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Company cars: one in four disappears

D I DUSCHSPCHIG GSZIUG I O SBLGI Scenario upen.00 spectators, and finally Storms women upener country side. Division ocky Bushiri leaves the S upen Sport page Laienbühne The suffering of a pastor in aeren dialect upener country page 2nd year ummer Tuesday, 2. pril 20.0 uro Ladies volleyball The third coup of the Calaminia The Kelmis volleyball players are They have lived up to their role as favorites and are promoted to the. Provincial class secured. This is the third ascent in a row. Page 2 ourism eues at the lake in obertville n the reservoir in obertville, a lot is going to happen soon. The responsible persons of the tourist office have presented some projects that should contribute to the beautification of the bathing beach. in eil is already being implemented. Traffic side Brenner: Dispute over construction site ief underground workers in South Tyrol are drilling the longest isenbahn tunnel in the world. This should relieve the road from freight traffic. New tracks are also to be built in Germany. But residents fight back. Page W Lots of clouds, a few showers, local thunderstorms 0002 Antler Show Hochwildring takes stock of the hunting year. Transport side: Mobility budget as environmentally friendly alternative company cars: Every fourth company car disappears Minister of Labor and Economic Affairs Kris Peeters (CD&V) is convinced of the success of the so-called mobility budget (as an alternative to company cars): Every fourth company car will disappear. The implementing decree on the mobility budget was published last Friday, and the law came into effect retrospectively on March 20. s ensures that employees who have a company car tradition: More order in moving Laetare learned about the. A lifting requirement after the less positive experiences of the past year, the mid-fast parade in Stavelot saw some changes. The main aim was to bring more order to the Laetare and to make the event more viewer-friendly. So there was a better flow when the approximately two-hour defile and also a few decibels less volume on the car. The mild temperatures and the bright sunshine ensured that the spectators stood in rows of five along the way. In total, there should have been around,000 guests in the capital of the Laetare on Sunday. Grand Master Christian Ezer, who headed the White Monks for years, held his power for the last time. r leaves the mt at the age and makes room for a younger successor. Before that, however, he took the id from seven personalities and thus promoted them to the status of the Blancs Moussis brotherhood. As an alternative, you will receive a budget to exchange this vehicle for a more environmentally friendly model or to switch to sustainable means of transport (bus, train, bicycle, car sharing, etc.). When there is money left, it is paid out. On this amount the employee has to pay 0% social security contributions. To answer the questions employers and employees have about the mobility budget, the website was launched on Monday. It explains the principles of the system in an understandable way and gives answers to questions. There is (yet) no module to simulate your own mobility budget. There's an estimated 1,000 company cars, and once the budget is fully integrated, Peeters expects a quarter - or well over 1,000 - to disappear. Employers are not obliged to give their staff a mobility budget. Page Ukraine Selensky against Poroshenko Photo: dpa In the presidential election in Ukraine, the political novice and actor Vladimir Selensky is the clear winner of the first ballot, but has to run a runoff against the owner Petro Poroshenko. Because no one received an absolute majority in the vote on Sunday, the decisive runoff election is expected to take place on Easter Sunday (2nd pril). Both candidates stand for a clear west orientation of the x-Soviet republic aspiring to the U. The election campaign between the mts owner and the comedian is likely to be tough. Page Around,000 visitors came to Stavelot on Sunday. Inbrecher from Romania started the trial on Monday, an inbrecher rio from Romania had to answer before the upen criminal court. Two of the defendants were present in person, they are in custody. You are charged with over 0 intrusions and attempted intrusions. The ate took place in the course of three series of burglaries in the year 20. Most of the men confessed and stated in court that they had stolen for a lack of alternatives. They came to Belgium with the hope of finding work here. Since no suitable job offer could be found, there was no choice but to steal. The men broke into garden sheds and sheds and stole tools and machines. They then sold the stolen goods in Germany. Page north rhine-westphalia nergy from old shafts The cities in the old coal fields are changing. Remain underground via the tunnels and shafts. In several cities in North Rhine-Westphalia there are now projects to generate energy from the water heated in the depths. The Limburg town of Heerlen and the nergeticon museum in lsdorf demonstrate how water, which is up to 0 degrees Celsius, can be used to generate energy. The technical solutions for this method of reducing energy costs are available, but the investment costs are still very high. Page photo: Herbert Simon

2 MIUG HIGUD Tuesday, 2. pril 20 KOMM Politics: Ukrainians plebiscite comedian Vladimir Zelensky or the principle of hope Vladimir Zelensky is the straw that an entire country desperately clings to. Hardly any other country in Europe has corruption as well under control as the Ukraine. The country is systematically exploited by its rulers and their henchmen. In addition, there is a cumbersome bureaucracy and a judiciary that has not been reformed for years. Ukraine's aspiration to join the European Union and the O has so far done the country more harm than good. he, if not the main trigger of the protests on the Maidan was the refusal of then President Yanukovych to sign an association agreement with the U. s largely ignored Ukraine's important economic ties with the uss. At least that is how it was interpreted in Moscow. Yanukovych was chased from the mt. Since then, Ukraine has been in a civil war. There is no development on site. ngela Merkel, as the most important architect of the Minsk Convention, obviously only wanted peace on the Ukrainian-Russian border and is doing little to enforce it. The West, including U, is pressing I IG SCH pril, pril ... The editorial team tried four times on Monday to send its readers to the pril. The political leaders in Ostbelgien are firmly committed to the fact that the German-speaking community takes over the responsibilities of the province. But Monday's report is clearly too early - it's not that far yet. The air quality in downtown upen is very important to those responsible for the athaus, but the introduction of an environmental zone with a fine dust sticker is currently not an issue. In German cities this may be different, due to the situation and in the course of the sanctions against ussland and Putin, too often too often in Von Oswald Schröder's democratization issue. When a people plebiscites a politically inexperienced comedian with over 0% of the vote in a presidential election who has little else to offer than the principle of hope, then one should hear this cry for help. in the status quo leaves the people of Ukraine in a hopeless