Who would win Saiki against Koro Sensei?

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This is what it's about:

One day there is a gigantic explosion and 70% of the moon is gone! A mysterious yellow octopus quickly “confesses” itself to this act. The Japanese government and the secret service are desperate and cannot bend the creature even a tentacle. But in a year, it also wants to destroy the world. Then it decides that from now on he will be the teacher of class 3-E, teaching the students of that class how to kill him. From now on they lovingly call him Koro-Sensei and experience quite extraordinary classes ...

Does Saiki K. live in the same anime world as Assassination classroom?

I have a question and it could be that the series Assassination Classroom is in the same world as saiki k. is because yesterday while watching season 2, I follow 10 so 5:17 min before the end of saiki with who I think kaido saw ??

End of the Assassination Classroom manga in sight

Dear Wikians,

It was recently announced that the story of Koro-Sensei and Class 9-E will be broadcast soon: With volume 17 of the manga, the story will come to an end!

In Germany, of course, the releases are still a bit behind, but in Japan, according to the announcement, it is already this March the last chapter the assassin pupil will be released.

Til today …

Assassination Classroom at Peppermint Anime on Blu-Ray and DVD

Dear Wikians,

The anime's TV series was released in January 2015 in Japan Asassination classroom, after the one-piece OVA was already well received by fans of the manga in 2013! But German fans of the eccentric teacher Koro-Sensei had to wait a long time until a publisher took pity on releasing the series in Germany.

From the February 26, 2016 is now the first volume ...