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Facebook is the most popular social network of all time. For a known location, you can upload photos, update your current status, send messages to friends, and post messages and opinions on your page. Facebook was originally called "The Facebook" - it was a certain fantasy idea from a student at Harvard University. Social site immediately became popular and continues to grow. Original Facebook was only allowed to be used by university students.

The social network began at Harvard, and soon its creator - Mark Zuckerberg opened it to other educational institutions. Soon the location of this social network will be available not only for students and gathered millions of people from all over the world.

Many companies use Facebook to create a specific reputation and promote their products. There are several outside companies that help support Facebook services. The seller of services can create a page on Facebook and content can appear regularly in the form of advertisements.

When Facebook first came out, two Harvard University students accused the creator of this social network of stealing their ideas. After the trial, Zuckerberg had to pay monetary reimbursement for damage, but the exact amount was not disclosed. It came back on trial when the co-founder and finance director filed a lawsuit against Zuckerberg after he was fired from the company, and it was also ruled on the secret amount of money.

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This is the second most famous and popular social network that users use to send and read messages, known as "tweeting" messages. However, tweets should be short - their size is limited to 140 characters. Twitter was first created in March 2006 and launched in July 2006. By 2013, this social network had become one of the top 10 most visited locations. Today Twitter has registered more than half a billion users. Many celebrities, politicians, world leaders, media outlets and other companies have profiles on Twitter, so their fans can monitor their daily life and events.

The second funniest social network also became famous for the fact that Heshtegi (#) was invented here i.e. H. The most common symbols used to denote various events so that millions of people on Twitter could use them in their tweets. Before you got to Twitter, HasteG was only used as a button on the phone and was viewed as a symbol only for numbers.

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LinkedIn is the third of the most popular social networks in the world and is intended for professionals in every field. The website is specially designed for professionals and businesses to connect the best workplaces in one place and the best people. LinkedIn was founded in December 2002, which was officially launched on May 5, 2003. In 2013, this site has become one of the most popular attractions on social and professional networks with more than 259 million registered users in almost 200 countries around the world. LinkedIn is available in twenty different languages.

With this network, users can create their profiles so it may be possible to build real professional relationships with thousands of employers, employees and other specialists in their field. This is where you can find a job and learn new business opportunities from users you are connected to through this social website.

Those looking for work often use the website to view HR manager profiles for better interview preparation. When you log into LinkedIn, you can mark the vacancies that you are interested in, where you want to send a resume. You can also congratulate other users with the promotion, and you can see who has visited your page.

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the site is used to store, collect and share information. Items stored on the page are called "pins". Several other websites are linked to this site that offer news and information, as well as the option to save. Just click the "PIN" button, click the information you want to download on the page, and it will automatically start on your page.

Users can also celebrate each other's jaws so you can see what interests you in your friends. Pinterest is a huge platform to show off your creative skills and interests. The user can also mark the Pinterest page with profiles in Twitter or Facebook. Pinterest has become one of the top 5 social networks in the past few years. As of February 2013, 48.7 million users have been registered here, and that number is growing rapidly and intensely.

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Google Plus, which is part of Google Inc. - Another popular network with a large number of users worldwide. Google Plus allows its users to create a profile page that includes a picture, wallpaper, work history, your interests, and education history. The user can also post status updates and see the status updates of other people who can share photos. To see friends' messages, you need to add them to your "circle".

In November 2011, Google Plus profiles became the background for other Google services such as Gmail, Google Maps, Google Play, Google Voice, Google Wallet, Google Music and Android - the most common operating system for smartphones. Google Plus also has a Plus-1 button that it uses to recommend content to its users, something similar to the "Like" button on Facebook.

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Tumblr is the sixth most popular social network created by David KARP in 2006. This social network is designed for creating micro-blogs. Users can place content and multimedia elements in a short blog form. The main Tumblr is a combination of favorite blogs and messages from the people who signed a user.

In addition, here you can send pictures, videos, texts, quotes or share links to your blog, and it is also possible to share blogs from other people. The user can also adjust the schedule so that their posts can run out of several hours or days with a delay. Hashtegi (#) is a great opportunity for friends and subscribers to find news and promotions. Today Tumblr has registered more than 213 million blogs.

