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Last change: July 16, 2020

As a global platform for creativity and self-expression, Tumblr goes to great lengths to protect and promote freedom of expression. At the same time, there are a few and precisely defined but very important categories of content and behavior that we set limits because they endanger our users or our infrastructure and damage our community.

This is what Tumblr is made for:

Tumblr is a place for creativity. We want you to develop freely and show on Tumblr who you are, what you like, what you think and what you stand for.

This is not what Tumblr is made for:

  • Terrorism. We do not tolerate any content that propagates, supports or instigates terrorist acts. This includes content that supports or celebrates terrorist organizations, their leaders or their acts of violence. Report terrorism
  • Hate speech. It is forbidden to promote hatred and violence. Do not post content that aims to hate or dehumanize any individual or group based on race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, disability, gender, gender identity, age, veteran status, sexual orientation, or illness. If you discover content that violates our Hate Speech Policy, report it.

    Please keep in mind that posts can be mean, tasteless, or offensive without explicitly inciting violence or hatred. In such cases, you can block the author of the entry at any time or, if you feel like it, speak directly about his behavior and use Tumblr to express your opinion, question ideas, raise awareness or encourage discussion. Report hate speech
  • Harm to minors. It is forbidden to post and solicit content that shows abuse by minors. This includes content that is suggestive or sexual about minors or persons who appear to be minors, as well as content that encourages child sexual abuse. "Content" can be photos of real people, illustrations, animations or texts. Posting or re-logging content that contains child sexual abuse is a terrible crime that we will not tolerate. We generally report such cases to child protection organizations and law enforcement agencies around the world, including the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Report harm to minors
  • Promotion or glorification of self-injurious behavior. Do not post content that actively encourages or glorifies self-harm. This includes content that urges or encourages other users to harm themselves, to succumb to anorexia, bulimia or other eating disorders or to commit suicide instead of e.g. B. to get help or treatment or to get into conversation with others who suffer from depression or other disorders or are on the mend. Conversations are very important, and online communities can be of great help to those affected. We want Tumblr to continue to be a platform that helps raise awareness of these issues and where people can seek and find help, so we're only going to remove those blogs that go too far and actively promote or glorify self-harm. Report self-harm
  • Adult content. Don't post photos, videos, or GIFs that show real people's genitals or bare female nipples. This includes content that is so photorealistic that you might mistake it for real photos with real people (but nice try). Certain types of artistic, educational, informative, or political content that involve nudity are fine. Don't post photos, videos, GIFs, or illustrations that show sex acts. You can find out more about what the new policy prohibits and how to challenge adult content in our Help Center.
  • Violent content and threats, blood and mutilation. Do not post content that includes threats of violence against individuals or groups, including threats of theft, property damage, or financial harm. Don't post violent or bloody content just to shock. Do not present mutilations or abuse of people or animals (including sodomy) or their corpses. Do not post content that incites violence or glorifies acts of violence or perpetrators of violence. Report threat of violence Report blood / mutilation
  • Encourage spurious reactions. Please do not participate in the planned promotion of bogus reactions such as episodes, relogging or liking. Stay away from actions in which users are called to follow entire user lists in order to get more followers yourself. Do not use news functions such as fan mail or questions in excess and completely indiscriminately, just to lure followers or reloggers. If you want people to like you, just be easy going and natural.
  • Misleading and deceptive links. Don't post misleading or fraudulent links in your listings. That is, do not provide links with misleading descriptions, do not cite false sources, do not include misleading links to click through images, and do not embed links to interrupted commercials or pop-up advertisements.
  • Incorrect or missing source. Make sure that your entries always contain correct references and complete links to the original sources. If you find anything cool on Tumblr, it's better to rewrite it than post it yourself. It's more convenient and more fun anyway. If you re-enjoy something, DO NOT post a link back to your blog just to get attention instead of the actual source. Report incorrect or missing source information
  • Abuse or malicious use of usernames and URLs. The URLs (usernames) on Tumblr are meant to be useful and fun for our users. Please refrain from maliciously exploiting, collecting and hoarding, trading and selling Tumblr URLs, and from registering with a specific username to impersonate another person, organization or brand.
  • Inactive accounts. Use Tumblr! Use it all the time! Or use it at least once a year. If you don't do that, we'll mark your account as inactive. Nothing will happen to your content - it will be archived as you left it. But your URL (s) will be shared with other users.
  • Spam. Please refrain from spam. d. H. Entries, replies, and messages that are considered spam. Just be decent. Do not tag your entries that lure users of the search function on the wrong track. For example, do not tag photos of your cat with "Angela Merkel" if your cat is not actually called Angela Merkel. Don't overload your entries with # irrelevant # tags. A sensible use is of course allowed, e.g. ironic "punchlines" that supplement entries or poke fun at them. Refrain from including misleading links or dubious codes in your entries. This includes using JavaScript to post unsolicited advertisements on blogs. Please refrain from generating income or generating traffic through deception and using blogs primarily for marketing purposes. Spam has no place on Tumblr.
  • Bulk registrations and automated actions. Automated, systematic or planned registration of accounts and posting of entries is prohibited.
  • Unapproved competitions, raffles and gifts. Please note our guidelines for competitions, raffles and gift promotions.
  • Third party templates. To ensure the security and stability of our blog network, it is important that the templates used on Tumblr come from our template page It's easy, it's safe, and any interested developer can host and promote their work there. Besides being inconvenient to use, third-party platforms are often used to incorporate malicious code that causes spam, advertising, or phishing attacks. Better keep your hands off it. Creating blogs and directories curating templates from is absolutely fine.
  • Copyright and trademark infringement. Please respect the copyrights and trademarks of others. If you are not authorized to use someone‚Äôs copyrighted or trademarked material (either expressly or as a result of a legal exception or statute of limitations relating to fair use), then neither do you.

