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1 Page 1 of 17 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: TeSlot: FSK min David Yates Bill Nighy, Emma Watson Harry, Ron and Hermione must track down and destroy the secret of Voldemort's immortality: The Horcruxes. The three friends are on the run and depend on each other more than ever ... but dark forces threaten to separate them. Avatar: Extended Collector's Edition Slot: FSK min James Cameron Sam Worthington, Zoë Saldana THE JOURNEY GOES ON MORE AVATAR THAN EVER BEFORE IN THE 3-DISC EDITION WITH NEW EXTENDED COLLECTOR 'CUT Robin Hood: Director's Cut FSK min Slot: 532 After death King Richards, the gifted archer Robin, leaves the war against the French behind and returns to England, in Nottingham, shaken by corruption and a brutal sheriff. He quickly falls in love with the strong-willed widow Lady Marion, who initially had two-eared chicks FSK min Til Schweiger Tom Beck, Annika Blendl Slot: 531 Ludo and Anna two years later ... Everyday life has returned. When Ludo (Til SCHWEIGER) meets an old flame (Edita MALOVCIC) again, Anna (Nora TSCHIRNER) becomes jealous ... and rightly so! The good one is obviously still quite interested. Ludo defends himself against Anna's The Strange Case of Benjamin Button Slot: FSK min David Fincher Cate Blanchett, Julia Ormond "I was born under unusual circumstances." This is how The Strange Case of Benjamin Button begins, the film version of a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald from the 1920s: A man is born aged over 80 and is getting younger and younger. Born in New Twilight in 1918 - Bite of Dawn: 2 - Disc SpSlot: min Catherine Hardwick Kristen Stewart, Sarah Clarke Sixteen-year-old Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) decided to move from her mother, who lives in Phoenix, Arizona, to her father Forks, a small town in Washington State on the west coast. Illuminati Slot: FSK min Ron Howard Armin Mueller-Stahl, Tom Hanks In Ron Howard's gripping follow-up film to The Da Vinci Code, symbolism expert Robert Langdon follows old clues to find the four of the deadly secret society of the Illuminati on a breathless scavenger hunt through Rome to find kidnapped cardinals. With the Life of the Cardinals in Star Trek - The Future Has Begun Slot: FSK min J.J. Abrams Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto The future begins in J.J. Abrams' high-paced hit STAR TREK that took the audience by storm. The Romulan Nero travels back from the future to take revenge on the Federation. The rivals Kirk and Spock have to work together to make him feel like X-Men Origins: Wolverine - How it all started: ESlot: FSK min Gavin Hood Hugh Jackman, Liev Schreiber Superstar Hugh Jackman aka Wolverine crosses the Adamantium blades again - as spectacularly as never before! With razor-sharp precision, this furious action spectacle finally reveals the dark secret of Logan's / Wolverine's romantic and brutal past. How did he become The 1st knight slot: FSK min Jerry Zucker Sean Connery, Richard Gere Camelot: King Arthur's round table is shaken and ready for battle: the power-hungry and hate-driven Prince Malagant has attacked and kidnapped the beautiful bride of the king. His insidious henchmen did a great job. The empire is in grave danger! But Arthur and his bold Forgotten World: Jurassic Park: Collector's EdSlot: FSK min Steven Spielberg Jeff Goldblum, Julianne Moore Directed by Steven Spielberg, the film follows four years after the disaster in Jurassic Park. On a nearby island, the dinosaurs survived unnoticed and can move around freely. But now there is an even greater danger - a plan to capture the dinosaurs and take it to Jurassic Park: Collector's Edition FSK min Steven Spielberg Sam Neill, Laura Dern Slot: 523 Steven Spielberg presents Jurassic Park. A perfect masterpiece which, thanks to its virtuoso imagination, breathtaking tension, scientific attention to detail and the highest level of directorial art, became the greatest film success of all time worldwide. Independence Day FSK min Roland Emmerich Will Smith, Bill Pullman Slot: 522 One of the most successful films of all time! In the gripping sci-fi blockbuster by Roland Emmerich (Godzilla, The Patriot), a huge alien army threatens the existence of the earth. The invasion begins with the appearance of gigantic spaceships, which are located above the main centers of The Dark Knight Slot: FSK-16 0 min Christopher Nolan Christian Bale, Heath Ledger The sequel to Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, brings together director Christopher Nolan and leading actor Christian Bale, who re-embodies the role of Batman / Bruce Wayne in his fight against evil. Supported by Lieutenant Jim Gordon and Prosecutor Harvey Dent, Quantum of Consolation: 2-Disc Special Edition Slot: FSK min Marc Forster Daniel Craig, Olga Kurylenko James Bond (Daniel Craig) rushes breathlessly across the globe to find out the background to the suicide of his beloved Vespers to enlighten. In Haiti he meets the beautiful and headstrong Camille (Olga Kurylenko), who puts him in contact with the unscrupulous businessman Dominic Greene (Mathieu Amalric). Bond The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian von NSlot: FSK min Andrew Adamson Ben Barnes, Georgie Henley In THE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA: PRINCE CASPIAN OF NARNIA the fascinating characters of C. S. Lewis timeless fantasy come to life again in a grandiose way. This time the Pevensie siblings - Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy - get through an Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Slot: FSK min Steven Spielberg Harrison Ford, Cate Blanchett 1957 in the Nevada desert, the Cold War is in full swing and Indiana Jones fell into the hands of the Russians. Indy manages to escape, but the Russians, led by Irina Spalko, Stalin's favorite agent and parapsychologist, steal a mysterious skeleton that apparently appears in I am Legend FSK min Francis Lawrence Will Smith, Alice Braga Slot: 517 The Last Man on the earth is not alone. Will Smith is the lonely survivor in I AM LEGEND, the exciting combination of action and epic, in the midst of the overwhelming vision of a deserted Manhattan. The Bourne Ultimatum FSK min Paul Greengrass Matt Damon, Julia Stiles Slot: 516 He has no identity, no friends, no past: Matt Damon is CIA agent Jason Bourne who has lost his memory and the only person he loved. Now he embarks on the ultimate hunt for the unscrupulous intelligence agents who have used him as a deadly weapon. Die Hard 4.0 Slot: FSK min Len Wiseman Bruce Willis, Timothy Olyphant A group of hackers around the mastermind Thomas Gabriel (Timothy Olyphant) chose July 4th (Independence Day) to give America the ultimate fatal blow: the computer - and communication network from which the entire economy of the United States Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix: 2-DiscSlot: FSK min David Yates Daniel Radcliffe, Harry Melling THE REBELLION BEGINS! Lord Voldemort has returned, but the Ministry of Magic is doing everything possible to keep this fact from the wizarding community. This strategy also includes the Ministry official Dolores Umbridge at Hogwarts as the new professor for the defense against Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Slot: FSK min Gore Verbinski Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush Ready for spectacular stunts, breathtaking special effects, one through and through a captivating story and the all-important battle at the end of the world? Successful producer Jerry Bruckheimer and director ace Gore Verbinski run the

