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Worst Web Design Mistakes: 10 Examples of Bad Websites

Whether you've taken classes at the local community college, created websites for years, or as an amateur studying, there are a few things every web designer should avoid if they want visitors to enjoy spending time on their website.

You have probably used the term "sticky" in relation to a website.

This simply means a site that the visitor wants to stay on - a site that stays with the browser and that they can bookmark and frequency. There are so many elements that help make a website sticky that it is a whole different topic.

However, there are some web design mistakes that can turn a website into one that visitors want to run away from. Here are the design no-no's to avoid.

Mistake # 1: Jarring Colors

Colors so bright that they hurt your eyes or colors that collide with each other can make a website visitor want to run away from a webpage.

When planning the theme of your website, try to choose colors that complement each other. Yellow rarely works as the main color, although it can look great as an accent. Using every color of the rainbow is also rarely a good idea.

Example of bad website: Moradito

Mistake # 2: Too many graphics

When you clutter your webpage with graphics, two different things occur.

First, the page is so full that visitors may not be sure where to click or what to see first.

Second, the page can take too long to load if a user has a slower internet connection. After 30 seconds, most people will leave the company and move to another location. We live in a time when everything is immediate. If you don't grab the client's attention in the first few seconds, you risk losing it altogether.

Example of bad website: Pine-Sol

Mistake # 3: Slow loading time

Is your website loading so slowly that the visitor has time to grab a cup of coffee and a donut before they come back?

Adding too many elements like flash, sound, tons of high resolution graphics, or java scripts can make a website slower and slower to load. Keep in mind that while most of your visitors are fast-paced, there are still customers in the countryside who are on dial-up mode and unable to access your website if it loads too slowly .

Tip: Check the website speed and get tips for improvement through Google Page Speed ​​Insights.

Speed ​​is not only critical to the user experience, it is also a very important ranking factor. Page speed became a ranking factor for search engines in 2010. In June 2016, Google announced that it was updating the Page Speed ​​Ranking Factor to accurately determine the page speed of your mobile pages. Since mobile search accounts for more than half of Google searches, the speed of mobile pages also needs to be optimized.

- Source: Boost Your SEO With Better Website Speed

Example of bad website: The museum from me

Mistake # 4: Too Much Advertising

Content websites and blogs make money from advertising rather than selling products. However, where many website owners fail, so much advertising is added that the visitor cannot tell the difference between content and advertising. If the visitor has to search to find the article or the rest of an article, there is too much advertising on the page. One or two ads on the website are best. More than that and you risk disrupting your browsers.

In fact, in a digital advertising report conducted by Upstream and YouGov in 2012, they found that 20% of consumers said that a company that advertised too much would never use that company again.

Example of bad website: Hemmy.net

Mistake # 5: amateur photo editing

Nothing screams amateur louder than a picture that has not been properly edited. Sites with this type of problem might have fuzzy images, auto-corrected colors that look like, poor layering techniques that make it clear that two images have been merged, or weird resizing.

Tip: Use free photo editing tools online: canva, pic monkey

Example of bad website: Peter's buses

Mistake # 6: Drafts a Three Year Old Might Make

If your website looks like you've opened Microsoft Word, created a piece of Word Art, and posted the website, you might want to reconsider your design elements. While simplicity is a welcome relief from some of the busier websites, if you go too simple you risk your website looking youthful and cheap.

Example of bad website: Cyber ​​D-Sign Clan

Mistake # 7: Bad Navigation

Even if a website is visually appealing, visitors can get frustrated and leave poor navigation.

For example, websites with no clear link or with so many elements that it is difficult to decide where to go. One problem that many website owners face is a small website that suddenly grows larger. Navigation that worked when the site was five pages just doesn't work when the site has 500 pages. See how the website can be revamped and reorganized into categories and sub-categories so that visitors understand exactly where they are going, what they are going to. It's also smart to add a search box.

Example of bad website:LawnSignDirectory.com

Mistake # 8: text problems

Web designers who use a busy background and then pick a text color that doesn't provide enough contrast make their web pages illegible. If a visitor's eyes are sore after reading an article, why should they stay on and read more pages on your site? If you need to choose a busy background, place at least one box, layer, or table of contents with a solid background and choose an opposite text color. Try to avoid gray on gray, but choose white on dark red, black on light pink, etc.

Words that overlap are also difficult to read, as are paragraphs that partly overlay graphics and partly on solid background.

Example of bad website: Bermuda triangle

Mistake # 9: Typo

Nothing screams unprofessional more than glaring typos and grammar problems. Although nobody is perfect, you can try to get closer. Ask friends and family to search your pages and help you find these bugs, or hire a professional reviewer to review your pages. The following example is just for fun. This isn't a real web design company, but an ironic look at how unprofessional some companies appear.

Tip: Learn how to make typos and mistakes in your own writing.

Example of bad website: Web Tek Rocks

Mistake # 10: Worst Website Design Ever - So Bad You Can't Explain

Some websites are inherently very, very badly designed. Those poorly designed websites - it's not one thing that makes the website painful to your eyes, but almost everything on the website.

There can be a combination of ugly colors, poor navigation, and other things. Fortunately, these sites are rare, but they can help you know some things Not to do when you design your website.

Example of bad website: Life after death

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