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Tobacco is consumed differently around the world. Whether as Scandinavian snus, Indonesian clove cigarettes or even in the form of so-called smokeless cigarettes. But all smoking products have one thing in common - they are harmful to health.


Snuff is a finely ground mixture of one or more types of tobacco that is sucked into the nose. Snuff is often flavored, especially with menthol or eucalytus, but also with fruit or herbal extracts. The nicotine unfolds its effect when sniffing through the anterior nasal mucous membranes. In contrast to smoking, however, there are no combustion products. The German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) expressly warns of the consequences of snuff consumption. According to the DKFZ, studies from various countries have shown that snuff can cause oral and pancreatic cancer in humans.

Indian mini cigars

Mini cigars from India, so-called Beedis or Bidis, are more dangerous than previously thought. Raw tobacco is used for the small cigars. As a result, the content of nicotine and other toxins is much higher than in conventional cigarettes, in which the tobacco was previously dried. They consist of a tendo leaf as a husk and tobacco or other herbs as a filling. Beedis are very dry and are often also scented. When smoking you have to inhale deeper and more often than with a normal cigarette to keep the Beedi glowing. According to a study by the American National Cancer Institute, the smoker consumes three times more nicotine and carbon monoxide and even five times more tar than a conventional cigarette.

Indonesian clove cigarettes

Clove cigarettes ("Kretek" in Indonesian) contain crushed cloves in addition to tobacco. The Indonesian tobacco is also enriched with herbal and fruit extracts to refine its taste. In the USA in particular, Indonesian kreteks are even more controversial than ordinary cigarettes. For example, they are completely banned in the state of Maryland. This is justified by the fact that especially young people are tempted to smoke by Kreteks. The nicotine and tar content of Indonesian clove cigarettes is very high.

Scandinavian snus

A form of oral tobacco that is widespread in Scandinavia is referred to as snus (pronounced "snüüs"). Snus is a salted tobacco that is usually held behind the upper lip. The tobacco remains moist due to the salts. At the same time, they roughen the oral mucosa so that the active ingredients are absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Since more nicotine gets into the body than when smoking a cigarette, the effect of snus is stronger. According to the current European Tobacco Law Directive, the commercial distribution of snus is prohibited in the entire European Union with the exception of Sweden.

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