2 Page 2 of 17 Spider-Man 3 Slot: FSK min Sam Raimi Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst In the third part of SPIDER-MAN, Peter Parker finally managed to reconcile his love for Mary Jane and his duties as a superhero. But already dark clouds are gathering on the horizon. When Spider-Man's suit suddenly turned pitch black and gave him new, unimagined powers, EDtv: Special DTS Edition Slot: FSK min Ron Howard Geoffrey Blake, Gail Boggs This is the unforgettable story of a nobody ... suddenly everyone knows! Actually he is a completely normal guy who thinks he has little to lose if he is the main actor for a new, "realistic" Pan's labyrinth slot: FSK min Guillermo Del Toro Ivana Baquero, Sergi López PAN's LABYRINTH is the story of the little ones Ofélia, who has to move with her mother to live with her stepfather, a high-ranking military officer, in a rural area in northern Spain. Deeply shaken by the brutality and unpredictability of her stepfather, Ofélia finds refuge in a fantasy world created by The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Slot: FSK min Stephen Norrington Sean Connery, Naseeruddin Shah Every individual is unique - together they are invincible: the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen ! At the end of the 19th century. "The Phantom", a masked Fahrenheit 9/11: 2 Disc Edition Slot: NR 122 min Michael Moore Robert De Niro, Stevie Wonder Snappy as always, Oscar winner Michael Moore reveals the politics of the Bush administration in FAHRENHEIT 9/11. After the global success BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE, Moore uses his sparkling wit and his legendary stubbornness for his research into the contradictions in the behavior of The Good Shepherd Slot: FSK min Robert De Niro Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie This gripping thriller with Matt Damon, Angelina Jolie and Robert De Niro reveals the origins of the CIA: the youthful idealist Edward Wilson (Matt Damon) believes in America. He would sacrifice everything he loves to protect his home. But as a secret founding member of the CIA Blood Diamond Slot: FSK min Edward Zwick Leonardo DiCaprio, Djimon Hounsou A white ex-mercenary (Leonardo DiCaprio) and a black Mende fisherman (Djimon Hounsou). Both are African, but they couldn't be more different. In the midst of the burgeoning civil war in Sierra Leone, the men band together to track down a pink diamond, The Saint - The Man Without a Name: WidescreeSlot: FSK min Phillip Noyce Val Kilmer, Elisabeth Shue Find someone who dares to get into the sneaking in on secret organizations or someone willing to steal a scientific formula that will change the world? For the right price, '' The Saint "is your man. And when you are after a captivating thriller and sparkling eroticism Casino Royale FSK min Martin Campbell Daniel Craig, Eva Green Slot: 504 The most famous secret agent in the world returns - this time in the shape of Daniel Craig. In his 21st adventure, 007 gets with a dubious banker who supports terrorists with his profits. Only James Bond can stop him ... The 13th Warrior: Cine Collection Slot: FSK min John McTiernan Antonio Banderas, Vladimir Kulich Furiose Viking action by "Die Hard" director John McTiernan. Based on the bestselling "Black Mists" by "Jurassic Park" author Michael Crichton. Pirates of the Caribbean 2 Slot: FSK min Gore Verbinski Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom Captain Jack is back! For the second time it is time to cast off "for the most chaotic and at the same time most iconic pirate of the seven seas, who fires a full broadside of saber-sharp gags and breakneck action! The Da Vinci Code - Da Vinci Code Slot: FSK min Ron Howard Tom Hanks, Audrey Tautou In the middle of the night, the renowned Harvard professor Robert Langdon (TOM HANKS) is called to the Louvre in Paris: the museum director has been murdered. His corpse, found in a posture like that of the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci, is the first gruesome clue Moonraker: Ultimate Edition FSK min Lewis Gilbert Roger Moore, Lois Chiles Slot: 500 From Venice via Rio de Janeiro into space! James Bond travels to orbit in this exciting adventure. For the fourth time, Roger Moore plays Agent 007, who teams up with NASA scientist Holly Goodhead (Lois Chiles) to fight a power-hungry industrialist (Michael Lonsdale) The Chronicles of Narnia: The Journey on the MSlot: FSK min Michael Apted Georgie Henley, Skandar Keynes cast off for the third Narnia adventure based on the book by CS Lewis: This time the fantastic world is threatened by evil forces that can take any form. Only the power of the swords of the seven lost lords can save Narnia from a fateful future. For the siblings Der Womanizer - The Night of Ex-Girlfriends Slot: FSK min Mark Waters Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Garner Connor Mead is one of those guys who give three girlfriends the pass. Simultaneously. By conference call. So he has only one goal at his brother's wedding party: He wants to get hold of the only bridesmaid he has somehow overlooked. But the ghost of his late uncle Wayne - The Town - City without Mercy FSK min Ben Affleck Ben Affleck, Rebecca Hall Slot: 317 He wants to land the greatest coup of his gang so that he can finally turn his back on his criminal milieu. But an FBI agent has him already in his sights and he will not rest until he has put the bank robbers under lock and key. Ben Affleck not only takes on the hangover in the outstanding ensemble. FSK min Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms Slot: 316 They were planning a Vegas bachelorette party that they would never forget. Now is the time to find out what exactly went wrong. Who does the baby in the closet of the Caesars Palace Suite belong to? How does the tiger get into the bathroom? Why is one of the guys missing a tooth? And above all, where is the Repo Men FSK min Miguel Sapochnik Jude Law, Forest Whitaker Slot: 315 USA, 2025: Everyone can extend their life through artificial organs. The only catch: If you don't pay the installments for your spare parts, you will get a visit from the relentless repo men who collect the unpaid organ on behalf of the manufacturer ... regardless of any losses! Hereafter - Life after Slot: FSK min Clint Eastwood Cécile De France, Thierry Neuvic George (Matt Damon) is an American worker who has had a special connection to the afterlife since childhood. The French journalist Marie (Cécile de France) is traumatized by a near-death experience. And when the London schoolboy Marcus (Frankie and George McLaren) heard the Did You Hear About The Morgans? Slot: FSK-6 99 min Marc Lawrence Hugh Grant, Sarah Jessica Parker Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker star in this lovely comedy about finding love in the most surprising places. Two successful New Yorkers, Paul (Grant) and Meryl (Parker), no longer know how to save their broken marriage. But when she was the only Black Swan Slot: FSK min Darren Aronofsky Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis "A graceful nightmare! Shocking, sensual, hypnotic? TV Digital For the ambitious ballerina Nina (Oscar? -Winner Natalie Portman) a dream comes true, when she starred in "Swan Lake? got hold of. However, this double role develops into a nightmare for her: While she is the innocence of damnation Slot: FSK min Daniel Alfredson Noomi Rapace, Michael Nyqvist A young journalist offers Mikael Blomkvist a highly explosive story: Deserved officials and dignitaries are involved in the slave trade with young Russian women involved who are forcibly forced into prostitution. Blomkvist wants to make the story big and takes part in the research.

