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otto gerhardt

217 p. With num. Fig.; Contents: Kieckbusch, Wilhelm, "Wi sünd nu Gott sien Kinner" - Low German sermon from December 31, 1980, Dreyer, Horst, Min lewe Bröder, listen to !, Rönnpag, Otto, from the "Uthinian city memory", Prühs, Ernst - Günther, As a soldier in Eutin 1848/49, Schütt, Ernst, The dispute between Denmark and Holstein-Gottorp over the Lübeck Monastery, Wardeck, Willy, 125 years of gas supply in Eutin, Manthe, Friedrich, The dugout canoe from the Hemmelsdorfer See, Schütt, Ernst, Grand Duke Friedrich August (1852-1931) - a memory, Rönnpag, Otto, Grand Duke Friedrich August in Eutin (1902), Rönnpag, Otto, The episcopal seats of Kaltenhof and Eutin - a comparison, Jarchov, Otto, The Buchwaldsche Hof in Ekelsdorf, Südel, Wilhelm, Summer and Winter School in Benz (1840), Rönnpag, Otto, Classes at the Benz School around 1840, Schönfeld, Hans-Georg, A rare Ostholstein silver spoon, Rönnpag, Otto, The coats of arms of the Eutinian area, Rönnpag, Otto, Ferdinand Tönnies as Primaner in Eutin (1870), Jarchov, Otto, Die Ritterburg in Havekost, Prühs, Ernst-Günther, Strict Ban on Wette Beer (1783), Rönnpag, Otto, Johann-Georg Specht - City Syndic in Eutin (1831-1851), Zander, Erich, Die Eutiner Rot -Cross associations in the National Socialist state, Rönnpag, Otto, a large power station near Gronenberg? (1926), Gerhardt, Harald, On the European long-distance hiking trail through the Ostholstein district, Kieckbusch, Wilhelm, From my life, Klerch, Ernst, The bridegroom in the Dodauer forest, Nauke, Gerhard, The Eutin City Archives, Rönnpag, Otto, Bishop Wilhelm Kieckbusch - 90 years old, Rönnpag, Otto, Mayor Dr. Hans-Ulrich Ricklefs - 80 years old, Jankuhn, Herbert, local researcher Gustav Peters - on his 90th birthday, Rönnpag, Otto, Dr. Hans Westerburg on the 100th birthday, Bauch, Wolfgang, Gottfried Schäfer in memory, Gerhard, Harald, Die Ratekauer town hall door, Rönnpag, Otto, Max Steen received the Schleswig-Holstein Medal, Clausen, Wolfgang-Hahn, Klaus-Dieter, legal basis of monument protection in the Ostholstein district, Clausen, Wolfgang - Hahn, Klaus-Dieter, practical questions of monument protection, Clausen, Wolfgang - Hahn, Klaus-Dieter, monument protection (individual examples from the Ostholstein district), Hahn, Klaus-Dieter, Louise Wagner (1875 -1950): Paintings and drawings, Harders, Georg, sculptor Prof. Paul Peterich - Bad Schwartau (1864-1937), Rönnpag, Otto, historical awareness and homework - report on a lecture by State Secretary a. D. Werner Schmidt, Sauter, Ilse, Fohrt in de groten Ferien, Sauter, Ilse, Oldjohrsobend in mien Kinnertied about 1925, Wulf, Wilhelm, Kule Kameruner - experiences on the railroad to Ahrensbök, Wulf, Wilhelm, The Postredder in Ahrensbök, Peters , Gustav, War Christmas in Eutin 1942-44, Rönnpag, Otto, sports club "Finanzamtsecke" - a young citizens' initiative around 1930, Louise Wagner (1875-1950) "Der Saal der Alten", Bremse, Uwe, Der Schwarzspecht - bird of the year 1981 - also in Ostholstein, Bremse, Uwe, Das Vogelleben im lower Schwartautal, Rönnpag, Otto, legends from the Eutinian, Steen, Max, De Wohljägers, Steen, Max, Peter Muggel, Claudius, Hermann, Eutiner Sonett, Tyrann, Kurt, Eutiner History, Langer, Hans, Old Town, Langer, Hans, Am Ukleisee, Hergott's blessing for our bishop, Rönnpag, Otto, [Book review:] Harald Gerhardt, Ratekau in old views, Rönnpag, Otto, [Review:] Franziska Stubenrauch: Eutiner Tear-off calendar 1981, Rönnpag, Otto, [Book review: ] Antje Schmitz, The names of places and waters of the Ostholstein district, Rönnpag, Otto, [book review:] Karl Wilhelm Struve, The castles in Schleswig-Holstein, Volume 1: The Slavic castles, yearbook 1981, Hahn, Klaus-Dieter, [book review :] Nis R. Nissen, lucky too! - Mills in Schleswig-Holstein, Jebens, Arnold, [book review:] Otto Rönnpag, Gustav Peters - a life for home and school, Rönnpag, Otto, internal security (1794), Rönnpag, Otto, Freiheit (reader's letter 1848), Rönnpag, Otto, "Toll und Voll" (court record 1652), Rönnpag, Otto, Johann Heinerich Voss and the urban land reform (1790), Rönnpag, Otto, The big ox (advert 1810), Rönnpag, Otto, unemployment (1808), an Edictal -Citation of the Prince-Bishop. Consistoriums (1766), How Hans Isensee died (Eutin death register 1658), marriage notice (Eutin 1852), Riemann's rules for Turner (1823), obituary notice (Eutin 1852), Prühs, Erns -Günther, "Against the malicious and brazen wrongdoers" - Ordinances for the protection of the facilities (1730), Prühs, Erns -Günther, worries of the authorities about the public facilities (1783-1830) Language: German Weight in grams: 500 8 °, linen with dust jacket, good copy with slight signs of wear. Item number: 39148.

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