-60%, increases the benefit of Leech of Life by spell power by 20-60%, and increases healing by 10-30%.
  • Opportunity: Now with an internal cooldown of 1 second.
  • Life Sacrifice: Damage: Cooldown reduced to 30 seconds and the damage bonus granted increased to 20%.


  • Deadly Dance: The Deadly Dance damage bonus is now only applied to attacks that are generated with combo points and carried out with melee weapons. No longer affects Saboteur charges or attacks that generate combo points with ranged weapons.
  • False Blade: False Blade has been renamed Meditative Trance. Functionality has changed. Is now a final attack that heals the villain for 12 seconds.
  • Improved False Blade: Has been renamed Improved Meditative Trance. Functionality has changed. The healing through meditative trance is increased by 25-50%.

  • Electrified Ammunition: Damage is now equal to the respective attack power.
  • Powerful Shot: Energy cost reduced from 45 to 40.
  • Erase: No more "travel delay" between application and hit.
  • Fire: Fixed a bug where fire would not cause damage when aimed at the target's target.
  • Vampire Ammunition: The healing that is siphoned off has been reduced from 50% to 40%. Healing reduction remains at 50%.

  • Dusk: Fixed a bug where the Nightfury buff would not work if the first burst of dusk defeated the target.
  • Deadly Blades: The healing that is siphoned off has been reduced from 50% to 40%. Healing reduction remains at 50%.

  • Improved Escape Artist: This ability has been removed and functionality has been added to the Escape Artist ability.
  • Shadowfire: Now the Shadowfire buff also applies if the target is defeated or immune to hit damage.
  • Fragmentation Shot: Energy cost reduced from 45 to 40.
  • Steady Hand: New Ability: Increases the attack power of ranged weapon abilities by 5% plus an additional 2% per point over 26 used in the Ranger.
  • Zardonis' Ranger Crystal: 2-part bonus now also reduces the energy costs of Shadowfire by 10.

  • Several abilities have been changed to make the Riftstalker's debuff more consistent during encounters.
  • Improved Guardian Phase: Now also reduces damage from physical attacks by 5% and from non-physical attacks by 7%.
  • Crack Protection: Now only absorbs 10% of incoming damage in PvP at the basic level.
  • Shadow Protection: Now reduces body damage taken by 3-15%.
  • Zardonis' Riftstalker Crystal: 2-part bonus: functionality changed - max health is now increased by 5%.

  • The goal of the changes to the Saboteur in 1.8 is to have a competitive soul that deals PLCs in the area of ​​effect to match the other PLC souls with damage in the area of ​​effect for the Kabbalist and Stormcaller, but based more on attitude rotation on damage.
  • Due to the changes listed below, characters who have invested soul points in the Saboteur have been given a free redistribution for this role.
  • All charges of the saboteur can no longer be parried, blocked or diverted and you can no longer avoid them.
  • All traps, with the exception of land mines, no longer have a cooldown.
  • Shrapnel charges are now removed when a character is resurrected in PvP.
  • Bomb Expert: Increased damage from 3-15% to 5-25%. Now also reduces the energy costs of bombs by 1-5.
  • Crow's Foot Load: The functionality has changed. The target and nearby enemies will now bleed for 10 seconds when they explode.
  • Bomb Carpet: Cooldown reduced from 2 minutes to 1 minute.
  • Charge amplifiers: The functionality has changed. Attack power contribution to charge damage increased by 10%. For each point assigned to the saboteur soul above 21, the attack power is increased by 3%.
  • Chemical bomb: duration of effects increased from 8 to 10 seconds. The damage has been adjusted.
  • Combat Survival: Skill has been removed.
  • Battle Wounds - New Skill: Increases the damage of Barbed Charge and Crow's Foot Charge by 15-30%.
  • Combined Strength - New Skill: Requires only one point. The cluster bomb detonates all charges on the primary target. Combo points present on the target trigger a shrapnel bomb that inflicts physical damage on enemies in the area.
  • Demolition Expert - Changed functionality: Requires only one point. The annihilation bomb detonates all charges on the primary target. Combo points present on the target trigger a shrapnel bomb that inflicts physical damage on enemies in the area.
  • Ember Charge: Now deals damage. The target and surrounding enemies now take an additional 5% more damage from non-physical attacks. Duration 12 seconds per charge.
  • Cluster Bomb: Cooldown reduced from 15 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • Strong explosive: the functionality has changed. Your Cluster Bomb, Time Bomb, and Annihilation Bomb will now cause the target and nearby enemies to bleed for 10 seconds. Accumulated up to 3 times.
  • Improved Chemical Bomb - New Skill: Available from 20 points. Increases chemical bomb damage by 15-30%.
  • Improved Entangling Trap: Now only requires 15 points instead of 20.
  • Improved Spike Charge: Skill has been removed.
  • Increased explosive power: damage increased from 3-15% to 5-25%.
  • Rapid Sabotage: Cooldown reduced from 1 minute to 30 seconds.
  • Spike Charge: The duration of the effect has been increased from 9 to 10 seconds. The interval for damage over a period is now 2 seconds instead of 3. The damage has been adjusted.
  • Shard Charge: Now deals damage and debuffs the target and surrounding enemies.
  • The Trapper: Skill has been removed.
  • Trench warfare: New ability. Attack power contribution to damage from all bombs, traps and land mines has been increased by 10%. Also affects ignition. For each point assigned to the saboteur soul above 26, the attack power is increased by 5%.
  • Zardonis' Saboteur Crystal: 2-part bonus: The functionality has changed. The damage done by the explosive charge and the barbed charge increases by 30%.
  • Zardonis' Saboteur Crystal: 4-piece bonus: The functionality has changed. The damage dealt by all saboteur abilities with damage in the area of ​​effect increases by 15%.

