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DIN EN IEC 60068-2-52 VDE 0468-2-52:2018-08

Salts can have an unfavorable effect on the properties of both metallic and non-metallic materials. Metallic materials are subject to electrochemical corrosion, with other materials complex, different reactions of the salts with the affected substances take place.
This part -2-52 of IEC 60068 deals with the testing of products that may be exposed to salty atmospheres during transport, storage or use. The test effects can be classified as comparatively accelerated. Eight test methods differentiated according to application allow an assessment with regard to suitable designs of the test items.
The new edition proposed here has the status of a basic safety standard. In addition to the formal aspects, the revision specifically affects the following areas: newly introduced test methods 7 and 8, the test apparatus has been expanded to include a drying chamber (Appendix A), severity levels have been reassigned, the contents of test reports are listed, a text harmonization with ISO 9227 (salt spray test), an introduction is given and the scope is made simpler.

The following changes have been made with respect to DIN EN 60068-2-52: 1996-10:
a) the entire text has been harmonized as far as possible with ISO 9227;
b) an introduction has been added;
c) the scope has been simplified;
d) normative references have been updated;
e) the general description of the test has been changed;
f) a dry test chamber has been added to the test facilities;
g) "Severity levels" has been changed to "Test method";
h) test methods 7 and 8 have been added;
i) information from the test report has been added;
j) "Figure 1" has been changed to "Table 1";
k) the example of a typical test facility has been added as Appendix A;
l) a description of each test procedure has been added as Annex B;
m) Bibliography has been added.

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