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Instagram is the seventh popular social network used for mobile photo sharing and video on social networks. It was created by Mike Cryer and Kevin Sistrom and was launched in October 2010. There are currently more than 300 million users of this popular social network.

Instagram allows its users to upload photos and share video, and subscribe to other users. Users can also link their Instagram account to accounts on Facebook and Twitter so that the photos that the user has on Instagram are automatically displayed on these websites. Since the creation of Instagram, he has contributed to the emergence of some new directions in the network:

Self-self portrait made with a smartphone or by a digital camera.

Thopfback Thursday - This trend appeared on Instagram and spread to Twitter and Facebook. Every Thursday you can place an old photo with HashTeg #tbt.

Ms. Crush Wednesday - Every Wednesday you can post a photo of a beautiful woman you are in love with.

Man Crush Monday: Every Monday you can post a photo of a handsome man.

Weekend hashtag project: Instagram team at the end of the weekend offers a specific topic. You can download a photo that is appropriate for a given subject.

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VK is the largest social network in Russia and Europe. Although VK is available in multiple languages, it is mainly popular with Russian-speaking users. VC currently has more than 280 million users. The most used function on VK messages. VK-User can send private messages from two to thirty users to another user or group.

In private messages, you can transfer audio, photos, videos, files, documents, and maps. The user can also post news, opinions and share interesting links on their page. There's a "Like" button, like in Facebook, but if Facebook likes to be displayed on the user's own wall, VK-Likes has information to hide. The VK user can also synchronize his account with other social networks.

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Flickr is another popular site that allows the user to post and share video, pictures, and web services. Flickr was founded as Yahoo Flickr in 2005, and it has more than 87 million users as of 2013. This social network offers 3 types of accounts. The first type of account is free and with such an account the user has a limited amount of storage.

The second is "No Ads", also free, offers the same storage but without annoying ads. The third is a double account, allows users to get double storage. Photos and videos that you download can be viewed in a normal view mode, slideshow, detailed view, or have an attached archive.

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VINE - social network for video sharing. It was founded in June 2012, and since then the Vine has only been able to edit, write, and upload its users' videos with a duration of 5-6 seconds. The user can also create REPGraphs or share photos, you can subscribe to other users.

The downloaded video can be automatically placed on Twitter and Facebook. If you want to watch videos downloaded by other people that you are not signed on, you can search by username, subject, or trending video.

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Communication in social networks has long been common for modern internet users. In the vastness of the global web, people decide a lot of questions, share their experiences, demonstrate joyful moments, follow the events that occur in the lives of relatives and loved ones. Such a demand for social networks has not gone unnoticed by software developers. Not surprisingly, because everyone wants to promote their goods, get a decent profit and universal recognition.

We present the rating of the most popular social networks that have an extensive audience of users in the world for 2017. In the ranking I mainly refer to gs.statcounter.com statistics that such websites as: Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Stumbleupon, YouTube, Twitter, Reddit, Digg, MySpace, NowPublic, Iwiw, Orkut, facebook, yummy, vkontaktte, Hi5, yahoo! Buzz, Vimeo, Mixx, Friendfeed, Hyves, Bebo, Tuenti, Kaboodle, Odnoklassniki. To learn more about their methodology, go to.

Since some sites (e.g. classmates) take into account their methodology, do not fall into graphs, the article also uses statistics for runet gs.seo-auditor.com.uk. Attention! Their statistics are very different. This is due to various methods. The first measures are obtained through the use of social networks, based on the views of the pages (and not on the unique visitors).

The second schedule shows the numbers for June 2017:

We see, I urgently asked the indicator from VKontakte. What is interesting for this statistic is that Twitter took its place. You can see how the statistics change during the year.

  • Ukrainer.co.
  • Nimses.com.
  • Weua.info.

Top popular social platforms in Russia

As of June 2017:

According to gs.seo-auditor.com.ru, the methodology of which is different, the popularity of popularity in the percentage ratio:

The most popular social networks in Belarus

Belarus is also two leaders: VKontakte and Facebook.

