Who wants to gain weight

Gaining weight quickly: help, I'm too thin!

Gain weight fast: calories at all costs

Both the targeted and individual intake of calories and the appropriate composition of the energy-supplying nutrients are a prerequisite for gaining weight quickly and healthily. Carbohydrates, fat and protein form the basis as the main energy sources. In the case of high-quality fats, a lot of the food is allowed, because these are the best suppliers of calories. During periods of intense weight gain, the amount of fat, which usually makes up 30 to 35 percent of food energy, can be increased to up to 50 percent. MCT fat products offer a good alternative for those with fat intolerance. If you want to gain weight quickly, there is no getting around carbohydrates. However, they often fill you up very quickly. Our tip: Simply refine the plate of noodles with two tablespoons of oil - then it slips better and you also fill up on valuable calories. The protein requirement is easily met with the consumption of fresh fish, meat and dairy products.

Gaining weight quickly: the first kilo

The energy requirement of every person is very different and depends on various factors - such as the basal metabolic rate, gender, age and physical activity. Nevertheless, everyone can use reference values ​​to calculate their personal additional energy requirements for effective and long-term weight gain. Basically, the following applies: In order to gain one kilogram, the body needs 7000 kcal - in addition to the normal daily energy requirement. The average for men is around 2900 kcal and for women around 2300 kcal. Spread over two weeks, this results in an additional daily requirement of 500 kcal. That means: To gain weight quickly, men should consume 3400 kcal and women 2800 kcal per day. If you can see the first progress in weight, it's time to stick with it! Because if you fall back into old eating patterns after the first kilo, you can watch the pointer of the scale sink. In addition to a healthy and high-calorie diet, exercise can also contribute to weight gain. Read in our info boxes what and how much sport is suitable for underweight people and what kind of food you can give your calorie account a big plus with.