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Translation of "not gonna get us" in German

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Past actions are not gonna get us a search warrant.
Past actions bring us no warrant.
I hope he's not gonna get us lost.
That got us to the front door ... but it's not gonna get us inside that warehouse.
That brings us to the front door, ... but it will be in the department store not bring us.
Or we might consider a three-year if the price is right, but a two is not gonna get us anywhere.
We might also consider a 3 year contract if the price is right ... but 2 years come For not us in question.
And even if you got an animal sidekick, it's still not gonna get us there.
And even if you get yourself an animal as a friend, it will do us still Not there.
Well, it's certainly not gonna get us to Mississippi, you know that.
That? Yeah that's not gonna get us plane tickets, let alone passports.
You know, your tough guy act's a real charmer, Max, But it's not gonna get us our money back.
You know, it's great that you're pissing off here, Max, but of it we get our money also not back.
Well, miracle or no miracle, I'm not gonna get us hanged.
Taking out one V's not gonna get us anywhere.
No, Georgie, it would not us get ahead.
We need to find out how old these bones are, but there's soil contamination, so carbon dating's not gonna get us close enough.
We have to find out how old these bones are, there is contamination from soil, so will us the carbon method Not particularly far bring.
They were also included as an interval act on the 12th at the 1st semi finals, performing Not gonna get us with the Russian Army Choir.
The name is You And I, which is also the soundtrack of the film of the same name. However, the single is only released in Russia, whether something nudes the single will be released on the international market will be decided upon release of the film.
They're not gonna get us again.
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