And as a result of the year, VK gave the FB and they changed in places.

Popularity statistics SOTS PAUTIN IN KAZAKHSTAN

Most of the pastime of Kazakhstan users is for Facebook:

And venkakte also lost a small position here at the end of the year:

Kazakh Internet users loyal to the YouTube Aggregator video consistently.

Numbers and trends in the world

The undated market leader in the statistics of gs.statcounter.com is again Facebook:

Pinintersts is pulling in second and began to gain popularity mainly thanks to its new opportunity.

As always, Twitter is positively stable. Though its news feed is much more attractive now.

According to the table with the number of network users worldwide per month accounts for:

social networkMonthly visitors.
Vines (in January 2017 the vine became the vine camera)200,000,000

As you can see, the leaders have a huge void.


Almost 2 billion visitors per month.

The social network founded by a young businessman Mark Zuckerberg certainly leads to similar services. Every month around two billion people from different parts of the planet use this resource for different purposes. Such a demand for the population of the planet obliges Facebook to adapt to each user. As a result, there are now more than 60 linguistic versions of this web resource, so that people from different countries have the opportunity to communicate with one another.Despite all the peripheral and financial crises, Facebook is developing successfully, attracting an increasing number of subscribers. And the founder of the Internet network with the increasing popularity of his child never tires of sacrificing the money received for charity, which will even more conquer the love of Internet users.


(more than 300 million visits per month)

Interest in Twitter is explained by the ease of use of this service, as well as the speed with which messages are displayed. There is nothing easier than registering on the social network page and immediately delving into the depths of events, learning the latest news, sharing your opinion with other people, etc. Twitter was founded two years later as Facebook, but it was already confidently behind it breathe a recognized leader. This social network is popular in many countries around the world, not only in the vastness of post-Soviet states, but also far beyond their borders.


(More than 100 million users per month)

This web system is particularly popular among business people. Such entrepreneurial love from all over the world is very simple: with this internet resource you can successfully promote your business, make useful dating, search for employees in different parts of the globe and receive orders from companions who live far from themselves. Here you can easily put your resume or vacancy announcement, find companies whose profile coincides with your interests and much more.


(approx. 150,000,000 monthly)

In the above ranking of world leaders, the Pinters occupies a worthy position. Although it has 7 positions in the table due to the number of Pinterest users, it is quickly gaining popularity. And most likely, residents of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other CIS countries will include this social network in the leading list, as it has enough potential.


700,000,000 visitors visit Instagram every month.

The popularity of the Instagram resource received a Facebook owner thanks to the thoughtful management. They had bought the rights to this sociality and put them into favorites.

In addition to those already mentioned, special attention should be paid to other social services included on some of the most popular social networks. We're talking about YouTube's web resource (billion registered users) that need second place. In addition, it is worth noting Vkontakte and classmates, one of the most popular communication platforms used by residents of the CIS countries. Now they are not on their list because the state social networks are blocked in the state of the providers, such a decree has been signed by the president of the country.

It's also worth noting about Vaibero, WhatsApps, Telegram, and other social trainers who are present in a variety of rankings.

A wide variety of all sorts of social varieties. Pauthin is constantly developing its owners, and users only benefit from such rivalry. The main thing is that the competition is honest and healthy, and that only open (and legal) methods are used in the fight for the place under the sun. And consumers decide which type of social network is preferred.

Today, on social networks, you can not only like a photo and follow the life of acquaintances, but also learn foreign languages. Special language Social networks help to find a lively conversationalist who draws out the level of your foreign language. And at the same time it will help to refresh the vocabulary, save from the closed phrases and revitalize the speech with real phrases from English, German, Italian, Chinese and any language. All the courses collected for you, a selection of popular social networks created just for this purpose.

Already able to communicate with the dictionary but still worried about pronunciation? Then social networks will come to the rescue where you can make new friends all over the world.


