What is the function of SATA Point

Wireless SATA 2.5 "hard drive enclosure with USB 2.0 and WiFi access point

WiFi / USB to SATA Hard Drive Enclosure S2510U2WUKEU is a unique combination of a wireless external storage device and a wireless access point (AP) in one device, so you can use a Wi-Fi or USB 2.0 connection (like a normal 2.5-inch SATA HDD enclosure) can access data or set up a local wireless hotspot with a shared hard drive (NAS). With the help of high capacity drives (tested up to 1 TB) the storage / backup capabilities of your computer can be increased significantly.

The WiFi enclosure is the perfect solution for users who travel a lot and need an easy way to set up their own mobile WiFi. So you can turn a wired Internet connection into a wireless access point for a network of laptops or netbooks or personal electronic devices such as computers. B. iPad® tablets, iPhone®, Android® smartphones or devices. When connected, users can access the data on the hard drive in the enclosure. This makes it easier and safer to share files with multiple computers at the same time via FTP, SMB or a dedicated web interface.

How it works - access point mode:

in the Access point mode The S2510U2WUKEU functions as a wireless access point (WAP) so that computers / smartphones / tablets can establish a wireless connection. All connected clients can access the data and resources of the S2510U2WUKEU. If the S2510U2WUKEU is connected directly to an Internet-enabled router / switch / broadband modem, all connected clients also have Internet access.

How it works - client mode:

in the Client mode the S2510U2WUKEU functions as a wireless adapter for a host computer through a standard Ethernet port. This allows you to establish a wireless connection with an existing wireless access point (WAP) and at the same time access the data and resources of the S2510U2WUKEU.


  • Users who want to store files centrally and share them wirelessly with multiple computers / laptops / tablets / smartphones.
  • Travelers in hotels who want to establish a wireless connection to the wired Internet connection in their room and who want to share the connection with several laptops / tablets / smartphones
  • Business travelers who want to set up a private WLAN to use centrally stored files with multiple computers / laptops / tablet PCs / smartphones from outside the home / office
  • A small, energy efficient NAS for home / office networking applications
  • Older laptops with no built-in (or broken) wireless connection can be wirelessly connected via the Ethernet port

The StarTech.com Advantage

  • Access and share files in the enclosure over a network using FTP, SMB, UPnP media server, or an integrated web interface.
  • Converts wired network access into wireless access
  • Connect and access files over WiFi or directly over USB 2.0 like a standard HDD enclosure.