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Meyers Blitz-Lexikon / K

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K. = royal, k. (u.) k. = emperor. (u.) royal. (austrian, or [with u.] austrian-ung.

The Kaaba in Mecca.

Kaaba, Holy Shrine of Mohammed. in Mecca.

Kaas,Ludw., * 1881, since 1928 chairman of the center.

Cabal, Burrowing, intrigues.

Kabarda-Balkaria, autonomous. Russian area, N-Caucasus, 12 205 sq km, 204 000 E; Hptst. Nalchik.

Cabaret, Cabaret stage.

Kabbalah (h), oral Tradition of the Jews, then myst. Philosophy of religion (especially number mysticism).

Cable: three-wire cable.

Electric wire, electr. Lines with isolated electr. Reinforcement (Lead sheath and iron wires; Valve). Heavy current K. run up to 100,000 volts. K.-steamer, Vehicle for laying overseas cables.

cod ↑ Cod.

Cable length, sailors. Length: 185 m in Germany.

Cable lugs, from sheet metal (brass) pressed end pieces v. electr. Cables.

Cabin, Bedroom on ship.

Cabinet, Consultation room; closely. Trust circle d. Princes, state government, ministry; Room for especially valuable items, e.g. coin cards, copper engravings; K.sorder, order issued directly by the prince; K. things the prince takes care of himself.

Convertible, closed. Motor vehicle with Rückschlagb. Convertible top. ↑ Plate II, column 9.

Kabul, Head of Afghanistan, 140,000 E.

Kabul Rupië, Coin, see Übers. Sp. 416.

Kabylen, Mixed tribe (Arab-Berber), Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia.

Tiles, glazed clay plates, ↑ plate Col. 376.

Cachexia, Decrease in strength, especially in tumors.

Cadaver, dead bodies, especially of (domestic) animals. K. obedience, blind obedience.

Cadence, Mus .: conclusion, rhythmic, melodic by guiding the melody over the leading to the root note, harmonious by the succession of the main chords of the key in question.

Cadre, the frame, trunk of a troop body.

Cadet, Pupil of an officers' preparatory school (Cadet Institute).

Kâdi, Judge in islam. Countries.

Kadmeia, the old castle of Thebes (Boeotia).

Cadmium, Metal (↑ elements), tin white, melts at 321 °, forms easily (e.g. at 68 °) fusible alloys.

Cadmos, Greek hero, killed dragons and founded Thebes with the men who had sprouted from the dragon's teeth.

Kaduk, lapsed, lapsed; caduce, something for k. explain (invoice line).

Beetle, Insect order, chewing mouthparts, freely movable. Fore-chest (↑ plate “Zoologie”), forewings mostly transformed into hard wing-covers, complete metamorphosis, very differently shaped. About 300,000 species have been described so far.

Kaffa, south abyssin. Landsch., Home of the coffee tree.

Coffee trees in Brazil.

Coffee plantation in Brazil: drying the coffee beans on leveled surfaces; plantings at the back of the mountainside.

Coffee tree, several species, especially known with its varieties of Arab. or Real K., up to 4 m, native to tropical Africa from Guinea to Abyssinia and Mozambique, grown in Brazil, Central America, Arabia, the Netherlands. Stone fruits green, then red, finally blue-black; in it coffee beans; ↑ Plate Col. 209).

Coffee substitute: Chicory, malt, acorn, fig coffee.

Caffeine, Alkaloid in coffee bean. (0.9-1.4%), i.d. Tea (0.8-3.5); medicinal z. Suggestion d. Bloody activity

Kaffirs, People (1,300,000; Sulu, Maschona, Fingu, Matabele, Bechuanen, etc.) of the southern Bantu, on the east coast of South Africa. Greatest negroes, brown-black, brave; Language: Kafir, Sulu.

Kafir, in the Koran non-Muslims.

Kafka,Franz, Austrian poet, 1883–1924.

Caftan, long oriental upper garment, skirt of Polish Jews.

Bald,Wilhelm, Lawyer, * 1849, since 1920 M. d. R. (Dt. Volksp.); Fig.sp. 291).

Kahlengebirge, northö. Chain of the Vienna Woods; Kahlenberg 483 m.

Clear cutting ↑ Forest.

Kahr,Gust., Knight v., * 1862, 1920–21 in Bavaria. Min.-Pres., Involved in 1923 Hitler putsch.

Quay, stone embankment, fortified harbor bank.

Kayak, Eskimo men's boat. ↑ Plate “Ethnology I”.

Kaiber Pass(Chaiber), fasten Pass between Afghanistan and India, 1030 m.

Caiman ↑ crocodiles.

Kaindl,Raim. Friedr., Austrian Hist., 1866–1930.

Kainite, Mineral, [291–292] Potassium-magnesium salt; Fertilizer and potash salts.

Wilhelm Kahl.

Kainz,Joseph, Actor (Berlin, Vienna), 1858-1910; Romeo, Hamlet.

Cairo, Capitol of Egypt, on the Nile, 1,065,000 E; Trading center; many mosques.

The city of Kaisarîje (Caesarea) with a view of the Erdschias Dagh in Turkey Minor Asia.

Kaisarîje, Turkish St., in Central Asia Minor, 40,000 E.

Emperor, Title (from Caesar) the ruler of the Roman Empire since Augustus, renewed by Charles d. Size (Roman K. 799). Dt. K. were the kings of 1871-1918. Prussia.

Emperor,George, Dramat., * 1878; “From morning to midnight”, “Gas”.

Imperial excerpt = Imperial flour.

Imperial Canal, Chinese, from Tientsin to Hang-chou, 1400 km.

Imperial crown, Lily family from Persia, 1 m, orange-red, poisonous.

Kaisermehl, finest wheat flour.

Caesarean section, operative opening d. Uterus.

Kaiserslautern, St., Rheinpfalz, 59 000 E.

Kaiserstuhl, Born west of Freiburg, 557 m.

Kaiserswerth, St. near Düsseldorf, 3000 E.

Kaiser Wilhelm Societyto promote science, founded in 1911 by Wilh. II.

Kaiser Wilhelm Canal = Northeast Sea Canal.

Kaiser-Wilhelms-Land, 1884–1919 German share in ↑ New Guinea, 181,300 square kilometers, 220,000 E.

Imperial pewter, copper preservation. Tin antimony alloy.

Cabin, Living space on ships.

Cockatoo ↑ parrots.

Cocoa tree with fruits.

Cocoa tree, kl. Tree, yellow flowers, many seeds in fruit (Cocoa beans).