3 Page 3 of 17 Verblendung Slot: FSK min Niels Arden Oplev Michael Nyqvist, Noomi Rapace The prominent investigative journalist Mikael Blomkvist receives an unusual assignment: Henrik Vanger, old patriarch of an influential industrial family, asks him to find his niece Harriet - who was over 40 Years has disappeared without a trace under mysterious circumstances! Unexpected pushing tin, turbulence - and other catastrophes: FSK min Mike Newell John Cusack, Billy Bob Thornton You have to direct 7,000 flights a day, you are under constant stress and you are at the edge of the limit. Nevertheless, the New York air traffic controller Nick Falzone (John Cusack, "Con Air") has his life under control. As a new professional colleague (Billy Bob Thornton, La Vita è Bella: Deluxe Widescreen Edition Slot: FSK min Roberto Benigni Roberto Benigni, Nicoletta Braschi at the end of the thirties in an idyllic small town in Tuscany: Guido falls in love with the beautiful teacher Dora which he experiences a wonderful romance full of strange mishaps and chance encounters. Years later, the Nazis destroy their mutual happiness with their son Giosué, American Beauty Slot: FSK min Sam Mendes Kevin Spacey, Annette Bening ... look closely at the most talked about film of Intelligent, provocative and outrageously funny, 'American Beauty' hit a nerve with audiences all over the world and is already being treated as a milestone in film history! Shutter Island Slot: FSK min Martin Scorsese Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo US Marshal Teddy Daniels ordered to Shutter Island with his new partner Chuck Aule, where they should clarify what is going on mentally disturbed multiple murderer was able to escape from the absolutely escape-proof Ashecliffe Hospital and disappear without a trace. In the course of the RED Slot investigation: min Robert Schwentke Bruce Willis, Mary-Louise Parker Frank, Joe, Marvin and Victoria were once CIA top agents, but their top-secret knowledge makes them top targets of the Agency as retirees and will soon see them the four ex-agents faced a hail of assassinations.Tired of retirement anyway, they have to do better, Grownups Slot: FSK min Dennis Dugan Adam Sandler, Kevin James Not everyone who gets older also grows up! Comedy superstars Adam Sandler, Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade and Rob Schneider play five sandpit friends in a hilariously funny way who bring the good, old days back to life in one weekend. They don't care that they Resident Evil: Afterlife FSK min Slot: 303 The fight must go on! The Apocalypse, triggered by the Umbrella Corporation, infected almost all of humanity with its virus and turned it into murderous undead. Alice (Milla Jovovich), who is looking for more survivors, is getting ready to end the unscrupulous corporation for good. Twilight - eclipse - Bite to Dinner Slot: min David Slade Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Bella's life is in danger. Seattle is shaken by a series of mysterious murders, an obviously bloodthirsty vampire seeks revenge. And his tracks lead to Bella. But that's not all: After she's back with Edward, she has to find herself between her love for him and her friendship.Salt Slot: FSK min Phillip Noyce Angelina Jolie, Liev Schreiber Evelyn Salt, a proven and loyal CIA agent, has to flee, when a Russian defector convinces her superiors that she is a double agent who is supposed to kill the American president. Salt uses all her skills as a secret agent to hunt them down in order not to The Bail Cop Slot: FSK min Andy Tennant Gerard Butler, Jennifer Aniston For Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler), a hapless bounty hunter, a dream comes true when he is receives the assignment to take his ex-wife, reporter Nicole Hurly (Jennifer Aniston), to jail for failing to appear on a court hearing. Milo is looking forward to an easy job, but with him and Nicole it's Knight and Day: Extended Cut Slot: FSK min James Mangold Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz More action. More thrill. More fun. The 7 minute longer Extended Cut with the dream team Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz simply has more to offer! When the lively and naive June (Diaz) into the arms of the charming Roy (Cruise) Battle of the Titans FSK min Slot: 298 The Battle of the Titans is about ultimate power: men fight against kings, kings against gods. Even the gods wage war against each other and thereby they could destroy the world. Perseus (Sam Worthington) was born a god but raised a human being. Passed out he has to experience how Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time FSK min Slot: 297 Persia in the sixth century. In the realm of immortal adventures and legends, a new myth and a great love are born. It is not coincidence but Providence that leads the charismatic daredevil Prince Dastan (Jake Gyllenhaal) and the beautiful, self-confident Princess Tamina Green Zone FSK min Slot: 296 The American-occupied Baghdad: Roy Miller (Matt Damon) has the order to go outside the secured GREEN ZONE "track down secret weapon depots. Without a single ally in the most dangerous place in the world, Miller discovers a deadly conspiracy instead of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. The Book of Eli Slot: FSK min The Hughes Brothe Denzel Washington, Gary Oldman America 2044: Thirty years have passed since a war tore the sky to pieces. Few survivors live in a world of destruction and distrust ruled by lawless gangs. The last hope of mankind lies in the hands of the loner Eli (Denzel The naked truth Slot: FSK min Robert Luketic Katherine Heigl, Gerard Butler This comedy about the battle of the sexes with Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler leaves no eye dry. Abby (Heigl), the successful producer of a morning entertainment show, has high expectations of the man's world. Mike (Butler), the chauvinistic TV star with whom she Who the ghosts love ... Slot: FSK min David Koepp Greg Kinnear, Jordan Carlos How do you transform one grumpy loner into a charming heartbreaker? The ghosts of New York have some heartwarming ideas ... Sherlock Holmes Slot: FSK min Guy Ritchie Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law Golden Globe winner Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law shine as Holmes and Watson in this grandiose remake, which shows the legendary master detective not only as a man with unparalleled talent for combination, but also as daring action hero shows. Mysterious clues, astonishing men's hearts Slot: FSK min Simon Verhoeven Christian Ulmen, Nadja Uhl Five prototypes of the stronger sex in search of great love and a little luck at a time when men no longer know exactly what it means to be To be a man and what women actually expect from them. The sympathetic chaot Philip (Maxim Mehmet) is about to end professionally, Surrogates - My second self Slot: FSK min Jonathan Mostow Bruce Willis, Radha Mitchell Bruce Willis - the greatest action hero of all time (TV Digital Readers' Choice *) - in a parade role as intrepid FBI agent in a gripping science fiction thriller from the director of Terminator 3. Based on the popular comic novel of the same name, Surrogates - Twilight - New Moon - Biss zu lunchtime: Slot: FSK min Chris Weitz Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson Shortly after Bella's 18th birthday, Edward decides to leave her - for her protection . Heartbroken, Bella stumbles through her senior year of high school like a sleepwalker. During this difficult time, Jacob Black, a childhood friend, is at her side. By the burgeoning

4 Page 4 of 17 Cargo - Out there you are alone Slot: min Ivan Engler, Ralph EAnna Katharina Schwabroh, Martin Rapo Since the eco-collapse of the earth, most of humanity has been living in space, in hopelessly overcrowded space stations. The only hope to escape this chaos is RHEA, a heavenly planet 5 light years from Earth. The Code Slot: FSK min Mimi Leder Morgan Freeman, Antonio Banderas Keith Ripley is considered the best in his field among art thieves. But he also knows when he is overwhelmed by himself. That's why he's looking for an accomplice for a new coup involving two Fabergé eggs - Ripley can't afford to make a mistake: he has to pay off debts to a Russian gangster. Gabriel Bedtime Stories Slot: FSK-0 95 min Adam Shankman Adam Sandler, Keri Russell Skeeter Bronson works as a caretaker in a hotel during the day and takes care of his nieces and nephews in the evening. To calm them down, he tells them stories and thus opens the door to their vivid imaginations. Skeeter soon notices that the experiences from the self is the bride FSK min Slot: 285 When the US visa of the successful editor Margaret Tate (Sandra Bullock) expires, the single scraper has to present an American husband as soon as possible in order to be expelled from the Land to prevent. In desperation, Margaret blackmailed her young, inexperienced Ice Age 3 - The dinosaurs are on the loose FSK-0 90 min Carlos Saldanha Slot: 284 Manni and Ellie are expecting their first baby, so Manni is only interested in making their lives safe and comfortable do. Diego fears he is effeminate and is considering leaving the herd. The clumsy Sid now also wants a family and comes up with a few eggs, which soon afterwards small