Does Michael Buble have a Christmas album

The most successful Christmas albums of all time

Like "White Christmas" by Bing Crosby - we all know: This is still the best-selling Christmas SONG of all time. Estimates range up to 50 million copies sold. But nobody can say that exactly. The song is, of course, too Included on a Bing Crosby Christmas album - "Album" should be referred to as "Record Collection" when it comes out.

Elvis is still on the throne

The best-selling Christmas ALBUM of all time was recorded back in 1957. It is astonishing that it has not had to vacate number one on the Christmas album charts to this day: the "Elvis' Christmas Album". SWR1 music editor Adrian Beric tells what happened in a recording studio in Hollywood and what annoyed the legendary composer Irving Berlin about it.

Christmas without instruments

A cappella singing - how successful can you be in this music genre? If you get together as a vocal troupe today, without any instrumental accompaniment, then you really only have one chance to become famous with your own skills: either through a casting show or with the help of the Internet. Or you just do both! And that's exactly how it worked with the US a cappella troupe "Pentatonix" - but: without Christmas, the success would have been unthinkable.

A voice like a Christmas fairy tale

Michael Bublé is a phenomenon! And do you know why? He has a terrific voice - but that is by no means a guarantee for a world career. But the Canadian actually had a career start that sounds like a fairy tale. You could even say: like a Christmas fairy tale! Because Christmas plays a pretty big role for Michael Bublé, and not only because of his wonderful Christmas album from 2011. You can hear the answer to the riddle here:

Mariah Carey: First place after 25 years

"All I Want For Christmas Is You!" This song by Mariah Carey belongs without question to the list of the most famous Christmas carols of all time - and in December 2019, 25 (!) Years after it was first released, it actually made it to number one on the US Billboard " Hot 100 "charts to climb. The reason was not so much the lack of success with the audience as the now clearly revised set of rules for these charts.

The accompanying album "Merry Christmas" was also a huge success. Until today, because Mariah Carey still earns a lot of money with this album. And why? A complete web shop has been created around the album!