Cocoa powder, Prepared from heavily de-oiled cocoa beans by grinding and sieving.

Kakemono, Japanese scrolls.

Cacophony, Discord.

Cacti: a Phyllocactus, b Cereus, c Opuntia.

Cacti, Stem fatty plants, herbaceous, shrubby, tree-like, green stems thickened, spherical, columnar or leaf-shaped .: Columns- or Candle cactus (Cereus; Fig. B), forms columns; Prickly pear (Opuntia; Fig. C), because of the fruits, especially in the Mediterranean area; Leaf cactus (Phyllocactus; Fig. A), stem leaf-shaped; Echinocactus (Hedgehog cactus), spherical.

Calabrian, wide-brimmed hat.

Calabria, south of the peninsula of Italy, 15,000 square kilometers.

Kalahari, south afr. Steppe and desert area.

Calamity, Misery, accident.

Calender, Device for smoothing (satin finishing) paper, fabrics, etc. between rollers.

Calf, pr. St., south of Magdeburg, 12,000 E.

Calf fever, Infectious disease of the cows after calving (= giving birth).

Veal buns = Sweetbreads.

Kalchas, Greek seer before Troy.

Kalckreuth,Leop., Count v., Impressionist. Painter, 1855–1929.

tripe = Mesentery.

Caldera (Caldera) ↑ volcano.

Kaleidoscopic, colorful and constantly changing.

Kalema, Surf at the west african. Coast.

Calendar, Division of time according to celestial phenomena. Oldest time unit the day; The change of the moon phases provided the month (originally 29 and 30, to compensate for 31 days), the seasons the solar year, which is 11 days longer than the lunar year (12 synodic months). Julian. K. (by Julius Caesar 46 BC) had 365 days, every 4th year (leap year) 366 days. Since 129 julian. Years are 1 day too long, Gregory XIII diminished. 1582 the error in the Gregorian. S .: Secular years indivisible by 400 without a remainder are common years; Julian. date (old style, until 1918 Russian K.) is 13 days behind this since 1900 new style back.

K. reform now extends to simplification: determination of Easter, adjustment of the lengths of the months, creation of an always valid calendar (same day of the week for the same day in every year).

Kalewala, old Finnish epic.

Caulk, Seal the walls of the ship with tow and pitch.

Kalgan, St. in Inner Mongolia, 60-100,000 E.

Kalgoorlie, Western Australian St., 5000 E; Gold mines.

Potash ↑ potassium.

Caliber, Bullet diameter. K.dorn ↑ Teachings.

Calibrate, Give workpieces an exact dimension.

Kalidasa, Indian poet, 6th century AD; Lyric; Dramas ("Sakuntala").

Caliph, Successor of Muhammad, political ruler of Islam. Rich. K.at in Baghdad until 1258, Egypt until 1517, since then the Turkish sultans have held the title; Abolished in 1924. Grandmajads Damascus (661-749); Abbasids (750–1258) in Baghdad.

Orange cultures in southern California.

Oil rigs on the California coast.

California, South US State, 409,973 sq km, 5,672,000 E; Hptst. Sacramento. Mediterranean climate; rich fruit (South Franconia), wine, wheat cultivation (in the dry S artificial irrigation); significant oil production.

[293–294]Potash lime, Fertilizers made from potash feldspar and quicklime.

Calico, dense cotton, especially for book covers.

Potash lye, potassium nitrate ↑ potassium.

Kalisch, Polish St., West Lodz, 45,000 E.

Potash deposits in the German Empire.

Kalisyndikat, Deutsches, G. m. B. H., Berlin, founded in 1919, compulsory union of German potash producers.

potassium (also in additions Potash), Alkali metal (↑ elements), in potash salts, feldspar, plant ashes, in animals. Body. Natural Occurring potash salts (carnallite, kainite, hard salt, sylvin [it]) are world economic. weight. Fertilizers or raw materials. K. is silver-white, spec. Weight 0.87, melts at 62.5 °, decomposes water. K.hydroxyd (Caustic potash) corrosive, easily soluble in water (Potassium hydroxide); K. cyanide (Cyanide), in electroplating and gold mining, very strong poison; K. carbonate (carbonate of potash, potash) to soft soap, crystal glass; K. permanganate (over-manganese acid potash), strong oxidizing and disinfecting agent; K. nitrate (nitric acid potash, potash nitrate, saltpeter) to black gunpowder, fireworks, glass, medicine. ↑ chrome.

Lime, Bez. For Etch-K. (burned K.), unfired K. (Kohlensaurer K.) u. deleted K. (Hydrated lime). Of course as carbonate (carbonate K.): K.stein, K.spat, marble, chalk. K. serves in building, glass, clay, artificial stone, leather, textile and chem. Ind., Lithograph., Optics and agriculture ↑ Kalzium.

Limestone Alps, north and south of the Central Alps.

Calcareous bones, Foot mange d. Chicken.

Lime light ↑ oxyhydrogen.

Lime marl, Lime clay (natural), to portland cement.

Calcite(Calcite), Mineral, carbonate of lime.

Calcium cyanamide ↑ calcium.

Calculus, Calculation, estimate.

Calculation, Cost calculation, cost estimate.

Calculator, Accounting officer.

Calcutta, brit-ind. Sea and river port, on the Ganges delta, 908 000 E; Textile ind.

Calla(Calla), Ornamental plant, ↑ Zantedeschia.

Kalle (Jewish - German), bride.

Calligraphy, Calligraphy.

Calliope ↑ Muses.

Kálmán,Emerich, Operetta component, * 1882; "Countess Mariza".

Squid, Hafenst., SO-Sweden, 19 000 E. K.er Union united the Scandinavian countries from 1397–1523. Rich.

Calving, narrow, windless zone (K. belt) near the equator.

Kalmyks, Branch d. western Mongols, v. Djungaria to the Volga; Nomads. ↑ Plate I, column 440.

Kalmuck area, auton., in the Russian Volga Gau, 74 513 sq km, 142 000 E; Main st. Ellista.

Sweet flag, Aronaceae, leaves sword-shaped, cobs yellow; Rhizome used as a stomach tonic.

Calomel, Mercury compound, laxative.

Calorie, Gram-K. = gcal; Kilogram-K. = Kcal = 1000 gcal. 1 gcal is the amount of heat required to heat 1 ccm of water from 14.5 ° to 15.5 °. ↑ warmth.

Calorifers, Ovens for air heating.

Calotte ↑ sphere.

Cold break, A material becomes brittle during cold working.