The social network combines people from 190 countries, and these are 90 languages ​​for study. The idea of ​​the site is simple: the user writes a sentence or post in a language they are studying, and the native speaker checks and corrects language, grammar and spelling errors if any. Tags can be attached to the notes, and the most popular case in the top. You can also find friends on the website.

There are two ways to use the network: paid and free. The second allows you to study only two languages ​​and make no more than 500 entries in notepad. In a paid content, an unlimited number of posts and languages, and at the same time allowed to post the photo, annotated in PDF format.


LINGQ makes a bet on boosting vocabulary so that at least a minimal knowledge of a foreign language is required to communicate. The company has been open since 2007 and today offers access to 16 languages, including English, French, Japanese, Swedish, Italian, Chinese, and German. All new words can easily be saved in the profile. In addition to the free communication, there is access to the audiocrats and you can send a written paper for review.

The website has paid and free content.

English, baby!

The website's main trick is communicating in real English, American, or British. There are also daily free lessons on a new topic, themed audio materials, including monologues and celebrity interviews. Many use the network in preparation for TOEFL. There are those who prefer to cordially draw grammar and just talk.

There is a separate section for English teachers where teachers share experiences.

There is paid content.


Site to search for a conversation partner for language exchange. Friends from 154 countries are now available. This is more than 100 languages ​​including the main European and Asian. The social network is completely free. It can be registered on Facebook. There is a forum and a chat for communication, partners you choose yourself. You can choose the interlocutor by age and soil, or specify a specific country. The resource always shows who is online and who is now on the site.


At konversionexchange.com you have to register and choose a partner in order to communicate in Windows Messenger or Skype. The resource is still interesting as it will help find a native speaker in your city. So you will get an extra opportunity to chat with a Tet-A-Tet ​​man. In addition, you can tighten your written language on the website.


After registering on the website, you will find a quick search for native speakers. You can match the interlocutor by age, the floor, leans. The resource instantly offers you a person's contacts in Skype or other messenger. The main advantage of the site is just communication. Free speech is welcome here and doesn't focus on grammatical errors.

Easy language exchange.

A new social network for communication in a foreign language now has around 72,000 users from 56 countries. The SPECIAL SPECIAL ATTENTION is paid to the study of English: there are courses for beginners, as well as courses for those who want to improve their vocabulary and improve grammar. In addition, useful articles are published on the resource, there is a forum where you can find a conversationalist to explore Chinese, Arabic, Korean and other languages. Separate plus registration as a teacher.


The service offers more than 5,000 active chat rooms where you can discuss topical news from music, sports, current events and easily talk to people around the world. And these are 37 major European and Asian languages. In addition, you can communicate via SMS, with which you can master the written language.


Location for advanced users of foreign languages. A community that can help not only to find intercocutors and friends around the world, but also to attend events and meetings. The service is very useful for immigrants - in a short time a person will be able to acquire a new circle of communication and get acquainted with the city.

The website helps to practice the language studied. On the main page, you can immediately select the interface language: English, Russian and Spanish. The interlocutor you choose yourself: The soil, the mother tongue that is learned from the language. There are also sections "Forum", "Article", "Invitation". To communicate you need to register on the website.


This is not a social network, but a chat program for a mobile device that offers to communicate with the conversation partner via text and voice messages in more than 100 languages. With the program options, you can train pronunciation and fetch your material database under the language you have learned (audio, words, sentences, images).

Social networks that fall in the order in the article
1st vk.
2. FB.

5. Twitter
6. Periscope.
7. Telegram
8. ASC.

Scheme of describing each social network

  • goals, mission, who and from where the owner, how and when born, dynamics and prospects;
  • audience: geography, languages, age, interests, number of users, social status;
  • features: pages, communities, groups, news, video, audio, applications ...
  • ways for making people: how do people earn, how much they earn a month, how much time it goes;
  • opportunities for funding and more precise options;
  • business opportunities; business advertising;
  • summary, the main distinguishing features of this network from others in what uniqueness.

Social network In contact with It was founded in 2006 by programmer Pavel Durov. Initially, the aim of the project was to communicate with students and graduates of the universities in a single network, and it was possible to register only on a special invitation and exclusively under the given name and surname. Immediately after registration, the social network picked up momentum with registration. By 2007, Vkontakte's audience was already 3 million people, and the website itself took second place in popularity in Runet.