Slumdog Millionaire Slot: min Danny Boyle Dev Patel, Saurabh Shukla Mumbai / India: Jamal Malik is one answer away from winning the 20 million rupee question . How did he do it? How in the world did a nobody from the slums of Mumbai make it onto this show? And how is it that he has been a Transformers: Die Rache FSK min Michael Bay Shia LaBeouf, Megan Fox Slot: 282 In this action-packed blockbuster from director Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg as senior producers, the battle for the earth continues. Sam Witwicky (Shia LeBeouf), who is now in college, learns the truth about the historical origins of the Transformers. Terminator: The Redemption FSK min Slot: 281 After the apocalypse and the seizure of power by the machines, John Connor (Christian Bale, The Dark Knight) is destined to lead the resistance to find a way to end Skynet's ruthless plan to destroy it torpedo humanity. While Connor is his street fighters in the He just isn't into you Slot: FSK min Ben Affleck, Jennifer Aniston The International FSK min Tom Tykwer Clive Owen, Naomi Watts Slot: 279 The focus is on the determination of Interpol agent Louis Salinger and the New York prosecutor Eleanor Whitman, to bring down one of the most powerful banks in the world. While they uncover a series of illegal activities, Salinger and Whitman follow the trail of money from Berlin to Knowing Slot: min Alex Proyas Nicolas Cage, Chandler Canterbury 1959 in Lexington, Massachusetts: students in a class describe their visions of the future in an experiment and store them Documents in a time capsule in front of the school. Fifty years later it will be opened and the notes and drawings from that time will be sent to the current students Watchmen - The Guardians: Rental version Slot: FSK min Zack Snyder Malin Akerman, Billy Crudup Somebody kills our superheroes. It's 1985 and the superheroes band together to solve the murder of one of their own. They soon uncover a diabolical scheme that puts all of humanity in mortal danger. While the superheroes fight for the threatening The Man Who Never Lived FSK min Slot: 276 Roger Ferris (Leonardo DiCaprio) is the best man in the US secret service: He proves himself in situations where a person's life is no more than the information that can be extracted from it. In his worldwide missions in the area of ​​tension between the Middle East and Washington, Groundhog greets every day: 15th AnnivSlot: FSK min Harold Ramis Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell TV weatherman Phil (Bill Murray), the professional cynic, hates this day: year after year he has to travel to the deepest provinces, to the inexpressible Punxsutawney, to then report on marmots as the first heralds of spring on "Groundhog Day". Dreadful! Not even the distinctive producer Rita (Andie Willkommen bei den Sch'tis FSK min Dany Boon Kad Merad, Dany Boon Slot: 274 After years of hard work, the post clerk Philippe Abrams finally wants to be transferred to the Côte d'azur. Not least because of to save his troubled marriage with Julie. Unfortunately he does not end up in the warm south, but in the cold north, with the horrific Sch'tis. Despite all prejudices, Bank Job FSK min Roger Donaldson The Gang, Jason Statham Slot: 273 A furious one , more refined and full of surprises thriller about the legendary London bank robbery in 1971, in which JASON STATHAM ("The Transporter", "Crank") proves that he is clearly the coolest British action star today! Beyond the Truth: Director's Cut Slot: FSK min Chris Carter David Duchovny, Gillian Anderson Scully and Mulder are back! The two have to solve another mysterious, unsolved case of the FBI, in which d he complicated relationship between the two very different agents takes an unexpected turn. Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) continues his relentless search for Eagle Eye - Out of Control Slot: FSK min DJ Caruso Shia LaBeouf, Michelle Monaghan Steven Spielberg as executive producer delivers a thriller with this ultimate race against time, which every viewer at the seat delivers captivates! Shia LaBeouf (Transformers) and Michelle Monaghan (Mission: Impossible 3) play two strangers who are torn from their everyday lives Juno FSK-6 92 min Jason Reitman Ellen Page, Michael Cera Slot: 270 quick-witted, sweet, sixteen ... pregnant! When the smart Juno (Ellen Page) deflowered her shy school friend Bleeker (Micael Cera) out of curiosity, little did she suspect that this action will soon turn her carefree teenage life completely upside down. What should happen the first time? Quite a lot, because Juno Wanted Slot: FSK min James McAvoy, Angelina Jolie Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy) is a boring average guy who has good reasons to hate his life: his boss bullies him non-stop and his girlfriend sleeps with his best friend. But then he meets the exciting Fox (Angelina Jolie), gets into the middle of a shootout and learns that Wall-E FSK-0 95 min Slot: 268 After all of humanity has left their completely polluted home planet into the vastness of space, that remains Leave the cleaning up of the earth to the robots. The Mummy - The Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Slot: FSK min Robert Cohen Brendan Fraser, Jet Li China 1946: When the Dragon Emperor (Jet Li) with his army of ten thousand invincible terracotta warriors is brought back to life after years, only knows the demonic despot one goal - world domination. Only the adventurer Rick O'Connell (Brendan

5 Page 5 of 17 Blade Runner: Director's Cut Slot: FSK min Ridley Scott Harrison Ford, Rutger Hauer Los Angeles in the year Ex-police officer Deckard receives the order to kill four escaped "replicants" - artificial androids, which can hardly be distinguished from humans are. A breathtaking hunt through a futuristic world begins! Mamma Mia! Slot: FSK min Phyllida Lloyd Amanda Seyfried, Stellan Skarsgård Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) wants nothing more than to be led to the altar by her biological father. For that it would be good to know who he is. But her mother Donna (Meryl Streep) never revealed this secret. But Sophie won't let that stop her! In her mother's diaries, Hancock reads: Extended Version Slot: FSK min Peter Berg Will Smith, Charlize Theron There are heroes, there are superheroes, and then there is Hancock (WILL SMITH). With great power comes great responsibility - everyone knows that - to be more precise, everyone except Hancock. He is edgy, sarcastic and constantly feels misunderstood by everyone. With his well-intentioned pagan deeds, Keinohrhasen takes care of the slot: FSK min Til Schweiger Til Schweiger, Nora Tschirner Ludo is a gossip reporter as he stands: arrogant, irresponsible and terrible philanderer. Together with his friend and photographer Moritz, he is after the stars and starlets who are supposed to bring him a hot story and his newspaper the high-circulation headlines. Step Up to the Streets Slot: FSK-6 98 min Jon M. Chu Briana Evigan, Robert Hoffman When the rebellious Andie (Briana Evigan) ends up at the elite Maryland art school, problems with teachers and fellow students are inevitable. But she gradually finds in Chase (Robert Hoffman), the school's best dancer, a friend who appreciates her talent and manner. Together they want a treasure to fall in love with Slot: FSK min Andy Tennant Matthew McConaughey, Kate Hudson Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson on gold course (with diamonds, emeralds and rubies in tow): As a newly divorced couple, they squabble through an adventurous and hilarious Underwater treasure hunt. McConaughey plays Finn, who is still behind Iron Man Slot: FSK min Jon Favreau Robert Downey Jr., Terrence Howard Super heroes are not born, they are made! The Iron Man had his first appearance in the Marvel comic "TaIes of Suspense" in March 1963 and has since won a large fan base. His alter ego Tony Stark, as a large industrialist in the armaments industry, has become a jumper slot: FSK min Doug Liman Hayden Christensen, Jamie Bell David Rice (Hayden Christensen) always thought he was a very ordinary guy - until he discovered by chance: He is a "Jumper". In a matter of seconds he can teleport to Tokyo, the Colosseum in Rome or the pyramids of Giza. He gives his girlfriend (Rachel Bilson) twenty sunsets in The Golden Compass Slot: FSK min Chris Weitz Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig In a magical parallel world where witches rule the sky and fighting polar bears rule the icy north, one girl holds fate of the whole universe in their hands. When Lyra Belacqua (Dakota Blue Richards) is entrusted with a golden compass, she learns that her BC Slot: FSK min Roland Emmerich Nathanael Baring, Mona Hammond There was a time when people had to hunt mammoths for food and at the same time constantly Fight with saber-toothed tigers and prehistoric predators. During this time the young D'Leh lives, who with his army is given the task of ensuring the survival of his people, National Treasure 2 Slot: FSK min Jon Turteltaub Nicolas Cage, Diane Kruger As one day a page from the diary that has never been found of the murderer of US President Abraham Lincoln turns up, one of the ancestors of Benjamin Franklin Gates is suddenly seen as a key figure in the conspiracy. The passionate