What are pizzicato music

Music lexicon: what does pizzicato mean?

Pizzicato (1865)

Pizzicato, pinched, snapped. Type of game

  1. All stringed instruments without a keyboard, the strings of which are not struck with a bow but always snapped or torn with the fingers (or plectrum or brass knuckles), as guitar, zither, mandolin, lute, theorbo, harp etc.
  2. of bow instruments in special cases when, in order to produce a harp-like effect, use is not made of bowing, but of jerking or tearing the strings with the finger.

The word pizzicato or its abbreviationpizz. then indicates the entry of this type of game. The point from where it is to be left again and to be painted with the bow is marked with coll 'arco (abbreviated arco, c. arc.) noted. [Dommer Musical Lexicon 1865, 688]

Pizzicato (1882)

Pizzicato (Ital.), pinched with the fingers (string instruments). This type of sound generation is initially suitable for harp instruments (harp, lute, guitar, etc.), but since these have disappeared from orchestras except for the harp, it has also been used for string instruments, although their resonance ratios are not calculated on them to lengthen briefly appealing tone (compare sound holes). [Riemann Musik-Lexikon 1882, 707]