During its existence, VKONTAKTE has undergone major changes and changed owners several times. Initially, together with Paulus, the company's shares belonged to father and son Mikhail and Vyacheslav Mirillashvili as well as a programmer and an entrepreneur Lero Lieu. 2011, mail. GRU Group acquired 39.99% of the VKONTAKTE shares and in 2014 became the only owner who bought 100%.

Now Vkontakte continues to grow and develop, as a result of which the number of users still overtakes the most popular classmates of Russian social networks and my world. There is a perpetual trend of chase for Facebook.

Audience venkontakte.

By 2017, VKONTAKTE users reached 410 million. About 80 million people came to the site every day. The geography of users is quite extensive, covering countries like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other members of the CIS. Users from European countries are not so much, but they are. Same goes for Americans.

Due to the large geographical range of users of VKONTAKTE, it is a function to choose the language of the interface. The service currently works with 85 languages, including languages ​​of almost all nationalities living in Russia.

Overall: the audience of VK in the crowd of youth, speaking Russian, the theme of the pages, the interests of such an audience - music, entertainment, games ...

Possibilities venkontakte.

If in first vkontakte its users only offered the functions of sharing personal messages, searching, searching for people, profile settings, choosing where to study and adding photos, now the opportunity has been significantly expanded. In addition to the networks listed, however, the social network offers functions such as:

  • - Creation and management of groups and public pages;
  • - Use of various applications and games;
  • - Save how to find photos in a separate album on your side;
  • - sending personal messages from one user to another;
  • - Creation of group chats;
  • - listen to and add music;
  • - View and add video.

This is how you earn venkontakte

  1. Groups and Public Pages. This can be used in different ways. The easiest way to start earning is to get advertising in your community. There is a condition here, however - the community needs to be nurtured and have a lot of subscribers, otherwise nobody will want to post your advertisement. Therefore, if this option is your soul, then it is worth promoting the group.
    Another way to make money from the community - creating an online store. If you can attract at least a small group of customers, you can start making good money. Vkontakte online store is a profitable business because you do not have to pay for the content of the website, and the social network audience is huge, which increases the chances of getting a large number of customers.
    The third earning option through groups is an affiliate program, which means showing in your community references of any product or service. When this link goes to the site and orders a product, you will be charged a certain percentage of sales each time.

With communities, VKONTAKTE can earn up to tens of thousands of rubles.

With the help of municipalities, VKONTAKTE can earn up to several tens of thousands of rubles, depending on the specifics of the announced product and the number of community subscribers.

  1. Work with a moderator or administrator community. The creators of groups and public sites with large audiences often looked for people who would have created these shortcomings. If you know venkontakte and have certain skills to work with text and photo edits, it is possible to become a moderator or administrator and make money. Usually everyone has different bets. If desired and diligence, you can earn up to 15-20 thousand rubles per month.
  2. Work a web designer. In the presence of design skills and good taste, the source of income is community design development. Here is the state of obtaining work, but in this case itself. Usually the work of the web designer is for the venkakte group, which, depending on the complexity of the design, is estimated at 5-10 thousand rubles.
  3. Develop an application. This is perhaps the hardest way to earn a VKONTAKTE, as developing an application that would leverage the popularity of the users is only for experienced programmers. However, if you succeed anyway, it is entirely possible that your earnings will hit tens of thousands per month.

How to venkontakte wind friends and subscribers

VKONTAKTE users often have a need or just a desire to acquire a large number of friends. This is necessary, for example, with the same trade in the network or for advertising. I also always want to love your records and photos as much as possible, but not everyone gets as many people in friends as they like or a large number of likes all the time. Special services come to the rescue, which subsequently become an excellent tool for promotion.

The most popular and affordable service to date, which allows you to create friends, repossites, subscribers to a group, husky, comments, gifts for a small fee or purchase likes in the system yourself and then swap for each service.