situation. The 2 million people in Ukraine hope that Vladimir Zelensky will bring movement into the messy situation. For most of them, it doesn't matter whether he creates the hoped-for improvements: it can hardly get worse than before. The West should allow realism to prevail in the political assessment of the situation. Ideological and geopolitical considerations do not help the local people. in upen it has so far "only" been enough to make a joke on this topic. In addition, football fans should have been happy, but no artificial turf hall is yet being built in Bütgenbach. The Segway polo players will also have to be patient. It is also still unclear who will be awarded the artificial turf pitch from Bütgenbach or lsenborn. The fact that the Kelmis businessman Gide Sebastian joins the soccer provincial club FC aeren-ynatten and takes over the presidency from Walther Collubry is also part of the imagination. On our own behalf: It has a new website - G + remains. Questions & answers about the new website New cover, old abundance: That has revised its website and has had a new look since Tuesday morning - and it not only looks very chic, but also has a lot to offer. So that you can easily find your way around the freshly baked website, we answer the most important questions & answers about the new offer here. VO CS LÜBK What do you notice immediately? When you first look at the new website, the new design immediately catches your eye - and it is much more extensive than the old website: The user can expect a larger range of reading options on the home page, i.e. even more articles. But nobody needs to panic in the face of an ews jungle. Where can I find the ews? The editors feed the website from morning to evening with a hand-made selection of news and current headlines. If you want to quickly scan what happened when on the working day, you can find out more in the ewsticker, which is hidden under current news on the left. All reports, announcements and backgrounds that are published on can be followed chronologically there. FYI: While in the morning the focus of the reports is on the quality, in the evening, in addition to fresh news, mainly backgrounds and opinions are published. Local reporting on many channels: the new website adapts its presentation to all end devices. Graphic: How can I search for specific articles? The user can search for items thematically or geographically. A complete overview of all the categories, i.e. East Belgium, Belgium, World, Sport, Football, Photo Series, Opinion, Panorama and Magazine, is located directly under the lettering. ls Note: The essorts upener Land and ifel rdennen can be found under the pus Ostbelgien. Users who via smartphone, ablet or pp can call up the selection overview via the Hamburg menu: The icon that is used to expand or collapse the navigation menu can be identified by three horizontal bars and is located at the top left. Where can I find the range of services? The complete range of services, i.e. the calendar of events, the archive, the paper and the families or real estate advertisements, is located above the lettering. Some offers, such as the paper, can also be found in other places on the website. What does G + stand for? The abbreviation G + identifies all items that are chargeable. Behind it are reports that have been researched and written in-house by G journalists. Important: If you want to read the affordable articles, you have to be bonny. In the future, however, certain reports, such as service articles, short feed or il messages, will continue to be available on the website free of charge. What do I have to consider as a Bonnent? Every bonnent has to log in again on his first visit to by clicking on the little yellow stick figure in the top right corner (do not register!) In order to be able to read all articles. Attention: You no longer need a username, but your e-mail address. You have forgotten your password? No problem. Because you can reset this in the reporting area without any effort. How can I take out an online bo? You are not yet a bonnent, but want to become one? Then just click on BO at the top right - right next to the little yellow stick figure - select a bid and follow the instructions. Once everything is filled out, you can start surfing straight away. And what about the pp? Not only has the website been given a new look, but also the pp - and this is particularly interesting for users who browse the egel on their smartphones. Because it is difficult to read the newspaper in a page-flipping form on the mobile website, we recommend downloading or updating the completely newly developed pp in the respective store. Once installed, the user has very convenient access to all articles and the paper via the application. Do you have any questions or suggestions? Then just give it to us: You can reach us by email at [email protected] or [email protected] If you prefer to pick up the phone, no problem. We are available for you Monday to Friday from am to pm under the numbers 0/00, 0 and 0 /. HOLI criticism? Opinions? excitations? 0/0 Today for you from midnight on the phone: G-edakteur Mike Otermans MSG Franz, Sandra SPUCH ZUM G We can only realize our space if we decide to wake up from it. Josephine Baker, dancer, singer KLDBL Tuesday, 2. April 20, 2nd ag of the year, 2 follow. 200 years ago the hospital series mergency oom Die otaufnahme, one of the most successful television series of all time, ended in the US. In the course of the Kosovo war, the O attacks the building of the Ministry of the Interior of Serbia and Montenegro in Belgrade with cruise missiles. Maurice Papon, the -year-old French budget minister, is convicted as an azi-collaborator in Bordeaux for his complicity in the deportation of almost 00 Jews during the period of the Vichy-egime. DKIO Secretariat Office 0 / - 00 Secretariat Editing 0 / - 22 Fax number 0 / - -Mail Editor-in-Chief Oswald Schröder (os) - 0 Politics & Society Christian Schmitz (sc) - 2 Ulrike Mockel (um) - 2 Editing Brussels Gerd Zeimers (gz ) 02/22 22 upener Land / Göhl and Iter / uregio Heinz Gensterblum (hegen) - 2 Martin Klever (mcfly) - athalie Wimmer (nawi) - Cynthia Lemaire (cyl) - [email protected] Marc Komoth (mako) - 0 ifel / rdennen rno Colaris (arco) - Petra Förster (pf) - llan Bastin (ab) - Sport Mario Vondegracht (mv) - 2 Mike otermans (mn) - Jürgen Heck (jph) - 2 Online Carsten Lübke (calü) - nnick Meys (sue) - 20 Photography David Hagemann (dh) - jk $ h! Ÿ K Ñkó = t! ÕÿM ó # «il # ł! Z !! Å; s Š Å! » ó] kô «]! ²åk !!» Üs; «s; \ !! ] «; Sł; xz] s; Åkó # [l \! [Sz «; sł; xz] 0; !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! # sł; [; s«; sł; xz] 0; ÿkø = t) u ØØ K K! ó¼ K M ó # «i l # ł! Z !! Å; s; l]! t »!! Ì # Ł! t !! 