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TOP 5 Web Comics 2018

Web comics have been in trend for several years and more and more comic artists are discovering the advantages of web comics or online comics. The medium of the Internet offers many new possibilities and gimmicks to enrich the comic visually and narrative. New genres such as motion comics to interactive story comics are conquering the web. New formats break through our reading habits and we are forced to move into new worlds of picture stories. It's incredibly exciting what has happened in the last few years. Today I would like to present you my 5 nine web comic discoveries that some of you are sure to like and amaze.


PHANTOM REIGN - With Florian Biege's web comic, the readers can determine the plot. By posting a comment on Instagram, readers can contribute their suggestions and the artist will implement the best suggestion. In addition to this special feature of interactivity, the artist's wonderful graphic drawing style is also convincing. Absolutely worth seeing. Read here.

ICE LIGHT - if you like mangas and fanatsy, you can't stop by EISLICHT. The illustrator Anike Hage is no stranger to the comics scene, because she has already published successful mangas at TOKYOPOP Verlag. For several years she has been drawing on her online manga EISLICHT without the stress of the publishing house and the result is impressive. Visually, probably the best that the German manga drawing scene has to offer at the moment. Exciting and entertaining in terms of content. Read here.

NiGuNeGu - the Bromantic-Comedy Web Comic is something for everyone who is a fan of TV series such as HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER or FRIENDS. The team of authors and draftsmen consists of Oliver Mielke (author) and Hannes Radke. The web comic will soon appear in print from Pyramond Verlag. Likewise wasNi(ce)Gu(y)No(rd)Gu(ru) nominated for the Max & Moritz Prize 2018. Read here

END TIME - Olivia Viewig's zombie comic is currently being filmed for the cinema. The Carlsen Verlag published a new edition of the comic novel, but what many do not know, the comic is also free and legal to read online. So to speak also in the directors cut version of the illustrator. You shouldn't be put off by the tricky children's book drawing style. Worth reading. Read here

DOCTOR WHO - Comic artist Jürgen Speh is one of the best comic artists in Germany and anyone who knows his comics knows why. His clean drawing style and skillful narrative technique in pictures not only inspire comic readers. With the DOKTOR WER web comic series, he not only makes DOCTOR WHO fans happy. Read here

There is also a print version of DOCTOR WHO that I already own. Very nice comic that is not only chic to look at online, but also classically on paper.

Some comic readers still have reservations and prejudices about web comics, but hopefully that will change. My web comic reading recommendations could perhaps help to make the medium appealing to critics. On the webcomic platform you can find a lot of impressive webcomics by German cartoonists. This platform also offers every artist the opportunity to put their works online free of charge. Particularly suitable for those who do not have their own website.

Online comics or web comics are very suitable for beginners to develop their own skills. A web comic can also generate new orders, as some web comic artists have already been discovered through web comics. A comic is a kind of portfolio and shows your skills to the public. Definitely worth it.

If you draw web comics yourself, or know a great web comic, then link it here. Support your favorite web comic artist or web comic!

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