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Holy Smoke BBQ - The best of Texas

For several years now, you no longer have to travel to Texas to find yourself authentic American BBQ to enjoy. Ribs, Brisket Pulled Pork & Co. have long since arrived in Europe.

JOHAN FRITZELL & JOHAN Ã…KERBERG are BBQ junkies, founders, owners and caterers of the Swedish restaurant Holy Smoke BBQ. In this book they reveal the secrets of their best recipes and BBQ interpretations: What kind of smoke what is needed for which wood is suitable best for that and how do you control the fire? How should Cuts (meat cuts) be made and what Rubs, marinades & side dishes harmonize with them? Last but not least, the book is also about a BBQ road trip through Texas and BBQ gods like Myron Mixon and Aaron Franklin not missing in this Rauch Bible.

Much smoke about nothing you think now? Far from it, because it is based on the motto "no smoke without meat" Holy Smoke the highly professional and no less passionate examination of the second most important BBQ sanctuary after high quality meat: the smoke.

The very important, theoretical part is through authentic recipes rounded off and make this book a hell of a good companion for a perfect, authentic ... holy BBQ.

  • authentic American (Texan) BBQ
  • Product knowledge, recipes, preparation
  • what wood, what smoke, control over the fire
  • which cuts are suitable for what?
  • How do side dishes, rubs and marinades harmonize with my grilled food?
  • How the different smoker variants work

220 pages, bound, 210 x 260 mm, ISBN 978-3-95843-637-4