Yoga How can I get started with Yoga

How do I learn yoga?

At Yoga Vidya you have a wide range of options to get to know yoga in all its facets. And since Yoga Vidya is a non-profit association, our yoga classes, yoga courses and seminars are particularly cheap.

1. Yoga classes are just the thing for you if you want to practice yoga continuously under guidance over a certain period of time. As a rule, yoga courses in the Yoga Vidya Centers take place once a week. You start with a beginners course, you can continue with it as you wish, go to intermediate level or take part in open hours. You can find the Yoga Vidya yoga schools in Hamburg, Frankfurt or Essen, for example.

2. In the open hours can you come whenever you want. They take place continuously every week. Yogis with some initial knowledge or more experience practice there together. Your yoga teacher will coordinate the individual yoga exercises according to different levels of difficulty. In addition, there are now special courses such as senior yoga, hormonal yoga and back yoga.
Just find out about the nearest Yoga Vidya Center and its offers in your area. To try it out, you can take part in a trial lesson in almost all centers for free or at a reduced price.

3. Our classic for beginners at Yoga Vidya: the seminar "Yoga and Meditation Introduction". You can find full details on our introductory seminar page.

4. Do you appreciate being accompanied by a yoga teacher, but prefer to practice for yourself? Than are Private lessons right for you. You will learn a yoga program tailored to your needs and you can flexibly arrange the times of your own yoga class. Here you can find a selection of yoga teachers.

5. If you have physical or emotional complaints, you can do the Yoga therapy take advantage of. It promotes self-healing powers to a special degree and specifically addresses your topic. Seminars, individual consultations and yoga therapy cures are available here. Find out more on the yoga therapy portal or find yoga therapy on site in a Yoga Vidya Center.

6. You want to start your yoga practice with Active vacation connect? No problem. Find out more about yoga holidays, yoga and hiking as well as yoga and fasting with our seminar tips.

7. If you want to understand yoga intensively and perhaps pass it on yourself, then do the yoga teacher training. Truly a special way of developing your entire personality.

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