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Cowboy Bebop: Seasons and Episode Guide

The iconic mix of sci-fi westerns, bounty hunting and crime thriller action

Our episode guide to "Cowboy Bebop" tells you everything you need to know about the cult anime! Here you can find all information about the series, soundtrack and production.

  • "Cowboy Bebop" I had a tough start in Japan! Not even all episodes were broadcast in the afternoon program.
  • The fan base only grew rapidly with a change of broadcasting slot.
  • In addition to some allusions from film and pop culture, the anime comes up with a legendary soundtrack that lets you rock along.

The successful one Mix of science fiction space opera, western and neo-noir as well as action elements that often don't take itself too seriously, is one of the absolute cult anime. The series is a welcome permanent guest in various leaderboards. "Cowboy Bebop" had one though rather bumpy start: In the afternoon program on TV Tokyo, the anime addressed an older audience. The sci-fi series only achieved its breakthrough with Japanese fans when it changed its program slot. In Germany you could first watch the anime on MTV.

Cowboy Bebop: Current broadcast dates

The anime first flickered on Japanese screens in 1998 in TV Tokyo’s early evening program. It wasn't until the show got a later slot on Fuji TV that "Cowboy Bebop" became a success. In Germany, the cult series ended up in the evening program of the music channel MTV in 2003. Since then, the anime has been seen repeatedly on free and pay TV, for example on Animax. You can find all current broadcast dates in the following overview.

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Cowboy Bebop: plot and episode guide

Our episode guide lists all 26 episodes of the anime series and offers you details about the episodes.

The episode guide for Cowboy Bebop includes 1 season with 26 episodes. You can see the episode list of the individual seasons below.

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season 1

1998 • 26 episodes

In season 1 of "Cowboy Bebop", the interstellar bounty hunters Spike are notoriously broke. Your goals often turn out to be a total failure. Little by little, the genetically dead Corgi Ein, the gambler bride Faye Valentine and the crazy hacker Ed join the crew to be fed. Spike lives in the past and is struggling to gain a foothold in the present. He mourns his beloved and still has some reckoning with old joys and rivals.

The season is not available as a stream

List of cowboy bebop episodes

season 1

episodeGerman titleOriginal titleFirst broadcast 
1x1Animal businessStray Dog Strut03.04.1998
1x2Bitch alertHonky Tonk Women10.04.1998
1x3The dregs of the galaxyHeavy metal queen17.04.1998
1x4Sibling loveWaltz for Venus24.04.1998
1x5Genius and madnessJamming with Edward01.05.1998
1x6Lost and abandonedGanymede Elegy08.05.1998
1x7The galactic killer beastToys in the Attic15.05.1998
1x8The warrior's tears (1)Jupiter Jazz (1)22.05.1998
1x9The warrior's tears (2)Jupiter Jazz (2)29.05.1998
1x10CheckmateBohemian Rhapsody05.06.1998
1x11Sleeping Beauty, ice-coldMy Funny Valentine12.06.1998
1x12Post from the pastSpeak like a child19.06.1998
1x13The deadly dealAsteroid blues24.10.1998
1x14Save the water rats!Gateway shuffle14.11.1998
1x15Bad bloodBallad of Fallen Angels21.11.1998
1x16The boy with the harmonicaSympathy for the Devil28.11.1998
1x17The wrong friendBlack Dog Serenade13.02.1999
1x18Wider than the universeMushroom samba20.02.1999
1x19On courseWild horses06.03.1999
1x20The laughing deathPierrot Le Fou13.03.1999
1x21The secret of the sunstonesBoogie-Woogie Feng-Shui20.03.1999
1x22The duelCowboy funk27.03.1999
1x23In the clutches of the sectBrain scratch03.04.1999
1x24The total memoryHard luck woman10.04.1999
1x25The power struggleThe Real Folk Blues (1)17.04.1999
1x26The last missionThe Real Folk Blues (2)24.04.1999
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  2. synchronization
  3. production
  4. The soundtrack
  5. Cowboys and pop culture
  6. Alternatives

Cowboy Bebop: plot

2071 are both Bounty hunters Spike Spiegel and Jet Black more or less successful in hunting prey to make a living. Little by little, other members join the motley crew of the Bebop. One of their targets kidnapped you genetically engineered and above average intelligent corgi named Einthat they keep without further ado - originally as an emergency ration.

after the Con artist Faye Valentine left a rather dubious first impression, she later also joins the crew. The last member is the young crazy hacker Ed join the team. She leaves Earth, which was destroyed by a Warp Gate accident about 50 years ago, for further adventures in space to emulate her father, an asteroid hunter.