Also the huskies, friends or subscribers on:

  • - subsidized combine harvester in case of fraud;
  • - Very simple, for some reason I like to work through a smartphone / tablet.
  • - Service exchange and movement slightly different interfaces for ordinary users and for advertisers.

In addition to special services, the page funding can be achieved in a fee, whereby people contact whose activity is precise support in the funding. The disadvantage of this method is high cost.

In addition to services, there are programs that are run by a computer:

  • - Business Immine for VC. There is a free version. The author is a fan of his business.
  • - Newsletter advertising, venkakte news, dialogue management.
  • - Promotion of groups and accounts vkontakte.
  • - Parser to search for your target group VKontakte.
  • - the best analog of VKBOT (VK BOT), superior in many areas.Bulk functions, support for 8-800 free line.

You can try promoting the site yourself. VKONTAKTE is not that simple, but you can join the group, for example, where users add each other as friends. This is a kind of mutual pirror.

Business opportunities venkontakte.

As mentioned earlier, VKONTAKTE can be used for various purposes, including profit, and the social network will suit both the promotion of the finished business and the launch. In both cases, VKONTAKTE communities will come to the rescue.

An existing business can expand and promote by creating a public page where you can sell goods or just trust a potential customer with an assortment when it comes to trading or offering your services. An excellent addition to this is the order of advertising in other major communities or on the part of users with many friends and subscribers.

You can also go to your small business in vkontakte by opening the same group, but it is necessary to think about its promotion at first.

Thanks to wide possibilities not only for communication, but also for a good pastime, and if desired, profit, venkontakte, venkontakte has remained popular among users for many years. In a well thought out organization of the service of the service lies the secret of its many years of success.


Facebook - The very first and now the most popular social network in the world, founded on February 4, 2004 by Harvard's Harvard Mark Zuckerberg.
Initially there was no social network talking because he didn't even know what it was. The fact is that in the school where Zuckerberg was a special book, a special book called Photo Address Book, where photos and contacts of all students were kept, and which the students themselves renamed the Facebook because of the long name. Enrolling at Harvard, Zuckerberg found that there was no such directory at the university as was causing his confusion.

The future billionaire ranked the university's leadership with a request to create something similar, but received a denial. And then Zuckerberg decided to get his hands on it and start Facebook - the website that Harvard students could use to communicate. Already in the first month, half of all students registered on Facebook, students from other universities joined them. In 2005, Facebook was no longer a social network, only for students - now anyone could register here.

After the number of accounts on the social network exceeded 50 million, the Zuckerberg brand received proposals for its sale, but each received a refusal. Only Bill Gates managed to buy 1.6% of the project stock, paying $ 260 million. After that, billionaire registered on the social network, and then signed an agreement with Zuckerberg, after which Microsoft advertising was added to Facebook.

However, we will not forget that most of the success is due to the attention of attention to the attention of the then venture entrepreneurs, the billionaires of Peter Til (PayPal, Xspace, Palantir) and his partner who took the project among hundreds caused by others and invested considerable resources in IT. According to Peter Til, they studied the market and related information in the subject of social networks, and by the time of the meeting with Zuckerberg they have already made up their minds.

Facebook Auditorium.

By 2017, the number of accounts in Facebook reached 1.71 billion. Of them, just over a billion use the mobile version of the social network. Even considering that some users have multiple accounts, the number of people registered on Facebook is almost 25% of the Earth's population.

At the same time, accounts belong to people of different ages and social status, but this is where most of the world and music, MPs and politicians are concentrated here.

Due to the large geographic spread, the interface language can be used in almost any language.

the number of people registered with Facebook is almost 25% of the earth.

Facebook functions

Today, Facebook is not just a website where you can exchange messages. Opportunities of the social network wide. Here you can:

  • - Create and participate in the stakeholders;
  • - Search for acquaintances and add them to friends;
  • - Play games;
  • - Communicate live;
  • - Communicate with audio messages;
  • - Send photos, videos, music and documents to any user.
  • - Download photos and videos to your page.

So I keep a business and earn on Facebook

Since Facebook is a location where the largest group of people can understand that it has long been used beyond just communication and entertainment. Society, like nothing else, will help you make money and grow your own business.

