Why are introductory courses called 101

Strength and flexibility for seniors
Exercises in the fall of life

What is it about us?
We can discover a lot in the autumn of a lifetime. We encounter everyday things - unlike in spring - with our very own attitudes and habits. Habits that shape our everyday life, promote or inhibit our health. They will significantly influence our resilience, our mobility, our coordination and our feeling of security.
Perhaps we are confronted with recurring pain, restricted mobility, declining motivation and fears. Maybe the fear of being a burden to others, the fear of not being able to climb the stairs, the fear of falling in winter, the fear of not being able to walk without aids, the fear of loneliness, the fear ... fear to have entered our lives.
We can - no matter how old we are - expand the capabilities of our body. They are and will remain changeable.
In the autumn of life we ​​can make sure not to be afraid of winter.

The concept
With this course we would like to describe the 6 basic movements of the spine in an understandable way, practice them together and deepen them.
However, the first few hours in particular are not only used for practicing, but above all for attentive perception of movement, coordination and strength restrictions as well as the recognition of habits that cause complaints. We can also encounter everyday difficulties and fears. Instead of pushing them away, however, let us try to understand and transform them.
During the exercises, we pay particular attention to it
- our core
- our spine as the central axis of movement
- the harmony of our movements with breathing and
- the individually possible Strengthening the abdominal and back muscles.

For everyday life, we would like to give you healthy and clear posture and movement options that can help you to maintain your health independently and sustainably.

Course times       
The current course dates can be found in our WEEKLY OVERVIEW.
Entry into a course that is already in progress as well as year-round participation in our courses is easily possible by arrangement.

The space and the price
The course takes place in the YOGARAUM of yogaschule 101.
The total costs for our course are EUR 100.00 *.

* The health insurance companies usually contribute 75% of the costs after prior consultation with the respective health insurance company. After the course, the participants will receive a course confirmation to present to their health insurance company.

Course entry
You are welcome to take part in an ongoing course as a guest or you can get started with our courses through a one-off consultation.

The Autumn of Life by Hannah S.
Five months after her 73rd birthday, Hannah S. loses her husband Kurt. She tries to stay calm.
She carries the pain of her husband's death and the unfamiliar loneliness deep within her.
She is a fine woman who complains little and goes to town in a trouser suit, she describes her granddaughter. In the past - at the side of her husband - she always drove into town by car. When she was alone, she was overcome by the fear of overlooking a passing car when pulling out of the garage. She gave her daughter's car together and has been taking the bus into town ever since.
Three years after her husband's death, she tore down his beehive. Hannah S. worked with a hammer in her husband Kurt's smock. An image that your granddaughter can no longer get out of her head.
Today, looking after her large flower garden and the large fruit and vegetable garden is the meaning of her life. But more and more often severe back pain occurs when digging up and carrying the heavy buckets. Then she tries to help herself with a hot tub and an electric blanket. Her granddaughter is reluctant to see her doing activities that cause her pain. Then she always looks so fragile.
Hannah S. is considering giving up her garden ...