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Tuesday, 2nd pril 20 US BLGI labor market: Mobility budget as an alternative to a company car - all practical information on a new website Three birds with one stone Labor Minister Kris Peeters (CD&V) wants to kill three birds with one stone thanks to the so-called mobility budget, which is more environmentally friendly for employees The alternative to a company car offers: less traffic jams, less air pollution and less commuter stress. The legal basis for the mobility budget came into force on March, and the executive order was published in the State Gazette last Friday. US BÜSSL BICH GD ZIMS HIGUD Procurement of company cars would bring in billions of euros for the state treasury and the tax break for company cars would bring in billions of euros for the state and reduce car traffic on our roads by. Percent. That is what the federal planning office has calculated. If purchased, CO2 emissions in Belgium would drop by 2. percent by 202. In order to make our country CO2-neutral, the so-called climate coalition, an association of environmental and civil society organizations, has proposed various measures. At the request of Deputy Prime Minister Kris Peeters (CD&V), the planning office calculated the effects of this on the state treasury. The most striking proposal from the organizations is to reduce the number of company cars. The tax advantage for these vehicles would be obtained after Using a bike instead of a company car through the dense city traffic. The Mobility Budget Act, which came into force retrospectively on March 20, offers three alternatives to employees who have a company car. First of all, you can exchange the vehicle provided by your employer for a more environmentally friendly one. Drivers who join the system this year can still own a car that emits a maximum of 0 grams of CO2 per kilometer. b 202 the -Gramm- standard applies. Second, the employee can use one or more alternative modes of transport: tickets for public transport, bicycles, mopeds, monowheels, car sharing, car pooling, axi, etc.A third option is available if the mobility budget has not been fully spent in the two previous points: The employer then receives the initial amount of the budget in cash. Belgium breaks its congestion records year after year. Traffic jams cause economic damage, are a burden for the environment and a source of a lot of stress, says Peeters himself. The mobility budget gives employees more freedom of choice. Whoever needs the car can keep it. Those who prefer to switch to bus or train, bicycle or a combination of all possible means of transport can do so too. The budget kills three birds with one stone, without anyone being penalized or having a negative: it can help reduce traffic jams, air pollution and commuter stress. The minister is convinced of the success of this new requirement. Since the law came into effect a month ago, I've felt a growing interest. In addition, trade unions and employers have jointly pushed for the mobility budget to be introduced. On the basis of realistic surveys, Kris Peeters estimates that a quarter of employees who have a company car today (around 000) use the mobility budget in the medium and long term. That would be around 000. The employer is not obliged to provide a mobility budget for his staff, but Peeters believes the planning office has calculated the effects of the acquisition of the company car on the public purse. Photo: Photo ews The state planning office brings in billions of uros. The research institute also calculated the effects of such a measure on mobility: The number of kilometers driven would decrease by. Percent, while. Percent more kilometers would be covered by public transport. More people would go on foot or by bike that it could play a role in competition when it comes to attracting young and ambitious people to your own company. At the at, the mobility budget can be part of negotiating a salary package. In the event of an agreement, it would be attached to the employment contract as an annex. Individual companies, especially consulting firms, are already using similar alternatives. User-friendly website answers questions about the mobility budget. drive. It is noticeable that truck transport will also increase slightly by 0.2 percent. This has to do with the fact that trucks get through traffic faster because the disappearance of company cars means that there are fewer utos on the streets. Procuring company cars would also be good for the environment: By 202, CO2 emissions would have decreased by 2, but that doesn't mean everything. How is the mobility budget even calculated? Which employee is actually eligible for a mobility budget? What can you spend it on? The new website answers these and many other practical questions, although it is not (yet) available in German. There are no simulations there either. Just being able to offer the site now was quite a feat, argues Peeters. The user-friendly and easy-to-understand website answers all of the practical questions that employers and employees may ask themselves. For example, we learn that the mobility budget is set on the basis of the real costs of the previous company car. This means that someone who commutes a longer distance to work receives a higher budget than someone who lives closer to work. With regard to the tax and parafiscal effects, the remaining percentage is reduced. The advantages are therefore lower than when the Greens had calculated: They had put the proceeds from the acquisition of the tax advantage at more than three billion uro. This money could be used as a mobility budget for all working Belgians, it said. Other parties want to keep the company car system. They fear that employees with a company car will lose a few hundred uros if the tax advantage ceases to exist. Open VLD, CD&V and the -V, for example, want the long-term tax advantage to be retained only for CO2-neutral cars. In this way, workers would not be penalized with lower wages and the Belgian fleet would be renewed more quickly and thus become more environmentally friendly. In the second proposal, the photo: Photo EWS uses the same system for more environmentally friendly company cars as for conventional ones: Options and 2 (more environmentally friendly company car and alternative means of transport) are not subject to income tax, but can be deducted from corporate tax at 00 percent. A special contribution of .0% (2% employer contribution +. 0% employee contribution) is levied for the initial amount paid out in cash, which is not the case with alternative means of transport. As a result, this possible final amount is included in the calculation of the old-age pension and other real social benefits. In the area of ​​unemployment, it is seen as part of the amounts and benefits. A mobility account is set up for each employee and can be accessed online so that the employer can easily adjust the budget. Climate coalition is the introduction of a carbon price for sectors that do not fall under the European mission trading system. This system was set up as an instrument to reduce CO2 emissions in the underground. uropan companies from the energy-intensive industry and the electricity sector pay for their missions, other sectors do not. The climate coalition wants to change that. The planning office had previously calculated the income from a CO2 price in traffic in addition to the existing fuel and diesel prices. According to this, at least 0 million uro could be generated from this by the year 200. The effects on traffic behavior, on the other hand, are rather limited: the number of kilometers driven would only decrease by one percent. (gz) Health portal Calculate your life expectancy after a new update from, citizens can now calculate their life expectancy on this online platform. This is the fourth update of the platform since it was set up in May 20. "More and more people are interested in their health, says Health Minister Maggie De Block (Open VLD). This announcement gives you another plus: You can now base your life expectancy on Calculate your health