    Intellectual property is a complicated thing, so here are a few aspects of the procedure we use when a copyright or trademark infringement is reported. We investigate possible copyright violations in accordance with our Terms and Conditions and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. You can use our DMCA notification form to submit complaints online. Please note that we need a legally binding DMCA reminder to remove content. Anyone who reports trademark infringement should demonstrate the trademark infringement and provide a legal basis for their claims and the registration and / or application number for registering their trademark. Every report is reviewed by a knowledgeable member of our Trust and Safety team.

    If we remove content due to a reported violation of copyrights or trademarks, we will provide the user who posted the content with information from the advertisement of the person complaining about (such as the name of the rights holder and the description of the content being complained about) so that they know on what basis claims are made.

    We always want to ensure that the other side also has the opportunity to defend itself in all reports of copyright and trademark infringements. In the event of reports of copyright infringements, the accused can submit a DMCA counter-notification to us in accordance with our general terms and conditions. If we consider a contraindication to be justified, we will restore the removed content after a waiting period prescribed by the DMCA. In the case of reports of trademark infringements, the accused can raise an objection and tell us their point of view. All relevant materials should be included for review. In the event of a successful appeal, we will also restore the removed content.

    In the event of repeated copyright infringements, we use a penalty point system to mark the status of an account. The account is assigned a penalty point for every legitimate report of a violation. With three penalty points, we delete the account. If a user submits a legitimate DMCA counter-notification, we remove the associated penalty point from their account.

    Phew, this procedure is quite complex. But we are proud of it and believe that it covers all the important points. Report Copyright InfringementReport Trademark Infringement
  • Imitation and deliberately misleading behavior Refrain from deliberately using confusing URLs or doing other things that could result in confusing you or your blog with another person or company. Don't impersonate celebrities or politicians. Do not impersonate others. Feel free to make fun of Donald Trump, parody him, or admire his beauty, but don't pretend to be him. Report imitation and targeted misleading behavior
  • Harassment. Please refrain from deliberately insulting, bullying or harassing others. Do not engage in unwanted sexualization or sexual harassment of others. If someone sends you unsolicited messages or re-enacts your entries and adds malicious comments, be proactive: Report the person and block them. And if someone bans you, don't try to bypass the bans or get in touch with them in any way. Report harassment
  • Violation of privacy. Does not use Tumblr to obtain personal information through fraudulent behavior. Do not post content that violates the privacy of others, especially confidential or identifying information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, or unpublished contact information. Never post pornographic content such as private photos or videos without the consent of the people involved. Report an invasion of privacy
  • Business disruption, exploitation and misuse of resources. Our servers and our hardworking technicians work hard for you. Please do not attempt to use, abuse or disrupt or our other products and services without authorization.
  • Illegal acts and content. Do not misuse Tumblr for illegal activities, such as fraud or phishing. But that should be clear to you, decent people. Never use Tumblr to trade prescription drugs, illegal substances, devices, merchandise, or weapons. Never use Tumblr to buy, sell, or share instructions on how to make them. This includes firearms, firearm parts, 3D printouts of firearms or their parts, explosives, ammunition, and other things designed to harm others. Report drug trafficking or prohibited materials Report phishing
  • Integrity of elections You are prohibited from using Tumblr to manipulate or impede the integrity of the United States census or local, state, or national elections for public office. In short, do not create or promote content that is aimed at obstructing, intimidating, or confusing voters or participants in the US census. This includes spreading false information about how, when and where to vote. Report manipulation of elections
  • Human trafficking and prostitution. Never use Tumblr in connection with sex trafficking or any other form of human trafficking or illegal prostitution. If you see such activity on Tumblr, report it and encourage victims to contact the police. Report human trafficking and illegal prostitution

If we believe that you are violating this policy, we may contact you by email. If you do not justify your behavior or adjust it accordingly, we could take appropriate action. Repeated violations of our community guidelines can permanently shut down your blog or account. We want to judge all cases as fairly as possible, but we reserve the right to block accounts or remove content at any time - without warning and for all possible reasons, but above all to protect our services, our infrastructure, our users and ours Community. We reserve the right, at our own discretion, to enforce or not to enforce this policy. These guidelines do not represent a (contractual) obligation for us to act in a certain way.

You can report violations of these guidelines directly to us.

Of course, you can remove your own content at any time. If you need help with this, you can find it on our help pages.

We also reserve the right to change this policy in accordance with the procedures described in our Terms and Conditions.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.

Thank you very much for your attention. Welcome to Tumblr.

Link to previous versions

Below is a link to previous versions of our Community Guidelines in their original English language versions. We have put these versions on GitHub, where you can compare all versions with each other and understand the changes.