The most popular Facebook result options:

  1. Place links to affiliate programs on your page. You can be found both by yourself, but if you have a lot of people in friends, some sellers online or those who want more realization for their goods, money can offer themselves.
  2. Place your paid advertising on your site.
  3. Become a writer on Facebook Posts Market ("Market Records"). Or the Facebook fan page market ("fan page market").

Using these methods, you can earn from 5 thousand rubles and over a month.

Options to make money on Facebook in your own business:

  1. Create a public to sell goods or services i.e. some kind of online shop.
  2. Create a public to advertise your company that works outside the network.

Facebook 2016/2017 brought a huge amount of resentment and revolutionary tools for the fine segmentation of the audience, offering users unprecedented marketing opportunities. The dynamics of changes Amakes, improvements appear every week.

Methods of promoting and cheating on Facebook

Promoting a page on Facebook is possible both independently and through third-party programs. In order to get a large number of friends, you need to either send as many applications as possible or make your page interesting enough to add users yourself. The more friends, the more likes will be in the photos.

If you don't want to spend time, but there is an opportunity to spend money, you can use special scams and likes services. They are pretty much now, and some are offering their services for reasonably priced and with high performance.

For example, this is mentioned above, plus.


Facebook in the Russian-speaking segment today in terms of audience growth rate is ahead of VKontakte, and in terms of business opportunities and income it is more accurate. VC has already been saturated with advertisements, and the FB is an unpacked box as well as the rapid rise in new subscribers.

An important point that the most effective audience is people from 30-45 years old, entrepreneurs, politicians, experts, IT Schniki - "live" in Facebook.

Facebook has been a list of social networks for a reason since its inception. It became the beginning for all other similar projects and this is its main difference from them. Well, and the local VC will not retreat, but will catch up and distinguish between a competitor.


Now Instagram may not only know those who civilization does not grasp, that is, the Aborigines 🙂 and yet few people can assume that this project was literally created in a few weeks in a few weeks, in an American student Kevin Sistom. He had just come up with the idea of ​​creating his proposal that would "explode the network, and even started working on the Burbn project and merging some of the functions of social networks. At the same time, another programmer, Michael Cruftheit, was working on the creation of his proposal, and Kevin was his acquaintance, offered to join Kriega to work together.They began working on Burbn but soon realized the project was doomed.

The idea of ​​Instagram unexpectedly came to Kevin Simstrom's head. He realized that there was a need for such a service that could only convert the most expensive photos and make them beautiful. On the same day, he created the first filter Instagram, and over the other they went back to working with Cryer.

The first version of Instagram appeared on the App Store on October 6, 2010 and immediately went mass boots. Already in the first days, the number of downloads reached 25 thousand, and the creators realized that Instagram has been accepted by users, and it means that people have to make a living. So the Instagram team expanded to 5 people.

The fact that the project was bought by Facebook for a billion dollars in April 2012 proves what it has already acquired by that time. Today Instagram is a service that allows not only to upload photos and videos, but also to broadcast live, like in a periscope, like in a periscope, updated, keep your business and make money.

Audience Instagram.

In Instagram is probably not registered, probably only the laziest. If you say his audience is the whole world, it probably won't be an exaggeration. The application is adapted to all existing operating systems and in almost every country. The number of registered accounts by 2017 passed 500 million. For the convenience of users, Instagram offers the option of using the service for several dozen languages.

Opportunities Instagram.

Much has changed in Instagram during its existence. Today it offers its users such as:

  • - Download video for up to 60 seconds;
  • - Editing of photo and video filters;
  • - Maintaining direct broadcasts;
  • - restrict access to his site;
  • - Personal correspondence.
  • This is how I keep the business and earn on Instagram

    Due to its popularity and a large number of people on its expanses, Instagram became a service that enables the money to make money to its users. Income opportunities in service:

    1. Creating a page for trading.
    2. Place advertising on your page.
    3. Placing product links on their page when the user who is buying that product receives a percentage of the sale.
    4. The promotion of your business done outside of the Instagram by notifying its users. To do this, a page is created with the same or an organization, giving full information about it and its services.