  • Warriors have undergone some profound skill changes to better adapt to attack power. The goal is to ensure that, as warriors receive improved armor, that their effectiveness improves in return. Warriors no longer get the lion's share of their power through their weapons.
  • All warriors now receive a passive buff called Rising Wrath, which increases the attack power for final attacks based on the number of attack points used.
  • With final attacks, the individual increased damage is no longer based on attack points.
  • All damage abilities have been balanced so that attack power can be used more consistently.
  • For block absorption, the soft upper limit has been increased to 60% and the absolute upper limit to 70%.
  • In PvP at level 50, the warrior's attacks now do a little less damage.
  • Effects that give points of attack, such as B. Paragon Armorer are now correctly displayed in the combat log.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a target to appear to be haunted by the Raider's Angry Essence and the Beastmaster's Angry Companion at the same time.

  • Effects that increase bleeding damage no longer give the first hit an increased effect on Brutal Incision, Wild Sweeper, Flesh Ripper and Sharp Slash.
  • Brutal Cut and Wild Sweep: Both have been realigned as their bleeding effect ignored armor.
  • Enraged Companion: Should now properly buff the entire raid. Protective companion should always be removed.
  • Heavy Blow: Now buffs the pet instead of weakening the target, which should fix stacks issues.
  • Flesh Ripper: Properly removed from the reactive abilities UI after use.
  • Primal Fury: Cooldown reduced to 15 seconds, duration increased to 5-15 seconds. Now correctly applies to the Beastmaster and his companion. It will no longer be granted buff if the target is not suffering from bleeding effects. However, the effect is still subject to a cooldown.
  • Sharp Slash: Fixed the delay before the ability deals initial damage.
  • Survival of the Fittest: Skill has been changed. Now increases your damage by 0.2-1% and that of your companion by 0.5-2.5% per point assigned to the Beastmaster.
  • Rasmolov's Beastmaster Crystal: 4-piece bonus reduced to 20% to be more in line with other Synergy Crystals.

  • Bloodthirst now gains 200% more attack power instead of a weapon damage adjustment.
  • Courage of Despair: Now lasts 2.5 seconds and deals damage every 0.5 seconds. Cooldown reduced to 30 seconds. Damage has been increased.
  • Deadly Strikes: Bleeding damage effects are no longer changed. However, the first hit, Bleeding the Beastmaster, is still affected. Fixed a bug where Lethal Strikes would work with one-handed weapons in certain cases.
  • Stance of the Destroyer: Always grants 1 point of attack for elementary or physical 3-point final attacks. Intensive Training bonuses now only increase damage for physical attacks. In summary, one can say: Posture of the destroyer grants 1 attack point for all final attacks, 35% damage bonus on elementary attack types and 50% damage bonus on physical attack types.
  • Interrupt Slash: Now gets 200% more attack power instead of a weapon damage adjustment. Cooldown reduced from 15 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • Punitive Strike: Damage has been increased.
  • Butcher's Posture: Critical hit damage bonus reduced to 3%. Intensive training now increases the bonus by 3% per point.
  • No Prisoners: Now only increases the first hit of a bleeding damage effect.
  • Titan Slash: No longer stuns the target and deals damage to additional targets based on attack power. Cooldown reduced to 15 seconds. Fixed another bug that prevented the Five Ring Teaching, Riftfury, or Weapon Specialization from properly affecting Slash of the Titan.
  • Weapon Specialization: For each point assigned to the champion soul, ability damage has been increased to 0.6.
  • Rasmolov's Champion Crystal: The 4-piece bonus damage for attacks in the area of ​​effect has been reduced from 35% to 20%. Now only affects Mighty Strike, Courage of Despair, and Blade Frenzy to be more in line with other energy crystals.