data. The aim of the portal is to collect all health data available to citizens in a single place. This includes medical data, but also, for example, administrative data on health care or information on declarations of intent. With the help of digital access, you can create your own Easily call up health data. (Gz) Facebook Minister reacts skeptically to Zuckerberg "If the fox preaches, guard the geese. The federal minister for digital genda, Philippe De Backer (Open Vld), reacted skeptically on Monday to Mark Zuckerberg's open letter in which Facebook boss calls for internationally coordinated regulation on the Internet. "Facebook and other Internet companies have come under fire for spreading fake news and disinformation. It is logical that companies like Facebook ask for change, but the responsibility lies partly with them," said De Backer in V-undfunk. "They paid far too little attention to certain checks and balances. Quality study of education in Flanders has deteriorated The quality of school teaching in Flanders has deteriorated considerably. This is shown by a new study by the University of Leuven, which the newspaper De Morgen reported on Monday. Flemish education was still the best in the world in 200. For reading comprehension, Flanders took third place in the PIS study, and in mathematics it was even first by PIS and two other international studies (PILS and IMSS). According to this, the great lead in reading skills that Flanders had at the beginning of this century on the Francophone part of the country has been halved. This is almost exclusively due to the decline in Flanders itself Education, the decline in quality is the greatest.

US BLGI Tuesday, April 2, 20 The climate activists keep the pressure on politicians (picture from last Sunday in Brussels) Climate law: Broad consensus on inclusion of constitutional article in evision declaration Compromise on until the special climate law was dealt with in the competent chamber committee suspended on Monday. A broad consensus has been reached that constitutional articles will be approved by the next legislature (until a climate law is anchored). The aim of the special climate law, the legal basis of which (constitutional article bis) was rejected by (a minority) of the parliamentary chamber on Friday (the required two-thirds majority was not achieved), was to better coordinate and coordinate climate policy between the individual bodies . The law in its previous form has now died, and on Monday the chamber's health committee examined what alternative options still exist. Some parties had proposed that the text of the special law be thoroughly modified and that the more traditional route of cooperation agreements between the regions and the federal authority be followed. The CD&V tabled an amendment to this effect, and the M was not opposed to this proposal. At eight on Friday, however, it became clear that neither the Greens nor the Socialists wanted to get involved. Since the - V also rejected this option, it was certain that the special majority required to accept the exte (two thirds in the plenary and a simple majority in each language group) would not be achieved. a dead end. So there was only the continuation in the next legislative period. For this to happen, however, until parliament is dissolved, articles until would have to be added to the list of constitutional articles that can be revised in the next legislative period. Colo and Groen campaigned for this path while the M, who are always allergic to an evision declaration, a community-political adventure, registered resistance. she might be able to get used to this idea if it is expressly pointed out that the evision has no relation to community politics. "There will only be a list in the AT with a limited number of articles that could be revised," the PS tried to reassure the Liberals. On Monday, the M in the Health Committee also effectively gave in: It will support the inclusion of articles up to and including the list of constitutional articles that can be revised in the coming legislature. This applies to both parliament and the government, said group leader David Clarinval. Chamber, Senate and government each submit a list, and only those articles that are on all three lists are approved for evision. Time is running out. "By the end of the year, Europe is forcing us to finalize a national energy climate plan (CP) and present a long-term climate strategy," the newspaper Le Soir quotes an expert in the field. In its plan, Belgium - the regions and the federal state - is to provide comprehensive information on its national energy and climate policy for a period of ten years, how it intends to achieve its targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, renewable energies and energy efficiency by 200. Belgium will regularly assess the implementation of these goals and report to the European Commission, which will make recommendations every two years and assess the progress made by the Member States. Belgium is assessed, not the individual states; The Commission wants "integrated" plans and strategies both in terms of issues (energy and climate) and in terms of competencies (federal and regional). Without a constitutional revision and without a special law, Belgium is still at the beginning. The proposal, which was rejected at eight o'clock on Friday, was an reaction to the many shortcomings in our country's climate policy. It also reiterated the claim of civil society to be more involved in this social debate and to take better account of the opinions of scientists. There was also demand for more transparency and less politicization in a process in which the administrations are under the supervision of regional cabinets of ministers (gz / belga) Photo: Photo ews. Telecommunication: change of provider Many complaints about asy Switch Many Belgians still have difficulties changing their telecommunication provider. snot asy switch. This switching service does not work properly, says the ombudsman for telecommunications in V-undfunk. Asy Switch was launched a year and a half ago: a service that enables consumers to more easily change the elekom operator. Since then, the personal asy Switch ID has been noted on every customer invoice: a code that the consumer forwards to the new operator. With this code, the customer then regulates the change, and the customer does not have to terminate the current contract. in excellent system. In theory. Because it often goes wrong. Last year, the telecommunications ombudsman received complaints about asy switch. The main problem: asy switch should be a standard procedure, but it is not yet for every operator. Sellers are still telling new customers that they themselves. All civil status documents in Belgium have been digitally recorded since this Monday (. Pril). That means: birth and death certificates on paper are definitely history. Instead, there is a digital certificate that is stored in a central database. It will therefore be easier in future to apply for or change such documents. The database enables the data to be retrieved for different services and in different locations. Digital storage is primarily intended to improve the internal functioning of the authorities, but it is also good news for all citizens. Someone who is getting married can request their birth certificate in the municipality where they live, they no longer have to go to the municipality