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Own fitness room: basic equipment for strength training at home

Own fitness room: basic equipment for strength training with dumbbells, dumbbell stand and weight bench (source: Bowflex)

Having your own fitness room at home saves a lot of inconvenience and does not cost a monthly fee. With just a little equipment you can put together your own small - very effective - home gym. We give you tips for the basic equipment for strength training at home.

Own fitness room or gym

Your own home gym has some advantages that cannot be ignored: For example, your weight bench is never occupied and when there is sweat on the equipment, you know: “That's my sweat! I fought for him! ”Or the sweat of your girlfriend / boyfriend - that's okay. Strength training at home also means: no posers taking selfies in front of the mirror for half an hour, exactly where you want to do side shoulder raises.

You save yourself a monthly fee and the search for a parking space and, especially in bad weather in northern Germany, you don't have to go outside - the time and nerves that your own fitness room saves you! You can choose your shower partner, just like the music: no dodgy beats, not for the fifth time this hip-hop album that you hate so much - how about a little NOFX? Why should you buy your own home gym? That is probably a question that only people who have not yet trained will ask themselves.

Weight Training At Home: 4 Equipment You Must Have

It doesn't take much to set up your own fitness room. With just four machines you can set up your own strength training room and you can train your whole body effectively. We are now introducing you to the four basics with which you can train effectively at home. By the way, this basic equipment is expandable and it can help you to achieve any training goal: It doesn't matter whether you want to increase endurance or build large muscles, whether you want to lose weight or improve your maximum strength.

Your home gym needs something to lift

The most important thing when lifting is gravity. Provided that you train on earth, it is available to you sufficiently and free of charge. In second place are the dumbbells. For the basic equipment of your private fitness studio, we recommend two dumbbells. It is best to choose a model that you can supplement with weight plates yourself. For some exercises you are going to want a little extra weight. For some exercises, 5kg is enough, for others you'll want 20kg. We should also not forget that you will make progress in your training. Then you can always buy more weight plates.

Essential basic equipment: the dumbbell and preferably two of them!

In contrast to barbell bars, dumbbells are a bit more varied and versatile and they don't take up as much space in your own fitness room. You can always get a barbell bar, but for the basic equipment we recommend dumbbells first.

Strength training at home: lying around equipment

Your home strength training needs two foundations: a plan and a weight bench. The weight bench is simply a secure basis for many exercises in your own fitness room, e.g. bench press. It is not only suitable for lying around, you can also use it for dips or for the so-called Bulgarian split squat. This is a lunge step where your back foot stays on the bench. This increases the level of difficulty and effectiveness.

A weight bench is the foundation for effective, safe weight training - here with a barbell.

If you want to buy a weight bench for your training room, pay particular attention to two things: maximum load capacity and adjustability. If the backrest can be adjusted, you can do more exercises. Every time you change the angle during an exercise, you also train your muscles a little differently. This variety is one of the most important parts of successful home strength training.

Your own fitness room needs a corner to hang out

We mean hanging around here quite literally: You need a pull-up bar. Dumbbell rowing is an excellent exercise for your back, but your back workouts will be much more effective when combined with pull-ups. You can build a really strong back with pull-ups.

You can also do one of the best abdominal exercises with a pull-up bar in your own fitness room: knee and leg lifts. By holding, you train your grip strength, one of the most frequently underestimated physical strengths. By lifting your legs, you train your abdominal muscles.

Having your own fitness room without a pull-up bar gives away your back potential!

There are roughly three variants of the pull-up bars. If you have very little space available, you will probably use a door bar, if you have a free (and solid) wall, we definitely recommend a pull-up bar for wall mounting in the training room.

You can attach this to a variable height, it is more resilient and you can, for example, attach a sling trainer to it. You need a little more space for the third variant. These are the so-called power towers, which usually offer several pull-up variants, have an integrated dip station and a leg lifting device.

Important: keep your training room tidy

Your own training room is your own little kingdom. Here you can do whatever you want. Nevertheless, we recommend that you keep your fitness room tidy. A very simple dumbbell stand will help you with this. With this model you can, for example, store your dumbbells, your weight plates, possibly medicine balls or a training mat very easily and space-savingly between your workouts.

Balla-Balla: Training from the role!

With this basic equipment for your fitness room at home, you can really do a comprehensive workout of almost all muscles. Now your own fitness room only needs fine-tuning. Since we could use the pun balla-balla of the role don't hold back.

Your training will be particularly successful if you keep setting new stimuli. By that we don't mean: "Put another slice on it for me!", But rather: more exercise variants. With some small fitness parts you can bring in a lot of variety. Instead of bench presses with the dumbbell, you can do push-ups on the medicine ball.

After all, the most inconspicuous fitness equipment of the past few years should not be missing in your equipment: a roll made of hard foam, known as a fascia roll.

Your own fitness room is perfectly complemented by a training mat and fascia roll!

The extra for a training partner or for losing weight

You have everything for strength training at home. Perhaps you or your partner would also like to do additional endurance training. Be it because it is great for clearing your mind or because it is ideal for helping you lose weight.

You can also burn body fat with just strength training, but it is ideal if you combine your strength training at home with cardio training. A treadmill is best for this because it simply offers the highest calorie consumption of any fitness machine.

A few answers to the question "Which treadmill should I use?" Can be found behind the link.

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