treasure hunter wants to prove his innocence at all costs and cashback slot: FSK min Sean Ellis Sean Biggerstaff, Emilia Fox To distract himself from lovesickness and make the most of his insomnia, art student Ben takes on the night shift as a cleaner in the supermarket. There he made the acquaintance of the beautiful cashier Sharon, who he soon liked better than his ex-girlfriend, The Spirit and the Darkness Slot: FSK min Stephen Hopkins Michael Douglas, Val Kilmer Africa The young architect John Patterson is to cross a bridge on behalf of an English railway company build the river from Tsavo. The company seems to fail, however, when two man-eating lions repeatedly attack the camp and cause a bloodbath among the workers.Recipe to fall in love with Slot: FSK min Scott Hicks Catherine Zeta-Jones, Aaron Eckhart You crave tender, perfectly prepared "quails in truffle sauce"? Nothing easier than that: Kate (Catherine Zeta-Jones), the work-addicted master chef of a fine restaurant in Manhattan, conjures up something like that on the plate with her left hand. But like the new Sous Chef (Aaron Eckhart), a relaxed hitman - Everyone dies alone: ​​Extended Edition Slot: NR 90 mins Xavier Gens Timothy Olyphant, Dougray Scott "When does a good man know when he has to kill?" It's freezing cold and the deadliest weapon of a secret brotherhood known only as "The Organization". The hitman aka "Agent 47" (Timothy Olyphant) was created to kill. He carries out his orders with merciless precision Operation: Kingdom FSK min Peter Berg Jamie Foxx, Chris Cooper Slot: 251 More than 100 people are killed and more than 200 are seriously injured in a devious bomb attack on an American housing estate in Riyadh. Led by FBI agent Ronald Fleury (Jamie Foxx), explosives expert Sykes (Chris), forensic specialist Mayes (Jennifer Der Sternwanderer FSK min Matthew Vaughn Ian McKellen, Bimbo Hart Slot: 250 Trying to Find a Beautiful Girl (Sienna Miller) Tristan (Charlie Cox) promises to bring her a falling star, and the greatest adventure of his life begins when he finds out that the star is actually a heavenly beauty named Yvaine (Danes) The Stranger Inside You Slot : FSK min Neil Jordan Jodie Foster, Terrence Howard Why aren't they stopping me? Asks Erica Bain. The popular New York radio presenter watched her fiancé die in a brutal attack. She herself was seriously injured. Now discovered she the stranger in her and roams armed through the night city: Ratatouille Slot: FSK min Brad Bird English voice over artist, Patton Oswalt Remy, an unusual young rat dreams t of one day becoming a renowned chef in one of the finest restaurants in Paris. Torn between the wishes of his family and his real passion, Remy and his new friend put the Next Slot: FSK min Lee Tamahori Nicolas Cage, Julianne Moore Oscar winner Nicolas Cage, the Oscar nominated Julianne Moore and Jessica Biel combine concentrated star power for the nerve-wracking thriller 'Next'. Cris Johnson (Cage) makes a living on a rundown magic show in Las Vegas. His ability to transform a few minutes into Transformers FSK min Michael Bay Slot: 246 Director Michael Bay and Steven Spielberg, as executive producer, present the gripping battle between the heroic AUTOROTS * "'and the evil DECEPTICONS!' When their epic battle even extends to Earth, everything between the DECEPTICONS and their final Sunshine is FSK min Danny Boyle Cliff Curtis, Chipo Chung In fifty years the sun will die - and with it humanity will die. Slot: 245 Our last hope: A spaceship, the Icarus II, with an international crew of eight men and women. They are transporting an explosive charge

6 Page 6 of 17 Shooter Slot: FSK-18 / K 121 mins Antoine Fuqua Mark Wahlberg, Michael Peña Mark Wahlberg in his most challenging role to date: 'Shooter'. The former marine scout sniper Bob Lee Swagger (Wahlberg) is forced to thwart an attack on the president, but the unbelievable happens: He is set up and even the attempted attack Smokin 'Aces FSK min Joe Carnaham Ryan Reynolds, Ray Liotta Slot : 243 A traitor, 1 million DOLLAR HEAD MONEY AND THE TOUGHEST CONTRACT KILLERS IN THE WORLD! One million dollars for the heart of card shark Buddy "Aces" Israel! With this offer, Mafia boss Primo Sparazza lures a whole armada of professional killers with Borat - Cultural Education from America to BeSlot: FSK min Larry Charles Sacha Baron Cohen, Ken Davitian Sacha Baron Cohen, great star and creator of the world famous "Da Ali G Show "Now his truly one and only character Borat Sagdiyev from Kazakhstan are bringing to the big screen for the first time. Traveling with a crew from camera to tow rope and armed with a glass of gypsy tears "for protection" Born to be Wild - lousy on the move FSK-6 95 min Walter Becker John Travolta, Tim Allen Slot: 241 Woody, Bobby, Doug and Dudley are already a bit getting on in years. But that doesn’t mean that they are a long way off! The four of them want to get their lives going again and really start again. They saddle up their Harleys and set off - on a real slide. Slot: FSK-0 81 mins David Bowers, Sam English voices, Hugh Jackman One of the films with the best reviews of the year: Roddy St. James, who is spoiled as a pet, thinks that she made it ... until Roddy was literally washed underground one The Hours: From Eternity to Eternity Slot: FSK min Stephen Daldry Nicole Kidman, Julianne Moore The famous writer Virginia Woolf (Nicole Kidman) fights in a London suburb against her sick psyche and at the same time with the opening sentence of her first great novel Mrs. Dalloway. More than twenty years later, housewife and mother Laura Brown (Julianne Moore) reads Virginia's words. Deeply 300 Slot: FSK min Zack Snyder Gerard Butler, Lena Headey The epochal comic by Frank Miller (Sin City) storms the screen with blood and thunder. His untamed visual style, faithfully brought to life in a rousing mixture of real film and computer animation. He tells the historical battle of Thermopylae and describes the gigantic struggle, Stranger Than Fiction FSK min Marc Forster Will Ferrell, William Dick Slot: 237 A ludicrous comedy about a tax collector who one day begins to hear a voice in his head that is his Life comments. The writer Karen is about to complete her current novel. The only thing missing now: She has to die for her hero Harold Crick Déjà Vu - Race against time Slot: FSK min Tony Scott Denzel Washington, Paula Patton Special Agent Doug Carlin (Denzel Washington) is in after a devastating attack on a ferry New Orleans in search of clues and quickly discovers evidence of a terrorist background. He gets caught in an increasingly threatening vortex of past and future: Images that Eragon - The Legacy of the Dragon Riders FSK min Stefen Fangmeier Ed Speleers, Jeremy Irons Slot: 235 The people of Alagaesia suffer from the reign of terror of King Galbatorix (John Malkovich). Once upon a time, the mighty dragon riders ensured peace. But they all fell victim to the apostate traitor when he seized royal power. When the young Eragon is on the hunt a love doesn't need a vacation slot: FSK min Nancy Meyers Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslet Iris (Kate Winslet) and Amanda (Cameron Diaz) are fundamentally different - one lives in a dreamy English village, the other lives in one flashy Hollywood mansion. Nevertheless, they have one thing in common: bad luck in love. Children of Men Slot: FSK min Alfonso Cuarón Clive Owen, Julianne Moore No children. No future. No hope. The extinction of mankind seems inevitable when, in 2027, the youngest person in the world dies at just 18 years of age. The disaffected government agent and former activist Theo (Clive Owen) and his ex-wife Julian (Julianne Moore) are supposed to blame the future of the Step Up Slot: FSK-6 99 min Anne Fletcher Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan Tyler Gage, a young daredevil from Baltimore Neighborhood is sentenced to 200 hours of social work after a clash with the law. He has to work through this at the renowned ballet school on the other side of town. At first he doesn't want to have anything to do with the students, Lucky Number Slevin: Steelbook-Edition FSK min Paul McGuigan Josh Hartnett, Bruce Willis NOT A LUCKY DAY, SLEVIN! Slot: 231 Job, wife and apartment lost - it's really not Slevin's day! But when he was hit by two brutal debt collectors with his high Superman Returns: 2-Disc Special Edition slot: FSK min Bryan Singer Brandon Routh, Kate Bosworth HE'S BACK. A hero for the new millennium. And he appears just in time, because in the years in which Superman was looking for his home planet, a lot has changed in his adopted home. People have learned to do without him. Lois Lane is now a mother, Cars: Cars like us Slot: FSK min John Lasseter Owen Wilson, Paul Newman 1 winner, 42 losers, the red-painted horsepower swank likes to knock on the tin. But his ego trip doesn't take him to the podium, but to the weird Wüstenkaff Radiator Springs. There, the sophisticated precision machine learns to shift down a gear with lovingly quirky country cars and Spartan FSK min David Mamet Tia Texada, Derek Luke Slot: 228 special agent Robert Scott is supposed to investigate a highly explosive case. Laura Newton, the president's daughter, has disappeared in a trace. At first her boyfriend and her professor appear suspicious, but