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List of Affordable Kitesurf Brands in 2020

In 2013 I wrote about affordable kitesurf brands, comparing the cheapest 9m kites I could find online. Almost seven years have passed and I thought I'd do a similar piece to find out what has happened since then.

Kitesurf equipment is expensive

No question. Kitesurfing equipment can easily damage your wallet. It's easy to see why, considering it's a niche sport and kitesurfing brands find it difficult to achieve economies of scale. In addition, kites are naturally abused by weather and attrition. A five year old kite is already considered old, may need updating, and won't get you into the used market by much.

Some brands of kitesurfing are cheaper than others

As I said in 2013, there are certainly differences in quality and performance between kitesurf brands. To a certain extent, you get what you pay for. But not proportional to the MSRP asked for some of the 'premium' branded kites on the market (I use premium in this article to refer to brands with premium prices, large marketing budgets, large numbers of team riders, in-house research and development and high-quality products).

However, MSRP is not a completely fair metric as most premium kitesurfing brands sell through their local distributors who usually have bundle deals, buddy prices, or a sale of last year's models. This means that the MSRP of a brand that sells directly to the consumer (= the actual retail price) and the MSRP of a brand that uses retailers are not the same.

So if you don't want to break your wallet when buying your next kite, here are your options:

  • Get a deal with a local dealer (support from your local community may also be important to you)
  • Buy a used kite (this is a great option if you know what to look for)
  • Check out the cheaper end of the spectrum (just remember to include all import tax and duty costs).

Whatever you do, there's little reason to buy the latest model for full MSRP.

Affordable kitesurf brands in 2020

First, let's look at the brands I listed in 2013.

  • Switch element V2 9m - € 688
  • Zian - Out of business
  • Kiteloose - out of business
  • JN - Moved to a dealership model

How about that! Bootstrap brands driven by passion lead dangerous lives. Here is an updated list for 2020 with 9 million all-round models:

  • Adi Flux 3.0 - 680 USD / € 628
  • KSP Pure - 735 USD / € 680
  • Kauper-XT Maverick (wave / foil kite from Spleene founder) - 756 USD / 699 €
  • Ventum (the better half of Zian) Xcite - $ 847 / € 783
  • Takoon Furia - 897 USD / € 829
  • Switch Nano - 952 USD / € 843
  • Spleene SPX-IV - $ 972 / € 899
  • Lacuna Omega - $ 1.025 / € 947
  • TEN Pinna - $ 1.048 / € 969

Here are some other brands that are offering sales direct from their websites. They are smaller brands, but as you can see, the pricing isn't that much different from the premium brands. Of course, since most of them also use retailers, they cannot compete with cheaper online prices.

  • Tona Stratus 1.1 - 1.199 USD / € 1.108
  • Epic Renegade 6G - $ 1,199 / € 1.108
  • 11th Generation Blade Trigger - $ 1.229 / € 1.136
  • IKON Peak 3 - $ 1.284 / € 1.187
  • Zeeko Notus REV V11 - $ 12.97 / € 1,199
  • Gin Cannibal 2 - $ 1.356 / € 1.253
  • Star Taina V10 - $ 1.378 / € 1.274

I didn't even include the premium brands on this list, most of which would sell a 9 million kite for around $ 1,300 to $ 1,500, and we can still see how I can get two kites for the price of one if I go with a more affordable brand (assuming you can avoid the import taxes - this is still a huge disadvantage for the global online sales market).

Many of the online brands offer free demos from local brand ambassadors, and I would highly recommend trying if you can before buying, or at least speaking to unbiased drivers who are experienced with the brand.

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