Chillers act by the fact that gases cool down during relaxation and absorb heat from the environment: Compression u. Absorption K. As Coolant serve ammonia, sulphurous acid, carbonic acid, ether and others.

Freezing mixtures, f. artificial cold: the melting point of the ice (0 °) is reduced by the addition of table salt.

Kaluga,St., Russian Moscow Region, 52,000 E.

Calvary, Skull, crucifixion of Christ.

Kalykadnos, kilik. Fl. (in the MA Saleph, today Göksu), in which Barbarossa drowned in 1190.

Calypso, Nymph, kept Odysseus on the island of Ogygia for 7 years.

Calcining, heat, burn (limestone).

Calcite = Calcite.

Calcium, Light metal (↑ elements, ↑ lime), silver-white, specif. Weight 1.55, melts at 760 °. K.oxyd (burnt lime), K.hydroxyd (slaked lime, milk of lime); K.karbid (carbide) gives acetylene with water and nitrogen Calcium cyanamide (Fertilizer); K. phosphate (phosphoric acid lime) as a mineral, in bones, guano, Thomas flour, to milk glass and phosphorus, gives with sulfuric acid Superphosphate (Fertilizer).

Kama, Nbfl. the Volga, from the Urals, 1850 km.

Camarilla, Group of influential, but constitutional. not responsible Counselor to a monarch.

Cambodia, Kgr. In French Indochina, 176,000 square kilometers, 2,535,000 E (Malay); Hptst. Pnom Penh. Climate, plants (precious woods) and fauna, tropical rice, cotton.

cambric (Chamber cloth), thin. Linen batiste.

Cambrian ↑ Geological formation.

Cameos ↑ gems.

Camels: Llama.

Camels, Ruminant, calloused. Soles. Dromedary, 3 m long, 2 m high, sand-colored, 1 back hump, W-Asia, Africa, Austral., N-Amer. Trample, 2 humps, W-Central Asia. In S-Amer. bumpless Llamas; wild: Guanaco u. Vicuna. The tame one lama is pack animal in Peru and Bolivia, the tame one alpaca ran. Wool.

Camel hair, Guard hair of camels, too coarse fabrics, carpets.

Camellia, Tea plant, ornamental plant from Japan, red or white, up to 15 m.

Camel wool, soft downy hair, with blankets, slippers, coats.

Came, westf. St., near Hamm, 12,000 E.

Kamenev,Lew, Bolshevik. Polit., * 1883.

Kamenz, east saxony. St., 11,000 E.

Camera, photographic recording app .; ^ Camera obscura.

Cameralism ↑ Mercantilism.

Camera operator, Official of the Princely Chamber in the 16. – 19. Century, then a mercantilist writer. Economic policy.

Cameralistics, Administrative accounting.

Camera science, Political Science, preliminary. d. Economics.

Cameroon: View of Victoria and the Great Cameroon Mountain.

Cameroon, Mandate of the League of Nations, ↑ French Cameroon, ↑ British Cameroon; in the S 600, in the N 1200–1300 m, highlands; 1884–1919 German

Cameroon nut = Peanut.

Chamomile, Composites, 40 cm, aromatic, leaves divided several times; ↑ Hunds-K.

Stack, open fire in the room; Chimney; narrow crevices.

Camisole, short doublet.

Comb, narrow, long ridge; in machine construction:

1) = tooth (K.räder = Gears);
2) Projections on pins and shafts (K.zapfen, K.wellen);
3) on looms: reed leaf.

Chamber, Dept. of lower collegiate courts; official professional representation, z. B. Handels-K .; Representation of the people (one or two-chamber system).

Combing, City Treasury.

Chamberlain, old German court office; Head of d. City finances.

Chamberlain,[295–296]Paul, Austrian Biologist, 1880-1926; Inheritance issues.

Chamberlain, squire, Court official for personal Service.

Exterminator, former body hunter of a prince; now vermin killers.

Chamber music, Music v. a. or a few instr., e.g. B. String Quartet.

Concert pitch, Mus .: Tuning fork normal tone (a ’with 870 simple or435 double oscillations).

Worsted, Combed wool yarn.

Campaign, Campaign; Season !, conditional peak activity in best. Factories.

Campania, fertile landscape in western Italy; Hptort Naples.

Kampen, Dutch Hafenst., Near Zuidersee, 20,000 E.

Fighter, made of wood from the up to 40 m high Asian Cinnamomum camphora (K.baum) crystallized. Artist K. made from turpentine oil

Fighter, Abutment at vaults and arches.

Ruff, Plover bird, 30 cm, changing color.

Chariot ↑ tank.

Camping, store outdoors.

Kampong (Malay), village, settlement.

Kamchatka, Peninsula in NE Asia, 264,000 square kilometers, 9,000 E.

Kan. = Kansas (state).

Kana, Spots in Galilee; "Wedding to K." (Joh. 2).

Canaan, the pre-israelite. Palestine.

Canada: Bison herd in a nature reserve.

Canada, British Dominion in North America, 9 543 723 sq km, 9 796 800 E; Seat of government Ottawa. In the W and SW Rocky Mountains, in the greater eastern part countless lakes (5 large: Upper, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario Lakes). Similar to the tundra in the north. Bar grounds, to SE and SO huge coniferous forest areas. Western v. Winnipeg prairies, today bed. Wheat area. North. Areas: polar bear, arctic fox, marten, skunk, muskrat, musk ox; Bison rarely.

In the N Eskimo, especially in the O French people (French-Canadians), in the W (wheat cultures) there was strong immigration (Anglo-Saxon and German). Acquisition of farms: Agricultural Ind. Already covers a large part of the domestic demand. Economic life recently closely intertwined with the neighboring USA.

Since 1604 BC French colonized, transferred to England in 1763, unified in 1867. State.

Kanaken, Natives d. Hawaiian Islands; Polynesians.

channel(English Channel), between Dover and Calais, Verb. between English and France; narrowest point 33 km.

Channels, Watercourses in artificial Beds, as works, factory or Mühl-K., For drainage and irrigation, shipping, rafting.

Channel Islands, British archipelago in the Channel.

Sewerage, System underground. Channels and pipes for the discharge of waste water.

Canal rays, positive ↑ corpuscular rays in electr. Discharge tubes.

Sewer scales, Instr. for leveling.

Canary grass = Gloss grass.

Canary, Finch bird related to the Serin, wild on the Canary Islands. Islands.

Canary Islands, Spanish (1402), off the northwest coast of Africa, 7273 sq km, 458 000 E; up to 3711 m high; mild climate (climatic health resorts).