    Promotion and Fraud on Instagram

    Every Instagram user should make sure that he is as many subscribers as possible or that his photos have received many likes. If you stick to a few simple tips, it's pretty much real:

    1. Fill out the profile of interesting information about yourself.
    2. Read more photo and video on your page.
    3. Choose an attractive avatar.
    4. Put HashTegi under Photos and Video.

    If you do business on Instagram, then the best ways to learn about people are:

    1. Subscribe to as many people as you can.
    2. Put husky.
    3. Include information about yourself in the header.

    There are also paid ways to cheat and promote on Instagram. The:

    - The use of special programs and services that also provide fraud services for money.

    The first way is more suitable for business accounts and the second commonplace users.

    When using promotion services for serious sales, no bulk services are used, and specializes solely in promoting Instagram, good prices are comparable:

    • - The service specializes in promoting on Instagram. Makes the emphasis on real work - living subscribers, promoting and not cheating and everything that the result brings when calling the coin, and not just beautiful characters like and subscribers to meet our ego.
    • - an analogue of Instaum, only almost twice as cheap and more modern. Based on our statistics, the services with such functionality are kept as low on the stage of a set of the initial mass of users and separation from competitors. Then increase the prices. So use the moment.
    • - Round and polished service for automated (with a minimum of manual work) work with subscriptions, cancellations, huskies.


    The unique Instagram is its multifunctionality and constantly updates the operation of the system. The owners of the service do everything so that the interest in it is not fed up, and they have it perfectly.

    The service is developing very dynamically, it is seriously regarded as a source of the customer, which attracts in many niches.


    ODNOKLASSNIKI is the second most popular social network in Russia. It was founded in 2006 by the programmer Albert Popkov and designer Dmitry Utkin and was not perceived by the creators as a larger project, but in a short period of time the social network gained great popularity. Investors and development of classmates, the creators of the social network were able to do it in six months, since in six months the number of registered accounts reached 4 million. Despite this, the owners lacked the maintenance of the project, and in 2010 they decided to sell classmates Mail .ru group. At that time, over 45 million users were registered on the network.

    Audience "ODNOKLASSNIKI"

    In 2017, around 300 million accounts from more than 100 countries were already registered in the classmates. The social network is displayed in 13 languages. Almost all Russian-speaking populations in Europe, America and Australia are registered on Classmates and come to the site regularly.

    Opportunities "classmates"

    In addition to messaging, it enables classmates to:

    • - Create and communicate in groups;
    • - Play games and spend time in exciting applications;
    • - give each other virtual gifts;
    • - Listen to music;
    • - watch the video;
    • - Add photos;
    • - Limit access to your page.

    So keep the business and earn in classmates

    Today, classmates are actively used to make money online. Opportunities for maintaining your business and income here are quite extensive. People who have their own business outside of the network but those who want to attract more customers can do it with the help of a social network. For this you can:

    1. Create a group dedicated to your business where potential customers can learn about you and your services or products.
    2. Notify about your services or products on your site.
    3. Recruiting from popular groups.

    You can make money in classmates:

    1. Become an administrator or moderator of a large group.
    2. After creating a group online store.
    3. Place advertising in your group or on your page.
    4. Linking links to affiliate programs.

    The result is different, depending on the specifics of the activity - from several thousand to several tens of thousands of rubles.

    Promotion and cheating in classmates

    It is necessary to promote your page or group in classmates first who are in the business on the network first and need a large audience.

    You can use subscribers to a group or friends, just invite the community, or send applications as a friend. If you are interested then you will definitely answer reciprocity, and to get attention you need to interact with your page or group to keep updating and posting interesting content.

    audience Facebook is more active people who are looking for some reach, fight, prove, change the world,

    venkaktes audience - in many areas youth and young people, passionate about music, parties and a search for the meaning of life,

    audience-classmates - quietly homemade, loving to extract photo albums, clocks on cards-killing Noliki sailors, petting the fusion cat 🙂

    And there are a lot of people like that!