Which application is used by the algorithm

Applications, extensions and alternatives

There are different applications and special cases in which the Dijkstra algorithm is used. In addition to route planning as a classic discipline, distance calculation can also be used in areas that are not based on Euclidean distances, but time or costs. The special applications of the Dijkstra algorithm also include, for example:

  • Routing in computer networks

In addition to weighting the edges, weights can also be specified for nodes. This could be the case, for example, if the transfer process within the "Central Station" node involves a lot of effort. In this case, the node is given its own weighting, which must then be taken into account in the calculation of the shortest paths.

The Dijkstra algorithm does not work with negative edge weights. If a shortest path calculation is nevertheless to be carried out, other algorithms must be used, such as the Bellman-Ford algorithm.

Dijkstra's algorithm is not suitable for all use cases and graph types. Further algorithms are e.g. the algorithm of Kruskal or the algorithm of Borůvka for the calculation of minimal spanning trees in undirected graphs.