What is Hibiki whiskey made of


The number of whiskey distilleries in Japan is manageable. In order to still have many different styles of whiskey available for blending whiskey, the whiskeys are distilled in different stills and using different manufacturing methods. The largest whiskey producer in Japan is Suntory, which is also responsible for the Hibiki whiskeys. The bottlings from Hibiki are blends and are made with whiskeys from three different Japanese distilleries. These all belong to the Suntory Group. In Japan, unlike in Scotland, it is not customary to sell or swap whiskey casks between one another. Nikka also produces its blends and malt whiskeys in its own distilleries (Yoichi and Miyagikyo).

The hype about Japanese whiskey does not go past Hibiki either

When a Japanese single malt was named Whiskey of the Year in 2015, a hype that has continued to this day broke out: popular bottlings such as Hibiki 12 years, Hibiki 17 years, Hibiki 21 years or Hibiki 30 years rar. Many of the older whiskeys are no longer readily available or have become expensive. With the Hibiki Japanese Harmony, a NAS whiskey (No Age Statement), one reacted to the situation. However, a few years will pass before the situation for the older Hibiki whiskeys has normalized again.