  • Essence Boost, Zest for Life: Now heals 50% of its normal value in PvP.
  • Sweeping Blow: The health portion of this ability has been removed and body damage increased.

  • Attack in pairs, hurricane path, raptor path, deathtouch: now you get 200% attack power instead of weapon damage modification.
  • Flexible as Reeds: The effect of the damage buff has been reduced to 5/12/25.
  • Flurry: duration reduced to 2.5 seconds. Damage is dealt every 0.5 seconds. Cooldown reduced to 30 seconds. Increased damage.
  • The Power of Will: Critical strike damage bonus reduced by 2-6%.
  • Reaper's Harvest: Damage has been increased.
  • Rising Waterfall: Now has a different damage effect depending on whether you are fighting with two weapons or not. Now you get 200% attack power instead of weapon damage modification. The damage for single weapon combat has been reduced to match the damage of Heavy Slam. Can now trigger Path of the Wind.
  • As hard as iron: Reduced to 10/20/30%.
  • Teaching of the Five Rings: For each point assigned to the Paragon soul, the damage increases by 0.6%.
  • Path of the Mountain: Follow-up attack damage is now only increased when fighting with two weapons.
  • Way of the Wind: Damage is now dealt based on attack power. Ranks 2 and 3 have been removed as all ranks have the same effects.
  • Path of the Wind and Deadly Grace can no longer trigger Blast Abilities.
  • Armorer: Now triggered by follow-up attacks. Attack points are now granted 100% of the time.

  • Blood Fever: Corrected a calculation that resulted in Blood Fever causing more damage than intended. Blood Fever damage has been reduced in PvP.
  • Cyclone: ​​The tooltip that showed the same damage twice has been corrected.

  • The damage of all explosive abilities has been rebalanced. It has been reduced to reflect that they no longer have a global cooldown.
  • Avatar of the Rift: Now deals damage based on attack power.
  • Burning Blood: Damage is now based on your attack power.
  • Extended Explosion: After using an explosion, elemental attacks that do not consume any attack points apply a 10-30% damage bonus for 6 seconds.
  • Fire Explosion: Now lasts 10 seconds. Now with an 8 second cooldown.
  • Icy Strike: New ability that can be obtained from 2 points assigned to the Riftblade Soul. Final attack ability that deals water damage on the next attack.
  • Improved Icy Armor: Has been removed.
  • Brewer - New ability that replaces Improved Icy Armor. Inflicts 10-20% of the damage dealt by Frozen Strike as Air damage when used on someone under the effects of Blasted Fire.
  • Rift Wrath: Now affects all attacks, similar to the Five Ring Doctrine and Weapon Specialization. For each point assigned to the Riftblade Soul, the damage from non-physical abilities is increased by 0.6%.
  • Riftstorm: Changed to better match Courage of Despair and Flurry. Lasts 2.5 seconds and is triggered every 0.5 seconds. Cooldown reduced to 30 seconds.
  • Rift Strike: Now you get 200% attack power instead of weapon damage modification.
  • Rift Push: Corrected a calculation that resulted in Rift Push causing more damage than intended. In addition, the tooltips for this ability and the effects should now be displayed correctly.
  • Static Shock: Now deals damage based on your attack power.
  • Storm Blade: Duration reduced from 6 to 5 seconds. Now deals damage based on your attack power.
  • Rasmolov's Riftblade Crystal: 4-piece bonus increased to 20% and no longer requires Riftwalking. Should now be more in line with other Synergy Crystals.

