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Long-term study shows: This is how harmful e-cigarettes really are

New long-term study: how harmful are e-cigarettes really?

The question of whether e-cigarettes are harmful to health and how they compare to conventional tobacco cigarettes in terms of pollution and carcinogenic effects has been the subject of heated debate for years.

While numerous scientific studies have consistently reported for a long time that e-cigarettes have a significantly less harmful effect on health, the central argument of many critics of the e-cigarette has so far always remained that there are no reliable long-term studies on the consequences of the comparatively young e-cigarette vaping .

Innovative research design creates clarity

A new study, which, thanks to its innovative research design, could finally clear up these uncertainties, was recently published in the renowned specialist magazine "Nature".

In this first long-term study, the well-known Prof. Dr. Riccardo Poloso, Director of the Institute for Internal Medicine and Clinical Immunology at the Italian University of Catania and Honorary Professor of Medicine at the University of Southhampton in Great Britain, together with his team investigated the potential long-term damage of e-cigarette vaping in a previously unique experimental arrangement.

Prof. Dr. Polosa selected a total of nine people from a group of people that is very rare among steamers. The test subjects were all active e-cigarette users and vaped daily without having smoked conventional tobacco cigarettes in their past. According to the Eurobarometer from 2014, this share is only 0.1% among e-cigarette consumers. The majority of all e-cigarette users are therefore former or active smokers. 

In the past, this phenomenon often led to the problem in studies of the harmfulness of e-cigarettes that any damage to health, which often only occurs years later even with smoking, is not adequately separated analytically from the potential damage caused by the use of e-cigarettes could.

In addition to these nine daily active vapers, who had smoked a maximum of 100 tobacco cigarettes in their previous lives and could therefore be defined as non-smokers, there were 12 other people in a control group of the study who neither smoked nor vaped.

No health concerns from using e-cigarettes

The regular and extensive medical examination took place over a period of three and a half years and took into account not only the lung and respiratory functions but also stress on the bronchi, the body weight, blood pressure and heart rate of the test subjects.

The result of the study now available is clear and suggests that no negative effects on the health of the vapers could be demonstrated. No medical differences could therefore be found between the daily vapers and the non-vaping control group.

The study accordingly sums up that no health concerns are to be expected with the daily use of e-cigarettes even over longer periods of time. Simultaneously however, the study warned against cautionbecause the participants only consumed 4 ml of liquid per day. Significantly higher doses could therefore still pose a health risk.

E-cigarettes are also not a gateway drug

Another interesting fact is that none of the regular e-cigarette vapers examined began smoking conventional tobacco cigarettes during the period mentioned. Whereas in the non-vaping control group two test persons started smoking.

These too apparently rather secondary knowledge is of high relevance, since critics of the e-cigarette in the past often warned of its potential to seduce previous non-smokers into tobacco consumption.

Critics of the e-cigarette are slowly running out of breath

The first serious long-term study is now giving new courage to all active vapers and those who finally want to get away from the old vice of smoking with the help of the e-cigarette. And even the most stubborn e-cigarette critics should slowly run out of argumentative air in view of these clear results. However, it remains to be seen how they will react to this for the time being.

Because at least we at PowerCigs have often had the feeling that in the past it was precisely the most passionate smokers and the most stubborn representatives of the tobacco industry who, contrary to all scientific findings and with sometimes flimsy arguments, never tire of criticizing e-cigarettes .

And so, despite their smokers' lungs, they have shown surprisingly staying power so far.