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Game of Thrones: Ramsay Bolton, from bastard to lord

Biography of Ramsay Bolton

Ramsay Schnee quickly showed a talent for warfare and was named his heir by his father. So Ramsay finally got the title of Lord Bolton. However, at the end of the series, he becomes a victim of his own cruelty. Find out more about the Game of Thrones character in our biography.

Ramsay Bolton is the bastard of Roose Bolton. That's why at the beginning of GoT he also bears the surname that every bastard of the north bears: Snow. However, he proves loyalty and warlike skill to his father and is legitimized by him. Originally he fought on the side of Robb Stark.

  1. Ramsay conquers Winterfell
  2. The murder of Roose Bolton
  3. Death by your own means
  4. That's why Iwan Rheon is known

Ramsay conquers Winterfell

In Game of Thrones Season 2, Ramsay recaptures Winterfell. Until then, this was occupied by Theon. Ramsay benefits from the fact that some of the residents of Theon's eviction also see the Starks return to Winterfell. Ramsay succeeds in the coup and takes Theon prisoner, tortures him and calls him "stinker" from now on.

The murder of Roose Bolton

After his legitimation as heir to Roose Bolton, he is married to Sansa Stark. This is how the Boltons want to secure their power in the north. However, Sansa and Theon manage to escape together. Roose Bolton is disappointed and tells Ramsay about his son and Walda Frey. Ramsay sees his position as the legitimate heir to the house at risk. He kills his father, his wife and the newborn. As the new Lord Bolton, he proclaims that his father has been poisoned by the enemy.

Death by your own means

Only in the fight against Sansa and Jon Schnee does Ramsay lose out. Thanks to Petyr Baelish's support, they succeed in conquering Winterfell and overpowering Ramsay. Sansa takes revenge on Ramsay for her brother Rickon. He first released her brother in GoT Season 6, only to kill him with a bow and arrow. Ramsay is thrown to his own dogs to eat and thus becomes a victim of his own cruelty.

That's why Iwan Rheon is known

Iwan Rheon, who embodies Ramsay, was best known for the British series Misfits. After the serial death of his character in Game of Thrones, he was able to get hold of one of the leading roles in Marvel's Inhumans. However, the series turned out to be a huge flop. Iwan Rheon also took on the role of guitarist Mick Mars in the Netflix production The Dirt in 2019.

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