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Further measures to limit the corona pandemic

Even if many are in favor of tougher measures, some of the restrictions are weary. "I understand that," said Kretschmann in his statement after the conference of prime ministers with Chancellor Angela Merkel. “I am also aware that we are demanding a lot from you with the measures we have decided on today. I assure you, we do not make such decisions lightly. And we don't meet them on the basis of emotions, but rather on the basis of facts, ”continues Kretschmann.

It is a well-established fact that the virus can spread particularly quickly, especially in confined personal situations in closed rooms. "That is why we now have to systematically limit these social contacts - even if this is particularly difficult for us as sociable beings," said Kretschmann. This is the only way to break the second wave of infections and that is the only way to protect the weaker people: the elderly, pregnant women and many people with chronic diseases.

Infection chains must be traceable again

This is not about bringing the spread to a complete standstill. It's impossible without a vaccine. However, we have to be able to understand chains of infection again and thus prevent the virus from spreading in an uncontrolled manner. The virus is now spreading diffusely and most of the infections can no longer be traced.

This means we can no longer say exactly what the main drivers of infection are currently. “As a result, we can unfortunately no longer rely on hygiene concepts alone, no matter how sophisticated they may be. That is why today we have put together an overall package with which we can firstly massively reduce contacts quickly, secondly keep schools and daycare centers open and thirdly as many people as possible can continue to do their work, ”said Prime Minister Kretschmann.

The focus is on the protection of life and health

"The focus is on protecting the life and health of the population, educating and caring for our children, protecting jobs and limiting the overall economic damage." The emergency brake must now be pulled and all avoidable contacts should be avoided for a while to prevent the pandemic from occurring again to be able to bring them under control properly. “As politically responsible, we can take the toughest measures against the pandemic. These only have an effect if you also adhere to these restrictions. It is now crucial that you all participate and actually avoid all avoidable contacts. And please do not wait until next Monday, when the measures come into force, but immediately. Because every day counts ”, appealed to Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann.

"If we pull the emergency brake together for a month, then we have the chance that the situation will relax again and we can celebrate Christmas together with our families," concluded Kretschmann.

Today's decision by the federal and state governments is a fundamental decision that will now be worked out and implemented in detail in the states by Monday, November 2nd. We will inform you immediately on Baden-Württemberg.de and via our messenger service when exact regulations are in place.

The measures in a quick overview (PDF)

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