  • Flesh Fusion: Now heals for 50% normal in PvP.
  • Residual absorption: the duration has been reduced to 0.5 to 1 second.
  • Rift Shield: Can no longer be cast on a target influenced by Rite of the Ancestors of the Purifier or spirit fire.
  • Crack Tap: Corrected a calculation that caused Crack Tap to cause more damage than intended.
  • Spell Breaker: Fixed a bug that caused this ability to remove more effects than was shown.

  • No Allowance to Die: Now has a 60 second cooldown and lasts for 10 seconds.

  • All debuffs have been given priorities within their stacking groups. Weaker spells within a category should no longer overwrite the stronger ones. The following listing does not indicate the override priorities.

  • Druid: Trickster Spirit
  • Rissstalker: Rift disorder
  • Saboteur: debilitating trap
  • Paladin: Soothing blow

  • Archon: Dwindling strength
  • Necromancer: Impending doom

  • Rissstalker: Rift disorder
  • Saboteur: debilitating trap
  • Paladin: Soothing blow

  • Archon: Dwindling strength
  • Necromancer: Impending doom

  • Sharpshooter: Lightning Wrath
  • Ranger: Piercing shot
  • Saboteur: fragmentation charge
  • Champion: Sign of Inevitability
  • Warlord: Mark of the leader
  • Looters: Destructive Strike

  • Archon: Enlighten
  • Chloromancer: wild growth
  • Bard: Coda of risk
  • Warlord: Scout's Order

  • Shaman: Revenge of the Bitter Cold
  • Archon: Ash Defense
  • Bard: Coda of cowardice

  • Inquisitor: Bracket spirit
  • Avenger: Blame
  • Warlock: Neddra's torment
  • Saboteur: Ember Charge

  • Inquisitor: Spiritual deficiency
  • Archon: Crumbling resistance
  • Elementalist: exposure
  • Bard: Coda of Despair

  • Kabbalist: Disturbing fog
  • Archon: Sticky dust
  • Ruler: Accelerated Decay

  • Sentinel: Shining look
  • Assassin: Deadly Poison
  • Champion: Mark of Extinction

  • Ranger: Mangle attack of the Direwolf
  • Warlord: battlefield diversion
  • Looters: Blood fever

  • Ruler: Transfer
  • Druid: spirit of indolence


  • Rogue and Warrior: weapon level attunement bonuses have been changed to match vocation-based attack power updates. Instead of increasing weapon damage per second by 0.2 for each point assigned to a weapon plane attunement node, you now get 2 attack power per plane attunement point used for weapon plane attunement for each corresponding weapon. The Warrior's Weapons Mastery for Two-Handed Weapons now grants 2 additional attack points for each point used (only one of these weapons can be equipped). Attack power bonuses also affect your companion.
  • Warrior: War: Concentrated Strikes debuff will now be removed when a player dies.
  • Cleric: War: Marks of Purification: Functionality has changed. Purification of single targets now have a 5-25% chance to remove the additional effects of a curse, disease, or poison.
  • Cleric: War: Martyr's Blessing: Functionality has changed. Your attacks now have a 15-30% chance of making opposing players vulnerable by increasing the amount suffered by 1% for 10 seconds. Can be accumulated up to 5 times.
  • Mage: War: Rift Grave: Fixed a difficulty where Rift Grave could parry, miss, or evade this ability.
  • Rogue: War: Accelerated Wounds: Functionality has changed. Damage taken from critical hit attacks has been reduced by 1-5%.


  • A dash through the Ember Lord's plans: Fixed a borderline case that prevented this quest from working properly.

  • The raid rift rift in Bastion Zarnost no longer blocks vulnerable objects for PvP rifts.

  • The quest progress and the population around Howling Caves and Cloud Caves have been updated.

  • Divine Work, Divine Reward: Increases the power of Blade of Light's reward to better match the other rewards of this quest.

  • Group Queue Updates: When a group enrolls in a queue for a Warfront, the game will now take a 'snapshot' of the party members at the time of enrollment. After enrolling in the queue, group members can split up, add new members, and join raids or instant adventures without losing their original status in the queue. They are not automatically removed from the queue if the group composition changes. Hovering over the War Front queue status icon will reveal the names of the people currently in your War Front queue group.
  • If you are silenced or disarmed in PvP, the messages become Silent! or disarmed! immediately displayed in the scrolling battle text.
  • Belts are now included in set bonus groups for PvP armor sets.
  • The healing ability of many items and essences has now been weakened in PvP.
  • PVP: The guild quest Weakening Your Defense is now also updated for mercenaries.
  • The Battle for Scion Port: Saerloth the Avenger, Enforcer Khazik, Ithluk the Injured, Guardian Leyra, Blademaster Keelan, Veylara, and Vachii Odego have been increased by 50%.
  • Achievements: Flawless Victory: Whitefall Steppes: Achievements no longer depend on completing Victory in Whitefall Steppes.
  • Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause a war front to be entered after death.
  • Sheep Brew and Scotty's Shepherd's Staff can no longer be used on Warfronts.

