What can injection molding be used for?

Injection molding in industry

Injection molding has established a permanent place in modern manufacturing technology. Products made of plastic are extremely popular in the industry and demand continues to grow. The automotive industry benefits enormously from the diverse process paths. It mainly uses the thermoplastic process to manufacture dashboards, handles, bumpers and headlight covers. Injection molding has also established itself in glazing, lighting, bodywork, air conditioning, in the engine compartment and in the safety and operating elements. In addition, the design of engravings, color effects and patterns can be optimally implemented in order to design products as desired. In combination with economic efficiency, this technology has become widely used as a competent process for the mass production of plastic parts in many branches of industry.
The packaging industry also uses this process to manufacture containers, pallets and closures. In most medical industries, diagnostics and technical devices are produced as a result. Electronics and telecommunications benefit from the manufacture of car electronics, displays, computer electronics, functional surfaces, connectors, sensors and consumer electronics. Due to the precise production, even with extremely small individual parts, the various devices have become more and more handy and powerful over time.

The advantages of the injection molding process

The flush production from the original raw material to the finished plastic part makes injection molding a fast-working process that is used for the manufacture of precision parts. Extremely small individual parts in particular benefit from the precise manufacture. As a rule, further post-processing is not necessary, so that production can be completed quickly. After the one-time production of the tool for injection molding, it can be used again and again. The actual process runs completely automatically after the installation of all components, so that no permanent monitoring is necessary.