What can an invitation card look like

Visa Germany invitation: How do I write an invitation?

The Invitation letters can be drawn up in simple written form and will be submitted with the visa application. A simple invitation letter is therefore free of charge. On the Internet you will find samples and forms of what your invitation to Germany could look like - for inviting business people as well as private visitors. In addition, it must be ensured that the guest can afford the trip. For the Applying for a Germany visas must be the guest financial resources be able to show them with bank statements or salary slips. When applying for a visa, it is always important that the country of visit does not incur any costs! If not, there is an invitation in addition to the invitation commitment declaration necessary! A processing fee of 29 euros is due for each declaration of commitment and invitation.

What is a declaration of commitment?

If your guest does not have sufficient financial means, he guarantees host in form of a commitment declaration to pay for all costs that may arise during the trip. The declaration of commitment covers the Accommodation, meals, but also all other coststhat may arise in the course of the stay. For one too Business visit a declaration of commitment may be necessary!

Are there any templates for a declaration of commitment?

There are official forms for the declaration of commitment that you as the host at the responsible immigration authority at their place of residence. Do you need one commitment declaration submit, so will thereupon Your creditworthiness checked. Make a personal appointment with your local immigration office to find out about your Prove solvency and your Notarize your signature allow! The Foreign representation there also decide on the German visa.

Important: Never send a letter of invitation for a visa or a declaration of commitment to a German embassy or consulate without being asked. As a rule, you send the invitation for a Germany visa to the visa applicant, who then submits the documents with the visa application.