How does Uber Cross sell

Additional saleIncrease sales through cross-selling and upselling

The second form of additional sales is upselling, a refinement of the product or a product expansion. Upselling can increase the quantity of a product and improve its quality. The product is expanded with additional extras. When upselling, the customer is not offered the cheapest option. Rather, the seller is offering a higher quality product that is in a higher price range.

The procedure for upselling can be illustrated using an exemplary car purchase: The customer has decided on a certain model. However, the seller is now not offering this model in the basic version, but in a premium version, which is already equipped with numerous extras. It is important that the seller does not decide for the customer.

The basic requirement for successful upselling is a thorough analysis of the customer's needs in order to be able to assess their actual potential for the additional purchase. If this has not become clear enough during the analysis phase, the following questions will help before initiating the additional sale:

  • In which environment is the product used?
  • What loads does the product have to be able to withstand in practice?
  • How could the processes be optimized with the new service?