Kandahar, Trade st. in SE Afghanistan, 32,000 E.

Curb ↑ bridle.

Candidate, Candidate, student before the exam.

Kandinsky,Wassily, Russian expressionist. Painter, * 1866.

Dealer,Joh. Joach., Porcelain sculptor, Meissen, 1706–75.

Kandy, St. in Inner-Ceylon, 32,000 E.

Kaneelstein(Hessonite), Lime garnet, yellowish and reddish, gemstone from Ceylon.

Canvas, Lattice fabric made of cotton or linen.

The Kantschindschinga.

Kangtschendsonga, Himalayan summit, 8603 m.

Kangaroos, austral. Marsupials, v. Rabbit size up to 3 m, strong tail, small front legs, long rear legs.

Rabbit ↑ rabbits.

Rabbits, Genus of hare, hind legs shorter than that of the field hare, dig burrows in the ground. Europ. K., 40 cm, gray, Central Europe, naturalized in Austral., New Zealand; in many races as tame K. ↑ Plate Col. 312. Felle (Rabbit fur) for fur and imitations.

Canister, Shipping bottle made of sheet metal.

Kanker = Harvestman.

Fluting, grooving, grooving; Fluting, vertical indentations on the shaft of a column.

Cannibals, Man eater.

Kanoldt,Alex., Painter of the New Objectivity, * 1881.

canon ("Standard measure"), totality of St. Writings of early Christianity; Directory of Saints; Main part of the fair; cath. Legal principle from the provisions d. Synods. Legal: Annual rent of the leaseholder. Mus .: Sample: successive voices imitate d. Melody d. 1. Voice after and sound harmon. add.

Cannons ↑ Guns.

Gunboats, kl. Warships (coastal, colonial service).

Canonical, according to the rules (especially church); It's right ^ Canon law; canonize ↑ Saints.

Canopic jars, Dead urn with face representation.

Cenozoic formation group(Cenozoic) ↑ Geological formation.

Kans. = Kansas 2).


1) Nbfl. of the Missouri, 660 km;
2) southern USA state, 212,780 sq km, 1,879,000 E; Hptst. Topeka. Mostly prairie land; Farm income: agriculture (wheat, maize, cattle); Ind .: meat packing, milling.

Kansas City, St. in Missouri, USA, 391,000 E.

Immanuel Kant.

Kant,Immanuel, German Philos., 1724-1804; "Criticism d. pure reason "," ... practical reason "(human dignity consists in never being used as a means)," ... judgment "; "To Eternal Peace". Lit .: M. Heidegger, K. and the problem d. Metaphysics (1929).

Cantabrian Mountains, in northwest Spain, 2665 m.

Cantata, 4th Sunday after Easter; Vocal work with instrumental accompaniment.

Edge angle, Angle between 2 crystal faces; Measuring instrument: Goniometer.

Crampons, Lifting tree with ring; Boat hook.

Kantharide, Bladder beetle; contains Kantharidin (pulls skin blisters: K. plaster, K. ointment, K. tincture).

Cantilena, vocal melody.

Canteen, Dining room in barracks, factories, etc.

Canton, Switzerland: individual rep .; Frankr .: sub-reference e. Arrondissements.

Canton: Houseboats on the Pearl River.

Canton, Hpthandelsst. S-China, 900,000 E.

Cantonists, insecure, evade the military. Excavation; gen .: unreliable.

Cantor, Cantor, leader of church music.

Kantschindschinga = Kangtschendsonga.

Canoe, Boat made of bark or animal skin (North American Indians, Austr., Tierra del Fuego and others); now sports vehicle.

Cannula, Tubes to let through v. Air (tracheotomy), etc.

Chancellery, official or private office.

Chancellor, in the MA civil servant to issue v. State documents, later Federal Chancellor, Reich Chancellor, curator of individual Univ.

Canzone, lyric poetry genre; vocal. Solo piece.

[297–298]kaolin(China clay), Silica clay, esp. in porcelain ind. used. ↑ King-tö-tschönn.

cape(Foothills), projecting. Part of a coast.

Capon, castrated, fattened. Rooster.

Capacity, Receptivity; electr. Capacitor; outstanding. Professional.

Cape of Good Hope, Cape an d. Southern tip of Africa.

Chapel, Musician community under K.meister; Part of a church; small church.

Capers, Flower buds d. K.strauchs (grown in the Mediterranean area); in vinegar.

Capernaum, St. on the Sea of ​​Galilee, today Tell Hûm.

Capers (ships), Ships to hunt enemy. Merchant ships.

Capetians, French dynasty 987 to 1328.

Kapfenberg, steir. St., 9400 E; Mining.

Capillary, hair-thin, hair-like; regarding hair.

Capillarity. In narrow tubes immersed in liquid, liquid is higher or lower than outside, a consequence of the cohesive and adhesive forces, and thus the ↑ surface tension.

Capillary syrup(Starch syrup, sugar), by heating v. Starch obtained with small amounts of acid (saccharification).

Capital, any interest-bearing sum of money; to produce v. Goods used part of the property: Standing or Plant-K .: Houses, machines, etc .; circumferential or Company-K .: Raw materials, wages. Popular: money ownership par excellence.

Lump-sum compensation, Settlement of a pension entitlement (accident pension, retirement pension) through a lump-sum payment.

Capital flight, Moving money and securities abroad for the purpose of tax evasion.

Capitalization, Conversion of pensions, house income, etc. into a lump sum.

Capitalism, economic Development in which capital plays the main role as a factor of production; Mark:

1) Liberation of the economy v. State paternalism, so that the effect of an uninhibited. Pursuit of profit;
2) strengthening of the banking industry;
3) Separation of entrepreneurship v. that of the capitalist;
4) Formation of a “fourth”, the working class.

capitalist As a capital owner, he receives income in the form of interest and dividends.

Capital transfer tax: Company tax, securities tax and stock exchange tax.

Interest on capital, the price paid for capital use.

Captain, Skipper; also naval officer rank.

Chapter, Section; assembly hall in monasteries; Totality of advisors (Dom-K.).

Capital, Pillar or pillar pommel.

Capitol, Altroms Castle, redesigned according to Michelangelo's plans; Congress building in Washington.

Surrender, until 1920 soldier, who stayed longer than legal. Service time through surrender committed.

Capitularies, Carolingian ordinances.

Surrender, Handover of part of the army (fortress); Agreements between the electoral body and the person to be elected its future. behavior (Wahl-K.); Contracts between christ. and non-Christian States. ↑ Surrender.