  • Corrupt souls are now dropped by the final boss in all dungeons in expert and master mode.
  • Corrupted Souls are now dropped by the final boss in all dungeons in Standard Mode and in the Chronicles.
  • Just like raid leaders, assistants can now perform a readiness check by right-clicking on the character menu.
  • Golden Prophecy: Fixed a difficulty with Growing Earth and Earthen Labor.

  • The zone quest is now considered finished after defeating the Rune King and Prince Dollin to fix a bug that caused this quest to be considered unfinished. The king and prince's treasure chest now appears in the throne room.

  • Inwar Dunkelflut and Inquisitor Garau are now available as opponents even if only Murdantix has been defeated (and not only after defeating Murdantix and all boss opponents in the lower area of ​​the staircase). However, by defeating Inwar and Garau, the portal to the port is still opened and access to Jornaru and Akylios is possible.
  • The health of the basic population in most of the zone has been reduced.
  • Rune King Molinar: The casting time for both versions of Devouring Essence, the King's and the Prince's, has been increased. Incorporeal Revenant's health has been reduced. Reduced the damage reduction the mage receives from Dollin's Life Steal and Life Extinction abilities.
  • Estrode: Flaming Breath has been changed to ignore the effects of the absorption shield.
  • Grugonim: Grugonim's health has been reduced. Blood Plague Essence duration has been increased. The reduction in maximum health from Manifest Death has been reduced.
  • Inquisitor Garau: Garau's health has been reduced.

  • A new equipment slot is now available for crafted sealing items. Instructions for crafting seals are available from around level 40 / skill level 225 for all production crafting skills (with the exception of rune crafting) and can be purchased from various crafting instruction vendors.
  • New daily crafting quests are available for characters with 300 skill points!
  • All plane essences can now be properly recycled or rune-broken.
  • Level 40-44 mobs that can be "harvested" will now grant Titanium when mining their remains.
  • Battles: Recipes for large quantities of basic materials have been added to the butchery instructors. These new recipes now make it possible to convert 20 hides directly into 20 leathers.
  • The acquisition of Butchery Points for the production of leather has been normalized.
  • Battles: Manufacturing requirements for slaughtering NPCs have been normalized to improve the overall speed and progression rate for slaughter.
  • Skinning points now correctly count towards collecting achievements.
  • Collective Education: Recipes for large quantities of basic materials have been added to the Collective Education Trainers. These new recipes now make it possible to process 20 raw wood directly into 20 lumber.
  • The acquisition of global customer points for the production of timber has been normalized.
  • Gathering: Crystal Clear Distillate now requires 260 Gathering Skill to learn the recipe and craft the item.
  • Mining: Recipes for large quantities of basic materials have been added to the mining instructors. These new recipes now allow 20 ore to be processed directly into 20 bars.
  • The acquisition of mining points for the production of ingots has been normalized.
  • Apothecary: Glorified Healing Potion now requires 3 Twilight Blossoms instead of 4 Basilisk herb stalks.
  • Apothecary: Heroic Root Catching Potion now requires double-light flowers instead of basilisk herb stems.
  • Apothecary: Mighty Flood of Light Vials and Mighty Force Boost Vials now have comparable material requirements.
  • Apothecary: Pure Adrenalite, Aetherite, Heiligenstein, Thief Stone, Brave Stone and Vitalium now require Eternal Plain Dust instead of Endless Plain Dust.
  • Pharmacist: Sheep's brew now lasts 5 minutes. Instructions now require Soulbound Leather instead of Hardened Leather.
  • Outfitter: The instructions for the Witchweave Robe, Witchweave Breeches, and Witchweave Bag have had their skill level requirements adjusted to match the skill required to craft them.
  • Outfitter: The instructions for Steeled Leather Brigantine, Steeled Leather Boots, and Steeled Leather Leggings have had their level requirements adjusted to match the skill required to craft them.
  • Outfitter: The instructions for reprocessed leather doublet have been adjusted. Now more Steel Leather is needed and fewer Cinerium Bars.
  • Outfitter: The Relentless Steel Gauntlets guide has been adjusted to better reflect similar guides.
  • Weaponsmith: Runeguard Blunderbuss now correctly requires the forge instead of the workbench.
  • Weaponsmith: The material requirements for the instructions for light smashers, insidious two-handed ax and spark hammer have been adjusted to better correspond to similar instructions.