to give notice to the old operator. You can get away with it because asy Switch is relatively new and many citizens are not yet familiar with the system. As a customer, you should always have the code to hand when signing the new contract. Over here is the hare buried in the pepper. The new provider often starts the process without the ID so that there is no effort afterwards. An error creeps into the code on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this is not noticed in time, as there is no built-in check as there is in the structured communication of a bank transfer. The entire system stands and falls with the cooperation of the operator. "However, they are often unwilling to simply exchange data," says the ombudsman. "In particular, the provider that the customer wants to leave sometimes tries to delay the process if possible. The operators also regularly blame each other, with the customer as a plaything. (Gz) Administration: marital status is digitized. No more birth certificate Paper in which he was born. The administrative services themselves have to make an entry in order to gain access to the data in the database. The input and modification of data can only be carried out by an authorized officer. Even the classic signature disappears under the document. Instead, the officials sign the certificate electronically using their identity card. The citizen himself no longer needs to sign, the official's signature is sufficient. Despite all digitization, it is not yet possible to have a birth, a marriage or a stay from home on the computer or to register a smartphone. The citizen has to go to Gem go to administration. (gz) University study: High turnover rate in Belgium - problem of continuity Half of the parliament is renewed in elections Belgium has a high turnover of members of the federal parliament. This was the result of a study by the University of Leuven (KUL), as reported by the Flemish newspaper De Standaard. In the past 0 years, an average of. Percent of members of parliament had to vacate their seats for politicians who were not directly elected in the previous election. In our neighboring countries France, the Netherlands and Great Britain, this proportion is (significantly) lower. Of all eight Western European countries examined, only Italy has a higher percentage than Belgium. The renewal of almost half of the members of parliament is well above the normal value of 20 to 0 percent of the chamber members are renewed in an election. Photo: Photo ews percent, says the political scientist Bart Maddens in De Standaard. "Limited renewal is good, but with a higher percentage there is a problem of continuity," said the political scientist. "The fact that Belgium is structurally above this is not good for democracy. The average of the eight countries examined is around percent. After all, the legislature must control the government, and that requires sufficient experience, says Maddens. In addition, the elaboration is "Legislative work will therefore shift even more to the government and external experts," said the political scientist. Furthermore, new members of parliament are generally less well known and do not yet have a solid electoral base, which makes it more difficult for them falls to form a counterweight to the powerful political parties, which leads to a strengthening of the party.The study shows that the fluctuation in the chamber has increased over the years. Between and the renewal rate was only 2 percent. According to the researchers, strongly changing voter preferences are the most important factor. In recent decades, Belgian politics has seen the breakthrough of the Flemish nationalists (-V) and the Greens, among others, while the traditional parties have lost ground. In addition, the state reforms have led to strong regional parliaments, to which many members of the Chamber have moved. The quotas for women on the electoral lists also led to an increase in fluctuation. The last important factor seems to be the duration of the mouting period. (gz / belga)

Tuesday, 2. pril 20 US OSBLGI At the How I met my idea event, creative people from all over the uregio meet. The next one is on May at 0 a.m. in the Garnstock monastery. Photo: Medienzentrum / G.Collienne Creativity as an economic factor Seven years ago, the creative industries were really discussed for the first time in the uregio and in East Belgium. A study was commissioned from Michael Söndermann. The scientist is considered to be the guru of research into the interrelationships between culture and the economy. Söndermann has examined these connections in the uregio and found that the cultural economy in East Belgium is significant, perhaps even more pronounced than elsewhere and is gaining in importance. We spoke to the Cologne scientist. What do you have to imagine under cultural and creative industries (KuK)? For many, culture and economy are two different things; for some, culture and economy remain opposites. In German-speaking, the term creativity is usually something eccentric, at least something windy. But that is by no means meant. Rather, we are dealing with all the artists and creative professions that are active in the cultural industry. These are the freelance writers and musicians, the journalists, the visual artists, the filmmakers, the designers, the and funky people ... Some ask, where is the core, these are different professions. That's not the case. They are all connected with the concept of creative activity. The result is the work, the artistic product, the service. But isn't it extremely difficult to define exactly? In our case, that is actually extremely difficult. Many things are also immaterial and no longer physically present. But at the core we have the artists, the actors, also the architects and designers, who first create the works, without which the industries, which then process it, would have nothing to exploit. Somebody has to write something so that the undfunk can broadcast something and the publisher can publish something. The content is the most important thing in this term. And where does that end? Let's take the film industry: someone writes a screenplay, then a film is made, which is then given for distribution or sold on television. Where, if at all, is there a boundary between the creative phase and industrial or commercial exploitation? There is no such limit. You speak of professions. But we see in an artist a freelancer, an entrepreneur, even if one doesn't always like to hear the term entrepreneur when talking about artists. He is self-employed in relation to the tax office. Then we have the next value chains: Who no longer takes up these works as a profession, but as an industry, and who distributes them? We see three stages: the original producer, the artist, the first exploiting company and then the disseminating, mediating industry. Is it possible to determine for the U how much that represents in macroeconomic terms? Yes, you can. At the moment the value in gross value added is around 00 billion uro. That is more than the steel industry (around 00 billion, .d.ed.), More than mechanical engineering. These 00 billion are even conservatively estimated. This includes e.g. not the whole field of handicrafts. And neither is the luxury goods industry. But the film industry, the book market, the art market, the radio, the music industry, design, the performing arts, architecture, the advertising