Cape Colony = Cape country.

Kaplaken, Special allowance, bonus for ship's captain.

Chaplain, cath. Assistant chaplain.

Cape country, Prov. in the S of ↑ South Africa. Union.

Kapo d’Istrias,Johannes Anton, Count, Greek State, 1776–1831.

Kapok, Wool from capsules up to 50 m high K.- or Wollbaums tropical countries.

Cap,Wolfg., 1858–1922, 1906–16 General Landscape Dir. in Ostpr., together with General Liettwitz May 13, 1920 den K. putsch.

Cappadocia, ancient country of Asia Minor, south of Pontus.

Caps, cut off, prune.

Caper, Bock, jump in the air.

Capricious, stubborn, capricious.

Capsule, Sleeve, housing; Fruit, the wall of which opens (↑ Plate, Col. 73).

Cape Town, Hafenst. in the south of South Africa. Union, seat of parliament, 246 000 E.

Capuchin ↑ Franciscans.

Nasturtiums (Tropaeolum), ornamental plant from America, flowers crab-colored.

Capuchin (mushroom) = Birch bolet.

Cape Verde, W-tip of Africa, 17 ° 34 'wL and 14 ° 53' nBr.

Cape Verde Islands, port., on the west coast of Africa, 3928 sq km, 131 000 E; Hptst. Praia.

Kar, steep valley ends through glacier gnawing.

Carabiner ↑ Small arms.

Snap hook.

Snap hook, Metal eyelet.

Carbines, heavy rider.

Kara Bugas, salinity. Haff am Kasp. Sea.

Karachi = Karachi.

Karafuto(South Sakhalin), Japanese colony, 36 090 sq km, 241 000 E.

Carrots, native american language family; ↑ Plate II, column 441.

Carakalpak area, sovjetruss., auton., in Central Asia, 124,000 square kilometers, 305,000 E; Hptst. Turtkul.

Karakoram, Mountains between Pamir and Himalayas (8611 m).

Karakul, Persian breed of sheep.

Caramel, burned raw or starch sugar; Colorants.

Carat, Gemstone; metr. K. with 100 division = 200 mg; karat, Fineness designation of the work gold: 24 carat = 1000/1000 fine; 18k. = 750/1000; 14k. = 585/1000 (imperial stamp).

Karachay, Autonomous area, in the Gau N-Caucasus, 8271 sq km, 65 000 E; Hptst. Batalpaschinzk.

Karachi, brit-ind. St., near the mouth of the Indus, 217,000 E.

Crucian carp.

Crucian carp, carp-like Bone fish, 20 cm, dark yellow, back bluish. Modified K.n are those from East Asia Goldfish.

Caravel, kl. Sailing ship, 14.-17. Century

Caravan, Tour company in deserts, primeval forests.

Karawanken, Group of the southern Limestone Alps, 2236 m.

Carbides, Verb. V. Carbon with metals, e.g. B. Calcium carbide, (↑ calcium), also m. Silicon (abrasive).

carbolic acid ↑ phenol.

Carbon ↑ Geolog. Formations.

Carbonari, nation.-revolut. Italian secret society around 1806.

Carbonates, Carbon dioxide salts.

carbuncle (wrong Carbuncle), Infectious inflammation and gangrenous suppuration d. Skin.

Carburizing, Increase in luminosity v. Gases.

Cardamoms, Seeds of K. plant, a perennial on the western coast of India.

universal joint ↑ Plate I, column 9.

Cardanic suspension.

Cardanic suspension, Hanging curtain (after ↑ Cardanus) for compasses and others. Measuring instruments, keeps them horizontal despite the ship's swaying (Fig. Above).

Card, Thistle plant, 2 m; Heads serve as a raising agent for cloth (Weber-K.).

Cardinal, Adviser and assistant to the Pope; Cardinals elect the following Pope; State Secretary: Foreign Minister of the Pope.

Cardinal, Finch birds: Red K., 23 cm, from North America.

  • Catherine v. Kardorff-Oheimb.


1) Siegfr. v., Politician (Dt. Volksp.), * 1873. His wife Catherine, used v. Uncle, * 1873, political woman leader.
2) Wilh. v., 1828–1907, free preserved. Politician.


1) Autonomous Council State, N-Europe, 143 340 sq km, 270 000 E; Hptst. Petrozavodsk.
2) Landscape in SE Finland.

Karelier, Finnish tribe, SO Finland.

Waiting period, Waiting period.

Good Friday, Italian place, Prov. Gorizia; October 24, 1917 Breakthrough of the German 14th Army.

Good Friday, Friday before Easter, the day of the commemoration of the death of Jesus.

Carbuncle, red noble garnet ("K.stein"); ↑ Carbuncle.

Cargo, Ship cargo; K. Insurance ↑ Marine insurance.

Caribbean Sea, between the Antilles and the coast of Central and South America.

Caria, ancient landscape in SW Asia Minor.

Caries, Bone damage, tooth decay; carious, afflicted with K.

Karikal, French territory in the south of Austria. South India, 58,000 E.

Cartoon, Caricature human Weaknesses or personalities.

Carian Sea, Part d. North Arctic Ocean, north of W-Siberia.

Charity (C [h] aritas), love work, charity; charitable, benevolent.

Charlemagne and his wife.
(According to the oldest representation in a manuscript around 820.)

Karl, Princes:

1) K. Martell, * around 688, † 741, defeated the Arabs at Tours in 732 and 737 at Narbonne.
2) K. I., d. Gr., 742–814, subjugated 772–85 Saxons (Widukind), 774 Lombards, 788 Bavaria; 800 Roman emperors.
3) K. II., The bald one, 823-77, received 843 West Franconia, 875 Emperor.
4) K. V., 1500 to 1558, 1519 emperor; 4 wars with Francis I of France (1521–26, 1527–29, 1536–38, 1542–1544), granted Protestants freedom of religion in 1552.
5) K. the Bold, Duke (1467) of Burgundy, 1433–77, was defeated by the Swiss in 1476 and fell near Nancy.
6) K. I. v. England, 1600–49 (executed), 1640 Conflict with Parliament:

[299–300] Civil war; Struck in 1644 and 1645.

