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For all classes, subjects and school types: elementary school, elementary school and primary school, special school, secondary school, community school, integrated secondary school, secondary school and grammar school.

German, math, science, biology, DaZ and music for grades 1-10.

German and math for grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. German as a second language for elementary school. Interactive worksheets and individual learning material based on Montessori. Find math problems, German problems, and arithmetic problems. Practice fractions and word problems.

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All learning content is free and there is no advertising for third-party products.

Learning with fun and lots of educational games.

Your online learning platform: over 100,000 tasks, more than 200 types of exercises, learning games and interactive explanations. Learn the clock online, learn letters and learn the ABC.

Ideal for teachers and school classes.

Simply create school classes, assign tasks and track learning progress. With the tablet class, in the computer room or as homework.

Motivating through rewards for good learning.

Collect stars and trophies and play exciting games.

ANTON is supported by the EU.

The “ANTON - Learning Platform for Schools” project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Math problems on all subjects in the curriculum.

Math exercises such as learning to count, mental arithmetic, realmath, parables, equations, fractions, factual tasks, multiplication tables, equations, arithmetic games, kangaroo, number aroos, decimal numbers, math pirate, geometric figures, rule of three, functions, Pushy online and much more.

All topics for German lessons.

Learn to read, learn ABCs and letters, fables, verbatim speech, elementary school, practice spelling, comma placement, grammar, parts of speech, determine parts of sentences, homeschooling, poems and much more.

General instruction (HSU) for grades 1-4.

Plants, animals, weather, the solar system, electricity, cycling test and traffic education, knights, history and much more.

First subjects for music lessons.

Get to know instruments, read notes, distinguish between tones, get to know rhythm and more.