What are the best web marketing tools

The Seven Best Online Marketing Tools

Freelancers don't always have it easy. It is important to acquire orders, maintain existing contacts, keep an eye on and optimize the social media presence, market and sell your own digital products and so on and so forth ... In addition, freelancers and digital nomads , Solo and infopreneurs, designers and creatives often work alone and don't have a team in the background to help them with these tasks.

To help you do this, we've put together a selection of the five best free online marketing tools that will help you run your online business successfully:

Mail Chimp


10 million users and 600 emails sent per day speak a clear language, Mailchimp is one of the best solutions when it comes to email marketing. Mail Chimp offers you everything you need for successful email marketing even in the basic version.


With Buzzsumo you can quickly and easily analyze which topics you can potentially generate the highest reach with. You can successfully build your content marketing strategy and SEO campaigns on this. The tool also helps you to identify the key influencers.

Agorapulse Facebook Page Barometer


You should always keep a close eye on the performance of your Facebook page compared to the average. The Agorapulse Facebook Page Barometer helps you do exactly that.

Google Analytics and Google Adwords


When it comes to analyzing the performance of your website, you shouldn't rely on your gut feeling alone.Google Analytics provides you with the data on the basis of which you can precisely check the performance of your website. Where do my visitors come from, where do they jump off? These are all important indicators that you can keep an eye on. The perfect complement to it is Google Adwords,with which you can place advertisements and identify powerful keywords.



Buffer is a clear tool with which you can easily post on your social media platforms. You can also use it to see range, interaction rate and other KPIs. With various extensions you can easily integrate other web services.



Iconosquare is a powerful marketing solution for Instagram. With the tool you can analyze the performance of your posts, test the relevance of different hashtags and much more. It also helps you find out when the best times are for your posts on Instagram.

By the way, if you're looking for tips on how to get yours Increase your reach on Instagram then we have a few tips for you.



AdEspresso offers you a convenient solution for quickly creating various Facebook campaigns and optimizing them with A / B tests, among other things. This saves valuable time and helps you to identify weak campaigns, to modify them or to turn them off altogether.

Tip:Advertising on Facebook - is it worth it for you? Even that elopage blog learn more!

The elopage tip: Canva


The designer is sick or does it just have to be quick? Then we recommend you Canvato create beautiful banners, invitations, flyers and the like. We can't do without it anymore. Check out those too Canva Design School on, there are tons of helpful tips and suggestions on how to create great designs.


We wish you a lot of fun pushing your online business with these online marketing tools and yours to sell digital products successfully!

Which tools are your favorites? Write them in the comments, we look forward to your suggestions!


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