7) K., Erzhzg. v. Austrian; 1771–1847, general, defeated Napoleon at Aspern in 1809, was defeated by him at Wagram.
8) K. I. (Franz Joseph), 1887–1922, 1916 Austrian-Hungarian. Kaiser, renounced the throne in 1918, failed twice in 1920. Attempted coup in Hungary.
9) K. (Karol) I., 1839-1914, around 1866. Prince, 1881 King, m. ↑ Elisabeth v. Wied (Carmen Sylva) wed.
10) K. II. * 1893, 1930 King of Romania.
11) K. August, 1757-1828, Großhzg. from Saxe-Weimar, moved Goethe, Herder, Schiller and others. to Weimar.
12) K. XII., 1682–1718, 1697 King v. Sweden, led d. North. War, fell before Frederikshald; K. destroyed Sweden's position as a great power.
13) K. XIV. Johann (Jean Baptiste Bernadotte), 1753–1844, since 1780 in the French army, 1810 Crown Prince v. Sweden, 1814 Crown Prince v. Norway, King of the Union in 1818.
14) K. (Don Carlos), Infant v. Spain, 1545–68, excluded from succession because of nonsense.

Karlfeldt,Erik Axel, Swedish poet, 1864–1931; Nobel Prize 1931.

Carlsbad, west bohem. Bad, 19,000 German E.

Karlovy Vary resolutions, 1819, reactionary, under the leadership of Metternich.

Carlsbad salt predominantly sodium sulfate, for stomach diseases, jaundice.

Karlskrona, Swedish main port of war, a. d. S coast, 27,000 E.

Karlsruhe, Main st. Badens, 146,000E; Iron, metal goods ind.

Karlstad, central swed. City, 20,000 E.

Karlstadt, Croatian St. in Southern Slavia, 17 000 E.

Carmelites, Begging Order, founded in 1156.

Carmelite Spirit, Means for pain, stimulating.

Crimson, Color: bluish. Dark red.

Carmine, red dye from koschenille.

Carnallite, Mineral, potassium magnesium chloride, fertilizers.

Karanauba wax, Plant wax, hard; for candles and varnish.

carnival (South German Carnival), Time between Epiphany and Ash Wednesday with mask festivals etc.

Carnies, Profile made of concave and convex circular arc pieces on structural members.

Carnivores, Carnivores.

Carinthia, Austrian federal state, 9530 square kilometers, 370 700 E; Hptst. Klagenfurt; about 10% Slovenes; predominantly agriculture and forestry. Bed. Cattle breeding (alpine pastures); large paper industry.

Diamonds, Square, diamond; red square in the French playing card.

Carolines, Micronesia archipelago, German colony until 1919, Japanese mandate, 36,000 E.

Carolingian, Franconian ruling family (since 600), extinct 911 in Germany, 987 Frankr.

  • Carolingian book cover with Christ enthroned (ivory, 9th – 10th century).

  • Carolingian gate hall of the Lorsch monastery (around 830).

Carolingian art, Preliminary stage d. novel. Art; ↑ 2 Fig.

Karolus,Aug., Physicist, Leipzig, * 1893, applied ↑ Kerr effect technically.

Károlyi,Mich., Count K. v. Nagy-K., * 1875, 1918 Hungarian Min.-Pres., 1919 State Pres.

Body, Float.

Body, Superstructure, especially v. Cars.

Carotene, Dye, causes yellow-red coloring of many parts of the plant.

Carrot, Variation of the yellow turnip (carrot).

Carpathians, Mountains in Central Europe, divided into:

1) W-K. (Sandstone zone of the White K, Beskydy; crystalline zone of the Little K, High Tatras [2663 m]; south of the Low Tatras [2048 m]).
2) OK. with Transylvania. Lots of forest (bears, wolves). Backward population of shepherds and lumberjacks, in the culturally higher western German mining settlement of the MA, summer resort, baths.

Carpathian Russia, eastern part of Czechoslovakia in the Carpathian Mountains, 12 656 square kilometers, 606 600 E (predominantly poor herdsmen: Huculs).

Carp, Bone fish, 4 barbels, 60 cm to 2 m. Leather-K. (scaly), Mirror-K. (few, large scales).

Carp lice, small parasitic crustaceans on fish.

Karrag (h) een = Irish moss.

Carts, dch. The rain effect created grooves on limestone.

Career, Career).

Carriol, light wagon (K. post).

Karru, Plateau steps in the Cape country.

Kars, northeast Turkish city, 14,000 E.

Sinkholes in the Croatian Karst.

Karst, northern part of the Dinaric area; K. phenomena are bound to limestone areas. Characteristic: funnel-shaped or bowl-shaped. Hollow molds (Sinkholes), at the bottom of which the water in throat and suction holes (Ponors) disappears. Created by enlargement Poljen. Often caves with underground watercourses (K. rivers), which are often used as river sources (Vauclusen) emerge at the surface to disappear again at another point (River dwindling). ↑ Plate Col. 200.

Grapeshot, Artillery projectile with close range effect.

Carthusians, Hermit Order, founded in 1084 (silence, meatless).

Card index(Card index), Card catalog, used for registering (librarianship, statistics, etc.); the K. cards are in K. boxes and are structured by "guidance cards".

Cartels, Associations of independent entrepreneurs z. Switch off on. ruinous competition. To shape:

1) Condition cartel: joint regulation of the delivery conditions.
2) Price category: joint minimum price setting.
3) Territorial cartel: distribution of d. Sales areas below d. Companies.
4) Syndicate: tightest

[301–302] Form, distributes all orders to the members according to best. Key & concerned sale. K. legislation: Through VO. v. November 2, 1923 K.'s production and price policy is restricted.

Cartel carriers, Bringer of a demand for a duel.

Carthage, ancient St. near Tunis, founded 814 BC From Tire, traded until z. Baltic Sea; lost in the 1st point. War (264–241) Sicily against Rome, in the 2nd (218–201) under Hannibal his fleet; in the 3rd war (149-146) d. Country of Roman Prov., D. City destroyed.

potato (Solanum tuberosum), nightshade plant, white, violet or reddish, herb and fruit poison.

Potato belly, Abdominal swelling rachit. Children.

Potato distillery produces potato brandy.

Potato flakes, dried. Potatoes i. Scale shape.

Colorado beetle, on potatoes Type of leaf beetle.

Potato cancer, contagious fungal disease d. Potato (to be reported to the police).

Potato sago, grained potato starch.

Potato scab, barked spots covering the whole potato.

Cartogram, Representation of certain information, mostly using circles, squares, etc., on maps.

Cartography, Technology and teaching d. Map production.

Cartometry, Measure v. Angles, lines, distances and areas on maps.

Cartoning, bind a book in cardboard (thin cardboard).

Cardboard boxes, Cardboard or cardboard containers.

Card index = Card index.