market, the press market and software / games. This is a canon that is more or less recognized in all European countries, although there are differences from one country to another. How much do these 00 billion represent for the economy as a whole on U-level? For the U, that is two to three percent of total economic output. Are there regions or places in the European Union where the cultural and creative industries, especially I assume positive development in East Belgium, Michael Söndermann has a major share in the overall value creation? Yes there is. If you look at the KuK, at least in terms of quantitative measurement, then it predominantly exists in urban areas. So you can take Paris and London at the very front in op 0, followed by cities like msterdam or Milan. But I don't really like this representation, because then that which cannot be developed statistically in such a way falls behind. We find it difficult to depict this exactly. If we take upen, you know that upen reflects an enormous cultural infrastructure and enormous cultural productivity in economic statistics. Let's break these numbers down to uregio-bene. Are the two, two and a half to three percent share of the KuK in economic output also here? Yes, that was amazing for me. I had never measured the uregio or this border crossing. I was amazed that these values ​​came out. That means that the relative strength of the KuK is relatively stable and clear. The relative importance of the KuK in comparison to the overall economic output is relatively equal in the uregio to the overall European values. And Paris or London - do they get five or even ten percent? one, they are also around three, four or a maximum of five percent. lso is the uregio quite comparable? Yes absolutely. Incidentally, this is an indication that the potential of the KuK is present in all regions and has an effect. This is also due to the fact that we have a cultural diversity everywhere in Europe, regardless of whether it is rural or urban. It's completely different in the US, where you have a concentration between California and New York, and then there's a little in the East, and in exas. There are states for that, there is nothing! Let's come back to the uregio. Here you have measured differences: between.% In Limburg, 2.% in the egio achen and 2.% in Ostbelgien. Why is that? You have to measure that in the industries. We did not measure that in 202 (with figures from the year 200, .d.ed.) In the individual industries to this extent. It would be interesting to measure that in a follow-up study. more precisely This sequential investigation is now being considered in Ostbelgien. Will it show a positive development? I assume that the continuation of the data can show that there has been a positive development. I say this because I saw in the total numbers for the uregio that there is a constant increase, including the population. So there will probably also be an increase in economic output. The second point that amazed me was the per capita value added by residents. It was always lower in the German-speaking community, around 2,000 uro. But now, 20, it is above the average for the province of Liège. If so, then I believe that the cultural and creative industries have also benefited from it. This is the hypothesis. Of course you have to check that. We would have to provide politicians with figures that can show: Yes, how is it now, has anything brought about what you have initiated? Although the numbers are very sluggish. The statistics only allow medium- or even long-term developments to be shown. At least that sounds positive. But many have the impression that the KuK is quite attached to the public ropf. Is that really the case? The KuK, as we define it, does not depend on the public ropf at all. This is because the cultural industry is that part of the sector that has to be financed by the market. Of course there is no such thing in teaching. ll cultural establishments have a certain mixed form of receipts. in heater or a museum is not included in the term KuK. s is a complementary express. But for many people this is not apparent. The international term creative industries is defined by many, also internationally, as follows: yeah, that's the publicly financed cultural business. For us, however, the culture industry is the counterpart to the public culture industry. Then there is also the non-profit cultural enterprise, which lies exactly in between. Can politics anyway, e.g. by creating favorable framework conditions that promote the cultural industry? What leverage does it have? Cultural policy considers artists and cultural workers only in terms of their artistic value, not in terms of their economic existence. This is of course fatal, because the artists are only funded in the sense of promoting the work. When an artist says that I also want to make a living from my art, then the cultural policy usually says: It doesn't work at all. You get a grant to deliver a high quality work. There has not yet been enough thought in the cultural industry about the fact that cultural policy must consider this art producer holistically, i.e. also its economic, market-based position. How does it look at the Ministry of Economic Affairs? In the ministries of economics, they never believed that culture should add value. To put it bluntly, this is more of an area that devours money. I think the cultural industry needs special conditions because a lot is produced there that cannot be immediately implemented in a market economy. It sometimes takes years before the substance is there. Is your approach understood and accepted by politicians here in Ostbelgien, although economic policy is not yet one of the DG's competencies? I do not think so. What I observe from afar is that the uptake in the cultural and creative industries is developing here in upen just as it is elsewhere. I did not suspect that the opening event at that time (on the importance of the creative industries, .d.ed.) Would be so well received. It developed so strongly on its own. That is a very good story. Networking is good here, and that also reflects the fact that the egion is quite awake.

UP LD Tuesday, 2. pril 20 Dialect theater: Comedy by Leo Hermanns heaterfreunde play t Selverpaar UP Ouse Vadder es ehl dr betzt! Leen, the wife of the bricklayer Bernaad Steibeck, came to this profound knowledge two years before her silver wedding anniversary, during the preparation of which also ochter Lisske and the future son-in-law Karl, an artist with an artistic nature, were involved. The decisive factor for the new insight into the qualities of her husband is the visit of the former admirer Wellem Kropp, whom Leen has previously considered to be a beautiful spirit and man of the world, but who, on closer inspection, turns out to be a first-rate philanderer. And of all people she always presented her down-to-earth Bernaad as a role model. Why there are still further complications before the silver wedding anniversary and which olle three beauties play at the Liège fair, the audience learns in the course of this two-hour comedy from the pen of Leo Hermanns. In loving detail, the members of the Kgl. heaterfreunde upen brought the piece to the stage under their director Günter Biegmann, developed the individual characters and worked out the punch lines. A feast for the eyes and ears for friends of the Upen dialect, true to the motto: You can