But Spike has a hard time getting to grips with his past. He was formerly a member of a syndicate, but managed to get out. He lost his great love and tries to leave his former life behind. But the Red Dragon Syndicate comes into Spike's presence as well. A former buddy and rival wants the organization to regain its glory. To prevent that from happening, Spike sacrifices everything and puts in one final all-important fight with Vicous his life at risk.

Whoever survives this encounter will find out in one of the most spectacular scenes in anime history. In this sense: See you Space Cowboy ...

Cowboy Bebop: dubbing

The synchronization took place in the studios of the Berlin Arena Synchron GmbH. "Cowboy Bebop" comes up with some voices that you have surely come across quite often. This is how the protagonist Spike Spiegel finds his German dubbing voice in Viktor Neumann. Neumann also speaks Shimada in Shinichiro Watanabe's "Terror in Tokyo".

The other crew members are also prominently cast. Faye Valentine is set to music by the experienced narrator Antje von der Ahe (C.C. in "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion"), while Karl Schulz Jet lends his voice in the German audio version. You can also hear Schulz as Muten-Roshi in "Dragon Ball Z Kai".

Cowboy Bebop: Production

The cult series was born directed by Shin'ichiri Watanabe in the animation studio Sunrise. The well-known studio provided you with anime such as "City Hunter" or "Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion" but also adaptations to the fantasy series "Inuyasha" or the comedy pearl "Gintama". Watanabe placed particular emphasis on the authenticity of the Japanese speakers, so that some of their character traits influenced the behavior of the characters.

Nothing was left to chance when it came to music and sound either. The experienced Musician and composer Yoko Kanno was previously responsible for the soundtrack for some anime productions. With her mix of jazz and blues pieces, she also contributes significantly to the atmosphere of the science fiction anime.

Cowboy Bebop: The Unforgettable Soundtrack

Groovy sound is simply part of "Cowboy Bebop". And the sci-fi anime can offer a whole bunch of unforgettable catchy tunes. Just the jazzy opening "Tank!" or the ending "The Real Folk Blues" with melancholy blues sounds have certainly achieved a cult status similar to that of the anime itself.

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Yoko Kanno and her jazz / rock / pop band provided the soundtrack Seatbelts. The tracks were recorded in an American studio to capture the spirit of jazz and blues sounds. In addition, the front woman of Seatbelst also played in several international symphony orchestras. The Japanese is considered a luminary in her field and became Admitted to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as a new member in 2018. The Academy annually awards the most famous film award in the world, the Oscar.

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Cowboy Bebop: Cowboys and Pop Culture

Part of the success of "Cowboy Bebop" can certainly be attributed to its popular cultural references. The anime speaks a visual language that many film fans should be familiar with. For example, some adventures and scenes will remind you of the artificial intelligence with the iconic red camera eye HAL from Stanley Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey" or Ridley Scott's "Alien - The uncanny creature from a strange world". Spike is on the hunt for an alien in one episode and the display of the detector is strikingly reminiscent of the one from the film in which Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) is on the run from the alien.

Reviving the western and cowboy theme in the science fiction genre is also quite popular. The manga "Trigun" and its anime adaptation started only a short time before. The American film and series industry also likes to use the topic. In 2002, for example, the sci-fi series "Firefly - Der Aufbruch der Serenity", with "Castle" star Nathan Fillion in the lead role, was popular among fans. In 2011, the blockbuster "Cowboys & Aliens" from "Iron Man" director Jon Favreau saw the light of day, in which "James Bond" star Daniel Craig played the cowboy Jake Lonergan.

Alternatives to "Cowboy Bebop"

If you want more after the wild ride, check out other milestones in anime history as well. You won't go wrong with "Neon Genesis Evangelion" or "Samurai Champloo". The bizarre mix of fantasy and action that awaits you at "Dorohedoro" is also recommended. The man with the lizard head and his partner Nikaido are looking for the witcher who put this curse on him. Unfortunately, Kaiman has been amnesic since then and does not know his attacker. Look forward to a crazy journey into the realm of magic.

In "Neon Genesis Evangelion" you can expect bitter battles between humanity and apocalyptic beings, so-called angels. This can only defend itself with the help of special students who are able to control giant combat suits that Evangelion units can control.

In "Samurai Champloo" you can expect stylish action in a mixture of early 19th century Japan and modern times. Mugen swings his katana in samurai history to catchy hip-hop beats.

Cowboy bebop

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