Can you succeed in spite of bad luck

You can attract luck, bad luck, and success

The law of attraction is similar to the law of electromagnetic attraction that holds the planets of our solar system in place. Humans also radiate electromagnetic forces that influence friendships, relationships, and feelings among them. This principle can be summarized as follows:

You get what you think, what you really want, consciously or unconsciously.

We send out energy through our thought power. At the same time, all other people, living beings, all things and even events and feelings send out energy. The logical consequence is that the energies that oscillate in the same way attract each other. In this way you can not only attract a person, but also feelings and events such as bad luck, luck, success or things like money, car, job, etc.

If there is something that you want very much, it will do everything to attract you. But the impulse has to come from you. You have to want it first. If you want something intensely, this will happen at some point. Most of the time it doesn't show up clearly. Perhaps through a simple thought that you do not take seriously, through sudden events that you do not pay attention to.

Thoughts don't just come. What we're thinking about is what attracts us right now. That means what you think can attract someone else too.

Dantselog uses the laws of attraction in a positive sense, because the law of attraction can also be dangerous because it means that we are responsible for everything that happens to us, no matter what we've been through, we attracted it ourselves, what's in ours Life happened. It is also dangerous if one only takes into account the attraction model in the law of attraction and does not also consider what one does not want to attract. The positive thing about Dantselog is that you decide what / whom you want to wear and accordingly can block what / whom you do not want to wear with the positive wording. In order to attract something, for better or for worse, you have to be in harmony with it.

Dantse Dantse from: “DANTSELOG - The revolutionary self-dialogue communication technology for solving problems. Part 1: The Dantselog doctrine "

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