laugh. The piece will be performed in the hall of the Kolping House in Upen, Bergstrasse 2, on Saturday. pril, at 0 a.m. (closes at 0 a.m.) and on Sunday. pril, at o'clock (inlass o'clock). The entrance fee for the performance is nine uro in advance sales and ten uro at the cash desk. Advance booking offices are upens Bunter Shop, Lollipop upen and the Cultural Committee. (red) The intruders were after garden sheds and sheds. Process: Three umans are said to be responsible for over 0 break-ins. Because they were unemployed, they became break-ins. Illustration photo: dpa The Grenzlandtheater is a guest in the youth house. Photo: organizer heater: .000 age in the youth house When the past seems like it has been erased UP How do you have to feel when you have no more memories? How does Michael feel, who has completely forgotten eleven years of his life? .000 years of his past simply erased! What does it mean to live in the present without the experiences made in the past? How important are memories anyway? What do we remember and why? .000 age is a chamber play by successful author Peter Quilter that raises these questions and in which the theme of mnesia is staged in an exciting and entertaining way. The nsemble of the Grenzlandtheater achens performs this impulsive and absolutely worth seeing play on Sunday. pril, at 8 p.m. in the upener youth center. I'm absolutely no longer sure how reliable memory is ... On the content: Michael has been in a coma for three weeks because of a blood clot. His embittered mother Carol and his life partner Paul are awake in his sick bed. Both are united by their concern for Michael's health, but no less so by their deep mutual affection. When Michael finally wakes up, it turns out that eleven years of his memory have been lost. s are the years he lived with Paul, 000 years. Paul tries now with all means to remind Michael of the time together, while Carol sees this as a sign from heaven for her son to make a normal start of his life. Both fight bitterly for this lost time ... Maria mmann (Carol), Patrick Kramer (Michael) and homas Ziesch (Paul) play in Michael Meichßner's egie. Britta Langanke designed the stage and costume design. The play will be on Sunday. pril, performed at 8 p.m. in the youth house. s lasts about 0 minutes and is performed without a break. admission is from o'clock. The seats are numbered. Entry tickets for the price of 2 uro (reduced: uro) are available from the KultKom office, Kirchstrasse, el. 0/00 2, -mail: [email protected] Further information: In October of last year, the police in the Ifel caught three Romanian citizens who are said to be responsible for over 0 break-ins in the region. On Monday they had to answer before the upen criminal court. The two defendants present largely confessed. UP VO CYHI LMI UP Because he is said to have beaten his partner, a 0-year-old man from Lontzen has been on trial since Monday. The incident occurred in February of this year. The man said he went to a company party. His partner reacted very jealously and asked him regularly by text message during the festival to come home. When he returned at eight, his partner reacted extremely hysterically and attacked him. She was like a fury, according to the accused. r pushed her away from him and pressed her against the wall in the process. Much more had not happened, he did not hit. r feel ashamed of the incident and not be proud of it. Two men from Romania are said to have committed over 0 break-ins and attempted break-ins in three series of break-ins in the year 20. Its area of ​​operation was not only in the judicial district of upen, but also in the judicial districts of Liège, Luxembourg and Limburg. You have been in custody since the police attack and appeared in court on Monday. in third in the league, one-year-old umäne, she should during the last series, which dated. lasted until October 0, 20, have accompanied. r is said to be currently in romania. All defendants are also charged with membership in a criminal organization. The men had apparently specialized in garden sheds, sheds and buildings. They broke into the buildings and mainly stole tools and machines. They then sold these at a market in Gelsenkirchen. The modus operandi was always the same for the intruders: they crossed the border in Lichtenbusch in their vehicle coming from Germany in the late afternoon, looking for remote villages or small towns, where they carried out several intrusions after the eight break-out. The prints of a defendant's shoes were found at several locations. Overall, the damage caused in this way is said to amount to 0,000 uro. After being seized by the police on October 20, the men made extensive confessions to the investigators. They drove to justice: couple reconciled after the incident. The judge pointed out the numerous bruises that the woman had suffered and that can be seen in photos in the kte. She suffered bruises and abrasions almost all over her body. That does not happen if you imitate someone through the investigation together with the officers through the region and admit the various breaches in places that the police showed them. On Monday the men confirmed their statements at the trial before the upen criminal court. One of the defendants stated that he had been lured to Belgium with the promise of finding work here. After his arrival, however, there was no job.owing to the fact that he had only been to school for eight years and had no diplomas, he had not found a job. That's why he started stealing together with a compatriot. r asked my apologies. r know that he made mistakes and he is sorry. He said he wanted to try to reimburse the civil parties for the damage on the basis of monthly payments. The testimony of the second accused sounded similar: No job, no training, then presses against the wall as an intruder, according to the judge. The woman also testified that her partner hit her head several times on an isch plate and on the floor. Various head injuries were also documented in photos. after the incident had become. The third defendant was only present at the last series of burglaries, which began on October and was ended by the police on, the accomplices emphasized. In addition to the confessions, the prosecutor based his complaint on an evaluation of the defendant's cell phone. The cell data had shown that the man had been near atorts. r demanded two years 'imprisonment for each of the accused, and ten months' imprisonment for the third man. The defense lawyer of a defendant explained the precarious financial situation in which his client found himself in his home country. r worked in his parents' farm, who practically lived from hand to mouth. Now he is married and the mother of a two-year-old son. r asked for a stay of sentence for the sentence exceeding pre-trial detention. The judgment of the court will be given on May. Man is said to have beaten partner. In an argument, the partners clashed. The woman suffered numerous bruises. Illustration photo: dpa the man left their common residence for a week, after which the couple had reconciled. We have an appointment for couples therapy, according to the defendant. The injured party, who was represented in court by a real lawyer, demanded provisional damages from one uro. The prosecutor demanded that the man be given nine months' imprisonment, which is to be suspended on probation. The conditions should include nti-aggression therapy. When asked by the judge, he also agreed to an employment penalty. The defendant's attorney asked for a mild verdict. Judgment on May. (cyl)