Cartridge, Powder charge for guns in pouch or brass case; Cartridge pouch; Baroque ornament in the form of a half-wound roll.

Karwendel Mountains, Group of the North Tyrolean Limestone Alps.

Caryatid from the Erechtheion in Athens.

Caryatid, statue supporting the entablature.

carcinoma = Cancer (disease).

Tunic, Originally an open jacket, now like a slip-on blouse.

Kazakstan, Autonomous Council State in Western and Central Asia, 2 960 016 square kilometers, 6 492 000 E; Hptst. Alma-ata. Mining.

Kazan, Hptst. D. Council State of Tatarstan, near the Volga, 179 000 E.

Kazanlik, Bulgarian St., between the Balkans and Antibalkans, 11,000 E.

Cash, Coin, ↑ overview Col. 416.

Košice, slovak. St., 53 000 E, airport; bed. Agricultural trade.

Cashier, Hand net with rod.

Kashgar, Chinese St., in the western Pamir Basin, with Oasis K. 300,000 E; Trade.

Laminating, cover up.


1) self-contained, economically productive landscape in the western Himalayas;
2) fine, soft fabric a. d. shiny wool d. K. goat.

Kashubians(Cash boxes), Slav tribe in W-Prussia; German-minded, own language.

Casein, Protein from milk, to cheese, adhesives, in fabric printing, wall painting, to plast. Masses.

Cheese made, colorless larva of the Cheese fly, in cheese, fat, carcasses.

Casemates, Bomb-proof rooms in fortresses and warships.

Cheese matter = Casein.

Casino, closed. Society; their meeting rooms.

Cascade, kl. step-shaped. staggered (also artificial) waterfall.

Cascade Mountains, in the W v. North America, up to 4403 m.

Kaskel,Walter, Prof. for Labor Law, 1882–1929.

Comprehensive insurance, Means of transport (ship, car) with all accessories; K. insurance, Insurance with inclusion of Vehicle.

Cheese pulp, slovak. Summer freshness (Tatras), 6400 E.

Caspian Sea(Caspisee), largest lake in the world, 439,000 square kilometers, up to 1,100 m deep.

Spot transactions, Cash transactions.

Cash desk, Nbfl. of the Congo, 1950 km.

Kassandra, Daughter of Priam, fortune teller.

Cassation, Destruction of a document, annulment of a judgment; Dismissal.

Treasury clause determines that the debtor is not punctual. Performance loses contractual rights.

Kassel, Head of Prov. Hessen-Nassau, 171,000 E; lively Ind .; nearby Wilhelmshöhe Castle.

Receipts(K. instructions), State paper money without a compulsory rate, with the state's obligation to redeem.

Cassiopeia, Northern sky constellation.


Castanets, Rattle instrument made of 2 wooden sheets.

Castalian spring, on the Parnasses; Drink poetically inspiring.


1) 2 tree genera, Ross-K. (Aesculus) with Gem. Roß-K., Up to 25 m, capsule hedgehog-like; Red K. (A. pavia), up to 8 m, flowers dirty purple-red; Real K. (Castanea) with Edel-K. (C.sativa), up to 35 m, leaves prickly sawn, fruit cups heavily spiked, contains the roasted, tasty K. (Chestnuts).
2) Hairless, horny areas of skin in horses (Horn warts) on limbs.

Caste, sensual Suppress desires.

Fort, Castle; Castellan, Caretaker in public buildings.

Caste spirit, Striving for isolation d. Booths.

Castile, medium chip. Landscape, through Castile. Divorce fee in northern Alt-K. (800–900 m) and south. New-K. (600–700 m) divorced.


1) Abr. Gotthelf, Epigrammatist, 1719-1800.
2) Erich, satire. Scripture, * 1899.

Castor and Pollux ^ Dioscuri.

Castration, Removal of the sex glands.

Kastrop-Rauxel, Westphalian St., 53,000 E.


Cassowaries, 3-toed, flightless, ostrich-like. Birds; Austr. And papuan. Island world. Emu, 13/4 m h., Brown; Cassowary, 2 m high, black.

Casuistic, subtle.

Case, Case, event; gram. Flexion: Nominative, Who-; Genitive, Wes-; Dative, Whom-; Accusative, Wenfall.

Catafalque, Mortuary scaffolding at the funeral of notable people.

The Catacomb of Calixtus in Rome.

Catacombs, underground. Burial places d. first christians.

Catalans, Inhabit. Catalonia.

Catalan, northeastern spain. Dialect.

Catalaunian fields, near Troyes, Huns⚔ 451.

Catalepsy, Muscle stiffness.

Catalog, (Book) directory.

Catalonia, Landsch. In NE-Spain; Self-employment efforts (April 15, 31, Catalonia. Rep, under Macia).

Catalysis, the change, i. general acceleration, the speed of a chem. Reaction by substances (Catalysts, contact materials), which do not appear in the final products of the reaction.

Katanga, Landscape in Belgian Congo; Reg. Seat Elisabethville.

Cataplexy, Paralysis from sudden shock.

Catapult, ancient war machine.

Cataract, Waterfall.

Catarrh, Inflammation of the ↑ mucous membranes with swelling, mucous and also pus secretion.

Cadastre, Directory d. Land as a document for property tax and other. f. Property or income tax essential Facts.

Catastrophe, momentous. Event.

Katavothren, Crevices in the limestone mountains through which the water seeps away.

Kate(Kote), single farmhouse with no land ownership; dav. Kätner (Kossaten, rear seat).

Catechesis, relig. Lesson in question and answer; Catechist, cath. Religious teacher.

Catechism, Lb. in question and answer, especially the Christian. Religious

Catechu, tannin content. Extract from various woods, for tanning, in dyeing, medicinal.

Category, general Term; Class, genus; categorically, absolutely.

Katernberg, At Essen, 22,000 E.

Catexoches, to the highest degree, absolutely.

Catgut, Threads from sheep intestine, to surgeon. Seams.

Cathars, in the MA sect name.

Catherine II. Russia.

Catherine, Princesses.

1) France: K. v. Medici, 1519–89, wife (1533) of the later King Heinrich II, arranged for Bartholomew Night in 1572.
2) Russia:
K. I., 1684–1727, mistress, 1712 consort of Peters the Elder. Gr., 1725 Empress.
K. II. (Sophie Aug.), Princess v. Anhalt-Zerbst, 1729–96, wife of Peters III., 1762 Kais., Founded. German colonies, schools.

Catherine of Siena, St., 1347–80, mystic.

Catharsis, "Cleaning".