Scott stumbles upon a girl trafficking ring whose trail to a brothel in Dubai Ultraviolet: Limited Edition Slot: FSK min Kurt Wimmer Milla Jovovich, Cameron Bright Towards the end of the 21st century is through a Epidemic that causes gene mutations, a subculture of people emerged. All infected become a kind of vampire: They have extraordinary speed, intelligence and strength. Since the government sees them as a threat, they become Miami Vice FSK min Michael Mann Colin Farrell, Jamie Foxx Slot: 226 The Florida sun casts dark shadows: In the underworld of Miami, millions of dollars are made every day with drugs and weapons. To uncover a powerful drug cartel, the smart undercover cops Sonny Crocket (Colin Farrell) and Ricardo Tubbs (Jamie Foxx) The house on the lake Slot: FSK-0 95 min Alejandro Agresti Keanu Reeves, Sandra Bullock Can hers Do you want to overcome space and time? Dr. Kate Forster feels that something has to change in her life. So she leaves the suburbs of Chicago, where she completed her residency, and takes a job at the hectic city hospital. Bloodrayne: Special Edition Slot: FSK-18 / K 91 min Uwe Boll Kristanna Loken, Michelle Rodriguez 18th century: Vampires are up to mischief all over the country. The girl Rayne is being held by a circus troupe and shown as half-human, half-vampire. One evening, however, Rayne manages to escape from her cage and she embarks on a dangerous mission. Her goal is to stand by her The Sentinel - Who Can You Trust? Slot: FSK min Clark Johnson Michael Douglas, Kiefer Sutherland Crisis at the Secret Service: After the murder of an agent, secret service agent David Breckinridge and his young partner Jill Marin encounter a murder plot against the president. Apparently there is a traitor in their own ranks and all leads lead to Pete Garrison, the security guard

7 Page 7 of 17 The Wedding Crashers Slot: FSK min David Dobkin Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn In the wacky comedy The Wedding Crashers, business partners John Beckwith (Owen Wilson) and Jeremy Gray (Vince Vaughn) work as divorce arbitrators. The two long-time friends also share an original hobby: They like to go without Poseidon, especially in spring: 2-Disc Edition FSK min Shinji Aramaki, Wol Josh Lucas, Kurt Russell Slot: 221 New Year's Eve in the middle of North Atlantic: The Poseidon cruise ship is celebrated. The huge LuxusIiner is as high as a 20-story house, 800 stately cabins are spread over 13 passenger decks. Murder in the parsonage Slot: FSK min Niall Johnson Rowan Atkinson, Kristin Scott Thomas Vicar Goodfellow (Rowan Atkinson) takes care of his sheep in the community, but neglects his duties as a husband and father. The son is bullied at school, the daughter quenches her sex addiction with changing partners, and his wife Gloria (Kristin Scott Thomas) Mission: Impossible III Slot: FSK min JJ Abrams Tom Cruise, Philip Seymour Hoffman The stakes have never been so high - the action so explosive. A 'Mission: Impossible' like you've never seen it before. Tom Cruise is Ethan Hunt in this breathtaking, suspenseful Ice Age 2 - Now it's thawing: Special Edition 2 DVDsSlot: FSK-0 87 min Carlos Saldanha Ray Romano, John Leguizamo Global warming strikes: Because their valley is threatened by flooding by melting ice sheets the residents, including mammoth Manny, sloth Sid and saber-toothed tiger Diego, are looking for a new home. Manny finds true love on the way, and annoyance Sid finds a few. An (im) possible case of hardship Slot: FSK min Joel Coen, Ethan C George Clooney, Catherine Zeta-Jones A divorce lawyer who is successful in professional life and with women accomplishes the feat for a client that ex- To keep woman away from his assets - even though he has proven to have cheated on her. The victim swears vengeance and wants the wacky lawyer with a clever plan to deal with the Master & Commander - Until the End of the World Slot: FSK min Peter Weir Russell Crowe, Paul Bettany The times of the Napoleonic War. Captain Jack Aubrey (Russell Crowe) steers his ship and the 197-man crew safely through the world's largest seas. In an attack, however, the ship is badly damaged, with many crew members gruesomely killed. Now Aubrey ponders a duel - Enemy at the Gates: Deluxe WidescreenSlot: FSK min Jean-Jacques Anna Joseph Fiennes, Jude Law Stalingrad, 1942: While the German and Russian troops inflict cruel losses on each other in Stalingrad, the rest of the world sees full Fear the outcome of this battle. But the dreaded Russian sniper Vassili Zaitsev knows no fear and shoots one of his X-Men 3: The Last Stand Slot: FSK min Brett Ratner Hugh Jackman, Ian McKellen In X-MEN: The Last Stand the absolute climax of the X-MEN film trilogy, a cure for mutations threatens to change the course of history forever. For the first time mutants now have a choice: Either they decide to preserve their uniqueness and such an isolated Inside Man Slot: FSK min Spike Lee Denzel Washington, Clive Owen The rough New York cop Keith Frazier is for his not quite conformist approach known. When he has to deal with the highly intelligent hostage owner Dalton RusseII in a bank robbery, a dangerous game of cat and mouse begins, which gets worse by the minute. To Hostage - Kidnapped: 2-Disc Edition FSK min Florent Siri Bruce Willis, Kevin Pollak Slot: 212 Jeff Talley (Bruce Willis) was previously responsible for negotiations with hostage takers in the Los Angeles Police Department. But when a hostage situation ends in disaster that kills a young mother and child, Talley is devastated. He leaves Los Angeles and takes the less grueling Lost In Translation slot: FSK-6 97 min Sofia Coppola Scarlett Johansson, Bill Murray Bob Harris (Bill Murray) and Charlotte (Scarlett Johansson) are two aimless Americans in Tokyo. Bob, an actor who has just signed the lucrative deal in town for a whiskey advertising campaign instead of doing something good for his career or his family far away from him, my wife, her in-laws and I FSK min Jay Roach Robert De Niro , Ben Stiller Slot: 210 The horror just never ends for Greg Focker (Ben Stiller): after he finally made it into the trust of his future father-in-law, ex-CIA agent Jack, after a few obstacles, mishaps and embarrassments Byrnes (Robert De Niro), to be accepted, stands The Eternal Gardener Slot: FSK min Fernando Meirelles Ralph Fiennes, Rachel Weisz Justin Quayle (Ralph Fiennes), diplomat in the British High Commission in Nairobi and enthusiastic hobby gardener, leads a contemplative life - up to the day his young wife Tessa (Rachel Weisz) was found murdered. Justin goes in search of the murderer and discovers that the Aeon Flux Slot: FSK min Karyn Kusama Charlize Theron, Marton Csokas 400 years in the future: 99 percent of humanity are exterminated. Destroyed by an insidious plague. The only refuge for the survivors: the walled-in city-state of Bregna, which is strictly ruled by a party of scientists. Here there is the perfect life in the perfect Blade III - Trinity Slot: FSK min David S. Goyer Wesley Snipes, Kris Kristofferson Once again Blade has to face the fight against the vampires: The mighty bloodsucker Danica Talos has the strongest vampire in the world again Awakened life, only to bring planet earth completely under the control of blood-drinking giant bats with its support. Blade Handyman Slot: FSK-0 93 min Jürg Ebe Marco Rima, Oliver Korittke Record company whirlwind Mike Dürst (Marco Rima) is always on the phone: he manages, he organizes, without him nothing works - whether as a driver he holds out his head for Krokus have to or babysit Alice Cooper. With so much action at work, he has little time for his sweetheart (Stephanie Berger). The Pact of the Wolves Slot: FSK min Christophe Gans Samuel Le Bihan, Vincent Cassel France at the time of Louis XV. Countless women and children fall victim to a bloodthirsty beast in the misty landscape of Gévaudan. The king sends the young scientist Grégoire de Fronsac to the province to investigate these murders. Fronsac and his blood brother Mani finally discover, Munich FSK min Steven Spielberg Eric Bana, Daniel Craig Slot: 204 Munich 1972: The world is shocked. Eleven Israeli athletes fell victim to a Palestinian terrorist attack at the Olympic Games.Based on real events, 'Munich' tells what happened after the massacre - and reveals the secret retaliatory maneuver of the Mein Name ist Eugen Slot: FSK-6 97 min Michael Steiner Manuel Häberli, Janic Halioua The rascals Eugen, WrigIey, Bäschteli and Eduard live in in the 1960s in Bern and devising one prank after the other. After a helmet and a nice belay boat overflow the barrel, Eugen and Wrigley face a severe punishment: scouting camp ban and internship! The two heroes The Empire of Wolves FSK min Chris Nahon Jean Reno, Arly Jover Slot: 202 In the Parisian Turkish quarter Sentier, illegal immigrants work under inhumane conditions. When three brutal murders of red-haired women happen there, the young detective Paul Nerteaux (Jocelyn Quivrin) takes over the investigation. He gets the ex-bull Schiffer (Jean Reno) to the Flight Plan - Without any trace Slot: FSK min Robert Schwentke Jodie Foster, Peter Sarsgaard The two-time Oscar winner Jodie Foster in the high-tension thriller of the year, which combines Hitchcock elements and a nerve-wracking ride . Pure thrill!