  • The Earth and Fire Plane Merchants in Sanctum and Meridian now also carry Defense Essences for the villain.
  • The faction vendors are now selling new runes that add resistance to your plane focus!
  • Several wizard items from Hammerknell have received a buff.
  • Some of the NPC's rogue items have been optimized for hammer reverberation equipment.
  • Artifact: The build for the top PLC now has a shiny new icon!
  • Ember Isle Collection Books are now unbindled to match other collection books in the game.
  • The Exalted Healing Tonic tooltip has been updated to reflect the actual amount of healing.
  • Lesser Sparkling Wind Stone and Lesser Sparkling Wind Stone can now be equipped in the same focus.
  • Power potion now has priority when stacking and should no longer be overwritten by a weaker spell.
  • The Plane Defender's Cleavage Hammer can be purchased again.
  • Poisonous coating: The poison damage can now only be accumulated by ranged attacks with weapons and not by any ranged attack.
  • Transplanar Synergy Crystals can now be equipped at level 42 to match the equipment levels of the items from the first Transplanar Set.
  • The 4-piece Bonus War Armor of the Faithful Armor now correctly deals death damage.
  • The Deathbringer War Armor 4-Piece Bonus Set now correctly deals air damage

  • Results from / who now include a player's guild.
  • If you enter / a or / artifact in the inventory search (Ctrl + f), all artifacts in the inventory will be highlighted.
  • Players who are not group leaders can now recommend group invites for other people by using the / invite command or right-clicking on that person's portrait and selecting Recommend Invite.
  • The combat log can be switched on or off with the commands / combatlog 1 and / combatlog 0 (this previously switched the current setting.)
  • Macro specifications in the add-on style "@" are now supported even if the add-ons are generally deactivated in the game.

  • The noises of steam shafts on Ember Island have been adjusted and now sound less like computer sound.
  • Optimized loading of textures and skies around cracks for improved performance.
  • The speed of characters moving forward and animation has been decreased to make the characters move more naturally when walking. The running speed and the speed when walking backwards remain unchanged.

  • A new setting checkbox has been added to the battle window. You can also choose whether the function 'Capture nearest enemy as target' uses the target cone in front of the player or ignores it.
  • The new Sort by Progress button in the Artifact window now allows you to sort artifact collections according to how complete they are.
  • "Friends online" and "Guild online" indicators have been added to the menu bar to show how many friends and guild members are currently online. The displays can be moved using the layout editor.
  • The Layer Attunement window now saves the last Layer Attunement tree that you viewed when you log in again and open the window again.
  • Level tuning buttons can now be dragged into the skills bar and used to open certain trees.
  • The "Tracking" option for global events now also saves the settings between logins. If an event is not saved during a phase change, this memory function is automatically switched on again to display the information for the new phase.
  • The rest of the bonus experience for the level attunement is correctly displayed in the combat log again.
  • The scrolling combat text now shows details of the damage absorbed.
  • Targets that are immune to interruptions should now always have the golden effect bar displayed while they are being cast.
  • In addition to the golden magic bar, the non-interruptible abilities now have a nifty, jagged magic bar frame.
  • The check box Only usable in the auction house now filters instructions that you have already learned.
  • If an auction is created or canceled, it does not affect your scroll position in the auction window.
  • Fixed a bug that removed the second hotbar under certain circumstances.
  • The success level displayed on the guild member list should now always match the total number displayed in the character's achievements window.
  • The tooltips for crafted and fortified items that exist on the shard for the first time now display the correct values.
  • Guild Banks have been optimized to load and now they no longer open without a vault showing.
  • The usable items icon is now a bit larger.
  • The mouseover area for skills and the tooltips for the soul tree have been expanded to have more space for text.
  • A correct error message has been added if you try to preview items while transformed.
  • More details have been added to the confirmation box that appears after copying a character to the PTS.