How can I apply for a franchise

Franchise partner

In order to build an optimal franchise partnership, the franchisor has to find the right partner for his company. The most important medium for potential franchisees planning to start a business is the Internet. Here they are looking for offers and information on existing franchise systems. Today interested parties already have a choice of around 1,000 franchise systems in Germany alone. There are franchise partnerships in a wide variety of industries. The best-known and largest systems come from the catering and retail sectors, but more and more services - such as car rental or building cleaning - are offered by franchise systems. One point of contact for founders looking for franchise systems is, for example, the website of the German Franchise Association. The system finder gives future franchisees an overview of trustworthy and certified franchise systems from all industries as well as their conditions, fees and the necessary equity.

To the franchise systems

In addition, franchisors can also use their own company website to attract new partners' attention. All necessary information about the system can be provided here and a contact form can be set up. Often, franchisors also hire recruiting agencies to find and inform suitable franchisees. The basis for the recruitment is usually a requirement profile that the franchisor has created beforehand for the selection of potential franchise partners. When looking for suitable partners for the company, franchisors can use the 100: 10: 1 rule of thumb from the franchise industry as a guide. Accordingly, 100 initial contacts with interested parties - called leads - lead to 10 personal conversations, which ultimately result in a single contract. This rule of thumb, which is based on the previous experience of numerous franchisors, shows very clearly that the search for new franchisees is time-consuming and also labor-intensive and cost-intensive.