8 Page 8 of 17 Alexander Slot: FSK min Oliver Stone Colin Farrell, Anthony Hopkins After his father, the mighty King Philip II, is murdered, the young Alexander ascends the throne of Macedonia. As the new king and lord of Greece, he decides to go out into the world, to take revenge on the Persians and to free them from Asia Minor. A campaign begins as a woman with a dog is looking for ... A man with a heart FSK-0 94 mins Gary David Goldber Diane Lane, John Cusack Slot: 199 The attractive preschool teacher Sarah Nolan (Diane Lane) is divorced, depressed and without a partner - until hers Sister posts a personal ad on the internet for her. And suddenly Sarah can no longer save herself from willing candidates. Undercover slot: min Sabine Boss Viktor Giacobbo, Anna Schinz Boris Ruf (Viktor Giacobbo) is an investigator for the Swiss Federal Criminal Police and is on a secret mission in Italy. There is a money laundering case to be solved, which so far has only caused costs and headaches for Ruf's boss and secret lover Christa Oberholzer (Nana Krüger). But reputation soon meets Serenity - Escape to New Worlds Slot: FSK min Joss Whedon Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres Years ago, Captain Malcolm Reynolds fought the Alliance in the Galactic Civil War - and lost. He now lives with the small, colorful crew of his spaceship Serenity on the edge of the universe. When Malcolm takes two passengers on board - a young doctor and Guess Who - you won't have my daughter! Slot: FSK min Kevin Rodney Sulliv Bernie Mac, Ashton Kutcher In love as deeply as possible, Simon wants to announce the wedding with his beautiful girlfriend Theresa as soon as possible. Before that, however, he still has to overcome a mighty hurdle - visiting his future in-laws. That alone would be problematic enough, but Theresa has her parents on a Sahara adventure in the desert Slot: FSK min Breck Eisner Jude Akuwidike, Mark Aspinall For the passionate underwater researcher Dirk Pitt (Matthew McConaughey) the adventure of his life begins when he is an ancient one Finds a coin with which an ancient legend is linked. Together with his shrewd friend Al Giordino (Steve Zahn), Dirk embarks on a treasure hunt that takes him through some U-Turn: No way back FSK min Oliver Stone Sean Penn, Nick Nolte Slot: 194 Bobby Cooper (Sean Penn) is a little Crook on the run to Las Vegas. Bad guys who stop at nothing are on his heels. They have already pinched off a few fingers because he couldn't pay his debts. Bobby keeps himself on his feet with coke and pills, but the way Edison Slot: FSK min David J Burke Morgan Freeman, LL Cool J As a young journalist Pollack gave his editor-in-chief the latest conspiracy theory about the municipal special police force F.R.A.T. submitted, the latter shows him the door indignantly - only to reinstate him by return of post when Pollack locates a key witness. xxx - Triple X: rental version FSK min Rob Cohen Vin Diesel, Asia Argento Slot: 192 tattooed. Shaved the head. Muscle packed. And cool like no other: X for extreme, X for exalted, X for extroverted, xxx like Xander Cage - an extreme sports superstar who doesn't let anyone tell him what to do or not to do. Ironically, this eternal rebel becomes NSA top agent Because you exist: DTS Slot: FSK min Peter Chelsom Lilli Lavine, Michael Guarino A turbulent romantic comedy full of heart, wit and many entanglements. Shortly before Christmas, Sara (Kate Beckinsale, "Pearl Harbor") enters the festive hustle and bustle of a department store in New York. There she accidentally learns the smart tears of the sun Slot: FSK min Antoine Fuqua Bruce Willis, Monica Bellucci After the overthrow of the democratic government and the takeover of power by the military, a Navy Seal special unit under the direction of Lieutenant A.K. Waterso (Bruce Willis) commissioned the American doctor Dr. Lena Kendricks (Monica Bellucci) as well as a pastor and two sisters from a Terminator 3: Rebellion of the Machines Slot: FSK min Jonathan Mostow Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nick Stahl Ten years have passed since the end of the world was prevented with John Connor's help and humanity from its destruction was preserved. Today, at the age of 25, Connor leads a life on the fringes of society without an apartment, credit cards, mobile phone and without a job. There is no reference to Play Me a Song of Death: Special Collector'Slot: FSK min Sergio Leone Henry Fonda, Claudia Cardinale Ex-prostitute Jill comes from New Orleans to the west to live a new life alongside the farmer McBain start. But her husband is dead, murdered by the bosses of the railway company on whose future route he settled. Jill doesn't think about giving in and takes it on her own initiative The Lion King: Special Edition Slot: FSK-0 85 min Rob Minkoff, Roger Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Matthew Brode Walt Disney's milestone in film history and award-winning masterpiece is the worldwide one most successful cartoon of all time! From the grand opening to the breathtaking finale, everyone will be captivated. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Slot: FSK min Steven Spielberg Harrison Ford, Sean Connery The adventure has a name: Indiana Jones. But one Jones is not enough in the search for the holy grail. Indiana Jones goes on the final crusade with his father. Across three continents - America, Europe, Asia - the dangerous hunt goes head to head with its opponents. And Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom: ColSlot: FSK min Steven Spielberg Harrison Ford, Kate Capshaw Indiana Jones' darkest and most exciting adventure appears in unprecedented quality on DVD - thanks to the digital single image resolution and THX revised surround sound. Follow the legendary hero from one adventure to the next in Indiana Ice Age Slot: FSK-6 78 min Carlos Saldanha, C Ray Romano, John Leguizamo The world years ago, covered by huge glaciers. Animals everywhere are on the run from the effects of the new Ice Age. In the midst of these dangers we meet the craziest herd of animals of all time: A quickly chattering, but rather stupid sloth named Sid, a moody, Daredevil Slot: FSK min Mark Steven JohnsoBen Affleck, Jennifer Garner He lives in a world of eternal darkness but this darkness is filled with sounds and smells, tasteful subtleties and surface structures that most people do not even notice. Although the lawyer Matt Murdock can not see, his other Otto - The disaster film: PC magazine Slot: FSK-6 87 min Edzard Onneken Otto Waalkes, Eva Haßmann This disaster is really perfect! From the infinite lowlands of East Frisia, a young man comes to the big city on all sorts of small detours and knocks on the gate to the wide world. (T) Raumschiff Surprise: Period 1 Slot: FSK-6 84 min Michael Bully HerbigMichael Bully Herbig, Rick Kavanian 'In the year 2054, mankind colonized Mars.' 250 years later, the descendants of the first settlers return. Your goal is to conquer the earth and destroy its inhabitants. And indeed, Charlie's Angels - Full Power: Special EditiSlot: FSK min Joseph McGinty Nic Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore America's strongest secret weapon against crime is back in action: Sensational action scenes and unbeatable humor - full throttle with Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu and the "fallen angel" Demi Moore - again directed by McG! Whether as bull-riding cowgirls, Attention, Ready, Charlie !: Special Edition Slot: FSK min Mike Eschmann Marco Rima, Martin Rapold Attention, Ready, Charlie! is a charming teenage comedy peppered with fireworks of humor. Antonio Carrera, a handsome Italian secondo, stands in front of the altar in tails

