How deeply introverted are you

6 feelings you only know if you're introverted

The world out there can be pretty exhausting for people who prefer to withdraw into their shell, but: We feel you.

on March 25th, 2019, 11.00 a.m.

1. The feeling when you are looking forward to being alone again while socializing.

When it comes to going out, you resemble a cat that sits at the door and begs to be allowed out: As soon as it is outside, it wants to come back in. At parties you regret your presence as soon as you enter the location and just wait longingly for the moment when it is no longer impolite to leave.


2. The feeling when "nothing" is not a socially acceptable plan for the weekend ...

... and you have to come up with flowery paraphrases for the non-existent weekend plans when talking to office colleagues on Friday afternoons. If you then come out with the fact that you spend the weekend alone, you reap pity - why ?!


3. The feeling when acquaintances confess to you: "Oh, at first I thought you were arrogant!"

Classic beginner's mistake: when strangers mistake your thoughtful look for arrogance.


4. If you are no longer invited because you have canceled too many times in the past.

Although you - admit it - didn't want to come anyway. But at least you wanted to be invited so that you could cancel. Because of point 1 it would have been.


5. The feeling when someone says to you: "Your life begins where your comfort zone ends".

Sayings like this do not sound like inspiration to you, but the worst nightmare - because your comfort zone aka bed is the best place in the world. Especially because there are no other people there.


6. The feeling when you want to show what you can do but don't want to be the center of attention.

Do you prefer to be calm during discussions and meetings because you don't want to be the center of the conversation and when you get advice like "You have to get out of yourself" you can only roll your eyes tiredly? Yup, we know. And yet we have something for you ...

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