Tuesday, 2nd pril 20 UP LD lecture in life without garbage is possible HUS The rural women’s association invites you to a lecture on avoiding garbage on Wednesday, 0th pril at 8 p.m. in the Hauseter rectory. But it's not just about eden. During this lecture, the lecturer will specifically analyze your own households. Ips and specific suggestions are given so that the daily garbage can be reduced. The declared goals of this department are environmental protection, patience, respect, love of nature, acceleration and saving money. The Aeren amateur stage offers the audience a highly enjoyable heater evening. heater: aerener Laienbühne celebrates its premiere with Hömmelzackerlement, wat e Jlöck worries and öte of a pastor Cleanly staged with excellent performance by all actors and an enthusiastic audience, on Saturday Hömmelzackerlement, wat e Jlöck the aerener Laienbühne celebrated its premiere this year. VO KLUS SCHLUPP That is much better than hanging in front of the telly and watching a crime novel, said one viewer. And he's right. Should a Germanist approach one day and write a textbook of the ideal Schwank, Hömmelzackerlement, wat e Jlöck der Aerener Laienbühne would be a prime example of this. This production simply has everything you need to offer a highly enjoyable heater evening: appropriate sayings, mix-ups, love, strong characters that are of course caricatured with relish, a careful and detailed stage and costume design and, above all, lots of local color. The pastor (Obert Kreusch) has problems because he needs Buusche. The church roof Heidi, who came from the capital, and the vicar general. Event: Creativity and Art on Sunday. pril is so leaky that you need umbrellas during the fair. To get the money, he burns St. Obair, plum brandy, pulls the villagers across the river with marked cards with the sexton ujust (oland Lentzen) and rents rooms to people who don't necessarily fit into a peaceful parsonage. Liège does not pay, but gets the business of the venerable gentleman and sends the vicar general (Ben Schumacher). And then there is the bigoted church factory council chairwoman Hedwig (Caroline Franssen-Fuhrt) and of course the housekeeper (Marion Fuhrt-Schumacher), the actual captain, who steers the ship of history through all the shallows to a good end. The staging, dramaturgy and translation by ené Chaineux and Dorith Moeris contributed significantly to the success. The mistakes in the original Thank Heaven (Bernd Gombold) have been corrected and the piece has been perfectly adapted to aeren. The sayings and punchlines are authentic and the characters are real arenian types. Dramaturgically good Cultural encounter at Heidberg UP In cooperation with the Pater Damian elementary and special needs school, the astbelgica association invites you to cultural encounters across all areas of creativity and art. m Sunday. pril, musicians, dancers, singers, performers, students and teachers offer a colorful mix of music, art, and much more to be amazed, enjoy and join in throughout the afternoon (between and o'clock) on the entire Heidberg site in upen Big and small. ine our, which, depending on the weather, will lead the visitors to different backdrops across the entire area on Heidberg. From the magnificent chapel of the monastery to the atmospheric park to the large sports hall on the school grounds, everything is included. Performances by ensembles and associations The artistic offer includes a wide range of classical orchestral and chamber music ensembles (astbelgica string quartet, woodwind quintet Musica Mina, La Quintessenza, orchestra Kleine Freiheit aus achen) through to contributions from schoolchildren (PDS Voices and pupils of the Pater-Damian-Grund- and special school). In addition, there is a musical meditation (criss-cross) and performances by the upener boys' choir, what is also made is that despite many counter-acts and stories of confusion that are typical of the genre, the common thread in the action is never lost. The goat bears in the nearby city of Upen also get their fat off. The acting performance of all actors is just right. The players made the figures fit perfectly. Obert Kreusch plays the pastor in a cassock, who doesn't know where his head is, somewhat reserved. You can tell that he is hoping that the numerous goblets will pass him by, which of course they don't. Marion Fuhrt shows a strong presence, because Fing is the one who takes care of everything and has to engage in daring actions in order to bring everything to a good end. It's an aerener piece, and of course the cuddly bears in the nearby big city get their fat off too. lexandra Jaminon-Crott is the urnthrerin The nsemble astbelgica (picture) invites you to cultural encounters. of the accordion orchestra ccordiola St.Vith and the Spielleuteverein aeren as well as art and dance workshops for participation (Jana usch and anzstudio Walhorn). For the little ones, clown Oli, bouncy castle and face painting will be used. The physical well-being is also taken care of. Entry is free. Parking at Kloster Heidberg, upen Plaza or Werthplatz. Photos: Klaus Schlupp Heidi, who came from the capital to get the Aeren children moving. Wonderful her caricaturing Öüper High German with Knubbele. esolutly she grabs the vicar general and first adjusts his back. The stage design is also perfectly fitting and wonderfully rich in detail. s have become two rooms, a sszimmer and a wonderful study. Measurement instructors lie all over the place on the isch, the furniture is in the finest Gelsenkirchen baroque style and Pope Paul VI watched from the wall with a smile. the happening. Anyone who wants to know whether the pastor can get rid of his worries with the help of the housekeeper has the opportunity to enjoy this heat fun in the Bergscheider Hof on the next weekends. Because only one thing is certain: those who are supposed to get each other will get each other too. Further performances: .., .., 2 .. and .. The performance on. Pril is at o'clock, all others at 8 o'clock. intritt, 0. Photo: Organizer lteo day trip to the U-Parliament UP Among other things, the many discussions about Great Britain's exit from the European Union show how important a United Europe is. m Tuesday. pril, the lteo association first visited an exhibition on uropa's history on a day trip to Brussels. After lunch in the U-Parliament, it goes to the auditorium of the plenary hall. There is also an exchange with U-MP Pascal rimont. On the way back there is a dinner in Henri-Chapelle. The day trip is aimed at people with and without disabilities. Registration with lteo VoG, el .: 0 /, mail: [email protected] telier creative felting for children UP In the house ernell takes place on Thursday. pril, a telier event takes place from until o'clock in which children between the ages of six and twelve create creative and beautiful things from sheep's wool. Under the direction of U. and. Köhler, the children can try out how wool and soapy water become matted into flowers and pictures. Please provide a picnic for the lunch break. The fee is 0 uro per child. The number of participants is limited to ten, so early registration is recommended: Haus ernell, el. 0/2, -mail: [email protected] FMILI- ZIG personal acceptance phone 0 / you always switch to the