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Fifty Shades of Gray - Secret Desires

[Contents] Anastacia Steele is 21 and is about to finish her literary studies. One day she is supposed to conduct an interview with a very wealthy businessman for her best friend. But this businessman, Christian Gray, not only has money like hay, he is also extremely attractive and Ana feels strongly drawn to him from the start. When he keeps showing up after the interview and spending time with Ana, she falls in love with him, despite his warnings that he is not good for her. But then Christian reveals his darkest secret: It turns him on sexually when Ana submits to him and he can punish her as soon as she breaks his rules. He wants Ana to have a BSDM relationship. Ana is shocked and would like to run away, but her feelings for this man are already too deep. In order not to lose him, she plunges into the dark and dangerous world of love as Christian knows it ... [Cover] The cover mainly consists of a flower and a white circle with the author and title on it. Everything kept very simple and a thousand times better than the covers that are otherwise known from the "New Adult" area. The cover itself doesn’t say anything about the content of the book, but what should you print on the cover with this topic without the book being only allowed to be sold under the counter. [Positives] First of all, I have to get rid of something: You can find a wide variety of opinions on this book on many platforms. Apparently this story divides the nation: either you love it or you hate it. There isn't much in between. But what I can't understand are the reviews that knew about the subject of the book, read the book anyway, and ended up giving a bad rating on the grounds that "it's all about sex". So that's like when I read Harry Potter and then stand up, "So all this magic and the flying brooms ... totally unrealistic". Of course this book is also about sex !!! But not only. After many descriptions of other reviews, I feared that Ana would submit to the good Christian within 50 pages and then it would only be a matter of how and where the two of them ... well ... let's say copulate. But it wasn't like that at all. Rather, the book is about an unprecedented, somewhat different love story. E.L. James created two characters that I found very well worked out and that definitely have a background story. I have to admit that Christian also won my heart. His obsession with control reminded me a little of Edward Cullen from the Twilight books. With regard to the sex scenes, there is not much to say: for those for whom sex is not a taboo subject, which can only be addressed under closed doors, he will endure it. I didn't find the presentation tasteless or anything like that. I really liked the writing style, which was relaxed and easy to read and was loosened up by the email traffic between Ana and Christian. I particularly liked the fact that Ana's "inner goddess" (who is always very much in favor of a sexual relationship with Christian) and her "subconscious" (which prefers to deal with things with her head) are always in conflict with one another. One thinks all the time of the famous "angels and devils" on both shoulders. [Negatives] I was somewhat bothered by the limited number of adjectives used. The same ones just keep popping up. I cannot say whether this was due to the skills of the author or a poor translation, as I have not yet held the English edition in my hands. [Conclusion] "Secret Desire" was finally a book again that kept me busy in bed in the evenings after I hit it. For a long time I couldn't get through a 600-page book so quickly because I couldn't put it down. The story is compelling and also goes to the heart. How good that I have part 2 right here in front of me ... That's why I'm giving full 5 stars for the first time in a long time