Which economic concepts should everyone know?

Knowledge management

1. Concepts

In order to introduce knowledge management in a company, a concept should be developed. Experts create these concepts individually for companies.

1.2. Concept development

Concept development is an essential pillar when a company wants to develop new projects (e.g. knowledge management) or products. Creating a concept is one of the tasks of a concept developer. In contrast to the project manager, who works through a plan according to strict guidelines, he has to be a little more creative. The concept development has some design leeway, but is the basis for the later concrete project plan - and its success. The most important tasks, those responsible, the work packages, implementation steps and the schedule for product development can be derived from the concept creation. A concept template or concept creation template as a free download from the Internet makes it easier for you to work when you are developing a concept.

The concept development initially means:

  • To listen
  • ask questions
  • record the client's problem
  • collect all essential facts

All information flows into the concept plan. Concepters develop their own ideas and find convincing approaches to solving the problem. At the same time, they must proceed in a structured manner with suitable concept development methods and instruments. A red thread and a logical, comprehensible structure (concept building blocks) should be recognizable.

If you want to create a concept plan, you should consider a few points:

  • the description of the task and the project
  • the situation analysis (influencing factors, relationships, opportunities, weak points)
  • the objective (priority, type of objectives, e.g. content or financial).

The evaluation is also part of the concept development so that the decision maker can better assess the opportunities and risks of the project and make well-founded decisions. The point "project implementation" in the company concept includes all the necessary aspects, such as resources or budget requirements. And: The concept must be easy to understand for everyone involved.