What is the Egyptian view of the afterlife

How did the Egyptians imagine heaven?

The Egyptians imagined the sky as sunny garden in front. They believed that people would live happy lives there after death. But the journey took the Egyptians through a dangerous underworld. That is why it was so important to prepare the dead well for this journey. For the Egyptians, death did not mean anything final, it was only a part of the life cycle that began with birth and in which death meant the last transformation.

The Book of the Dead

Death leads to a better world. But the journey was dangerous and the dead had to undergo a tough test. The Egyptians gave their dead magical formulas to protect them on their way to the underworld. They then wrote these formulas in Book of the Deadthat was given to the dead.

The final challenge - the judgment of the dead

The last part of the journey through the afterlife was that Judgment of the dead. Here the dead man's heart was weighed against a feather. The heart was not taken from the dead, because the heart was imagined as the seat of the soul. The pen was the symbol of truth. The dead man had to prove that he had not committed any crimes in his life. If he could prove his innocence, he was lucky. His reward was the afterlife. If not, cruel punishments awaited him. Then his heart was thrown to the goddess Ammut. That was the "eater of the dead". You can imagine what happened next. Or so the ancient Egyptians thought. By the way, Ammut was sitting behind Thoth and Thoth was the god of wisdom.