9 Page 9 of 17 The Transporter FSK min Louis Leterrier Jason Statham, Qi Shu Slot: 178 Frank Martin is a courier driver and specializes in illegal cargo. He is the best in his field. And as a professional he strictly adheres to a vital code: Die Monster AG Slot: FSK-6 92 min Peter Docter, David John Goodman, Billy Crystal For the first time it is revealed how monsters really are. And it is hard to believe: There are fearful rabbits and daredevils, bowls and streber, sensitive and clever minds. The absolute superstars in the monster world are the huge, good-natured Sulley and his cheeky, bell-eyed assistant Mike. Blueprint Slot: FSK min Rolf Schübel Franka Potente, Ulrich Thomsen Sometime in the near future: When the famous pianist Iris Sellin (Franka Potente) learns that she suffers from an incurable disease, she turns to reproductive medicine specialist Martin Fisher with a daring plan ( Ulrich Thomsen) he is supposed to clone her and thus her musical talent immortal Laws of Attraction - what loves each other sued sicslot: FSK min Peter Howitt Pierce Brosnan, Julianne Moore Daniel Rafferty (Pierce Brosnan) and Audrey Woods (Julianne Moore), two very successful Divorce lawyers, have seen love go down the drain often enough. Kick it like Beckham Slot: FSK min Gurinder Chadha Parminder Nagra, Keira Knightley Jess (Paraminder Nagra) is 18 years old and actually a very ordinary teenager who just loves to play football and is into David Beckham. All well and good, if Jess were not by chance a young, pretty girl of Indian descent whose tradition-conscious parents so their problems Bad Boys II (Extended Version): 2 DVD EditionSlot: FSK min Michael Bay Martin Lawrence, Will Smith drug investigator Mike Lowrey (WILL SMITH) and Marcus Burnett (MARTIN LAWRENCE), as members of a special narcotics unit of the Miami Police Department, take on the task of stopping the largest ever discovered shipment of ecstasy to Miami. Her investigations lead her to the Family Man FSK min Brett Ratner Nicolas Cage, Téa Leoni Slot: 172 Wall Street Playboy Jack Campbell is at the peak of his success. This changes suddenly when he thwarted a robbery on Christmas Eve. Because as a "reward" he wakes up the morning after in a different life - exactly the life he would have led if his career hadn't been more important to him. Spanglish FSK min James L. Brooks Adam Sandler, Téa Leoni Slot: 171 The beautiful Flor and hers 12-year-old daughter immigrates to Los Angeles from Mexico to build a better life for herself. She takes on a job as housekeeper for John and Deborah Clasky. But not everything works out the way Flor imagined it would. The language is foreign, the culture is different and its Be Cool - everyone is looking for the näslot: FSK min F. Gary Gray John Travolta, Uma Thurman Ex-money collector Chili Palmer (John Travolta) made it. As a film producer he made his dream come true, but now he needs new challenges. He is particularly interested in the music scene, because it is teeming with gangsters behind the scenes and in front of the microphone. As a new manager Virgo (40), male, is looking for ... Slot: FSK min Judd Apatow Steven Carell, Catherine Keener The 40-year-old Andy Stitzer lives in a nice apartment, has a cozy job and is the owner of an action figure collection. But: he has no sex. When his friends find out that he has never done it before, they decide to pair him up with the mother of three, Trish. Although the The Island Slot: FSK min Michael Bay Ewan McGregor, Scarlett Johansson in the middle of the 21st century: Lincoln Six-Echo (Ewan McGregor) lives in a seemingly utopian but sealed off facility. Like everyone else in this carefully controlled world, Lincoln hopes to travel to what is believed to be the last place on earth where the environment is still intact. But Batman Begins: Special Edition Slot: FSK min Christopher Nolan Christian Bale, Michael Caine In BATMAN BEGINS, celebrated director Christopher Nolan explores the beginnings of the legend of the DARK KNIGHT. As a young boy witnessing the murder of his parents and plagued by his childhood memories, the industrial heir BRUCE WAYNE (CHRISTIAN Lara Croft: Tomb Raider 2 - The Cradle of LebSlot: FSK min Jan de Bont Angelina Jolie, Gerard Butler In hers Second screen adventure, Lara finds himself in a global race against the insane and megalomaniac bio-weapons expert Dr. Reiss, who is desperately searching for the legendary Pandora's box. With the antimatter it contains, Final Call wants - if he hangs up, has to they die Slot: FSK min David R. Ellis Caroline Aaron, Brenda Ballard An unknown woman calls you and desperately begs you to save your life what are you doing? Hang up immediately because this can only be a stupid joke? Even if only there is a slim chance the caller means business and you are her last hope? What would you do? Catch Me If You Can Slot: FSK min Steven Spielberg Leonar do DiCaprio, Tom Hanks Frank W. Abagnale (Leonardo DiCaprio) was not only successful as a doctor and lawyer, but also as a co-pilot of a large airline. He achieved all of this before his 21st birthday. He is a master of deception, but also a brilliant forger. By clever check fraud, he has become a hitch - The Date Doctor FSK min Andy Tennant Will Smith, Eva Mendes Slot: 163 Alex "Hitch" Hitchens (Will Smith) is New York's most successful matchmaker because, as the perfect everyday psychologist, he always has exactly the right lid for Potty white. This means that even the most stubborn client is under the hood by the third attempt at the latest. However, as the incredible relationship terminator Albert Million Dollar Baby Slot: FSK min Clint Eastwood Clint Eastwood, Hilary Swank Frankie Dunn (CLINT EASTWOOD) has spent his life in the ring as a trainer and manager, he has coached a number of legendary boxers. The decisive rule that he teaches his fighters, he also follows himself: More important than anything else is your own cover. Because Frankie suffers a lot from the fact that his The Incredibles - The Incredibles: 2-Disc-DVSlot: FSK min Brad Bird Craig T. Nelson, Holly Hunter Rescued the wrong person once and it happened! The superhero Mr. Incredible has a lawsuit for "unwanted lifesaving" on his neck and must henceforth eke out his existence as an insurance employee - well camouflaged behind a growing belly. When he senses the opportunity to get active again, the interpreter Slot: FSK min Sydney Pollack Nicole Kidman, Sean Penn Anyone who works for the United Nations is bound to secrecy. The translator Sylvia Broome (Nicole Kidman) knows that too. But when she happens to witness a murder plot, she has to act: To bring about a coup, unscrupulous politicians want a high-ranking African Bridget Jones - On the verge of madness Slot: FSK min Beeban Kidron Renée Zellweger, Gemma Jones 71 times sex. Six sparkling weeks. And an impeccable man. Bridget Jones (Renée Zellweger) has finally found the right person in Marc Darcy (Colin Firth). But now the mid-thirties is faced with an even greater challenge: to keep it! As her self-doubt, Good bye Lenin! FSK min Wolfgang Becker Daniel Brühl, Katrin Saß Slot: 158 East Berlin. Summer 1990: Audi and Mercedes roll into the East. Germany is facing reunification. Free market economy ... Alex Kerner, just 21, has to put a stop to the story: His single mother, Christiane, a deserved activist of the German Starsky & Hutch FSK min Todd Phillips Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson Slot: 157 Les deux policiers David Starsky et Ken (Hutch) Hutchinson is contraints de faire equipe pour leur première big affair. Assistés par leur informateur Huggy les lomgs couteaux, ils se lancent sur les traces d'un dangereux traficant en possession d'une drogue réputée indétectable.