Catheter, Seat, chair, lectern. K. socialists, Mocking name for the German economists (including A. Wagner, G. Schmoller, L. Brentano) who demanded state social policy.

Cathedral, episcopal main church; also Dom or Muenster called.

Catheters, in a right triangle: the sides enclosing the right angle.

Catheter, Tube for insertion into the urethra for the purpose of emptying urine.

Cathode tube (Electron tube) ↑ radio tube.

Cathode rays, with electr. The corpuscular rays emanating from the cathode in highly diluted gases consist of electrons.

Catholic Apostolic Congregation(Irvingians), relig. Common with bibl. Outline d. Offices (apostles, evangelists, etc.), cath. arranged worship service.

Catholic Majesty, Title of kings v. Spain (since 1496).

Catholicism, Spirit and character of the Roman Catholic. Church, d. in the Pope in Rome his [303–304] finds the highest expression.

Kathmandu, Head of the brit-ind. Protection state of Nepal, 109 000 E.

Kätner ↑ Kate.

Kattegatt, Strait between Jutland and Sweden.

Katowice, Head of the Polish (since 1922) Silesian Voivodeship, 124,000 E.

Calico, dense, plain weave cotton fabric.

Katzbach, Nbfl. the Oder in Silesia, v. K. mountains, 98 km; August 26, 1813 Blucher's victory over Frz.

Kitten, annual inflorescence, e.g. B. Alder, Hazelnut.

Cat, nine-tailed, Whip made of 9 rope ends or straps, until 1881 in the engl. Army and Navy too physical Chastisement.

Cats, Predators with retractable claws. Wild-K., pale gray, black spotted, 90 cm, tail 35 cm, in forests of Central and Southern Europe, rare; similar Falb-K., 50 cm, tail 25 cm, Africa; most races come from this d. House-K. from, d. Angora-K. and other domestic breeds v. the wild K.

Cat's eye(Chrysoberyl), greenish shimmering quartz interspersed with asbestos, gemstone.

Chew, St. b. St. Goarshausen, on the Rhine, 2000 E; Blüchers crossing the Rhine 1. 1. 1814.

Kaufbeuren, Schwäb. St., 9200 E.

Merchant ships, Merchant ships.

Kauffmann,Angelica, Portrait painter, 1741–1807.

Kauffungen,Kunz v., ↑ The robbery of a prince.

Merchant is, according to § 1 HGB., who in his own name, albeit on account of a third party (commission agent, forwarding agent), operates a trade (↑ basic trade). Under-selling people operate small businesses as opposed to Full merchants.

Kaufunger Forest, Mountains between Werra and Fulda, 640 m.

Chewing gum, thickened vegetable sap (chicle gum) with additives.

Caucasus, Area between Schwarzes and Kasp. Sea, is divided into the core area of ​​the Caucasus and its north. (Zis.-K.) u. south. (Trans-K.) Foreshore.

Caucasus: Daghestani mountain village.

Caucasus, Chain in the Caucasus, 1100 km, double peaks; highest point: Elbrus, 5629 m (m. Uschba, 4698 m).

Kaulbach,Wilh. v., Painter, 1804–74.

Tadpole, Larva of frogs & toads.

Kaulun, brit. Hafenst. in S-China, 290,000 E; Shipbuilding.

House of the cowrie shell from above (nat. Size).

Cowrie shell, Snail species of the Indian Ocean, is used as jewelry and "shell money".

causality(Causal nexus), Connection v. Cause and effect.

Caustic, corrosive.

Kautel, Precaution.

Deposit, Security deposit; K. mortgage, Maximum amount mortgage, also additional mortgage for interest and costs.

Cones of the rubber juice through herringbone cut.

rubber(Rubber elastic), Thickened (coagulated) milk juice (latex) of some tropical plants, especially from the K.baum. K. goods, mostly from mixtures of Purified C. with dyes, fillers, C. waste and vulcanizing agents (sulfur powder or compounds). By heating to 135 ° (Vulcanization) takes d. doughy mixture, remains elastic even in hot and cold conditions. With 20 to 35% sulfur is formed Hard rubber (ebonite), especially for combs and insulating parts d. Electrical engineering.

Rubber tree, Milky juice leading, 15 m, native to the Amazon region, cultivated in tropical Asia and Africa ↑ Plate Sp. 209.

Kautsky,Karl, soc. Theoret., * 1854.

Kavala, Greek Hafenst., Macedonia, 50,000 E; Tobacco factory

Cavalier, Knight; Protector e. Lady.

Cavalcade, celebratory Rider Elevator.

cavalry(Cavalry), fencing weapon on horseback; K. school, Hanover, z. Trainer. d. K. officer candidate of the Reichsheer.

Cavatine, lyr. solo singing in d. Opera.

Cavern, Cave.

Caviar, Salted roe from Hausen (↑ sturgeon), sturgeon, sterlett.

Kayssler,Friedr., Actor and writer, * 1874.

Kayser,Emanuel, Geolog, 1845-1928.

Kean,Edm., engl.Shakespeare actor, 1787-1833.

Buster Keaton.

Keaton,Buster, amer. Film show, * 1895.

Keats,John, engl. Poet, 1796-1821; "Endymion".

Kecskemet, averaging. St., 73,000 E.

kefir ↑ Kumyß.

Conic sections.


1) (conus) math. Body, limited v. more flat, usually more circular (Circle-K.) Floor space (Base) u. curved surface (Coat). As K. cuts (Sections of a plane with the surface of a straight circle-K.) Arise depending on the position of the cutting plane ellipse (Fig. 1), hyperbole (Fig. 2) or parabola (Fig. 3).
2) = illegitimate child.

Bowling, Ball game on a smooth (plank, scissors, asphalt, American) track with 9 (also 10) wooden cones.

Kehdingen, Marsh landscape on the Lower Elbe.

Throat, bath. St., opposite Strasbourg, 9400 E.

Larynx, uppermost part of the trachea (↑ Plate Col. 396). Epiglottis prevents food from entering the "unjust throat" (windpipe). K. catarrh as a result of v. Infection, with slimy or purulent. Discharge, irritation of the throat, hoarseness, voicelessness.


1) 3-sided prism as tool with cutting edge;
2) machine element.

Wedge Mountain, highest peak in the Erzgebirge, 1244 m.

Wedge hoe, pointed-wedge-shaped. Tool of the tusk.

Cuneiform writing: part of an Assyrian catalog.

Cuneiform writing, Font of the Sumerians from triangles (wedges), redesigned by Babylonians and Assyrians.

Germ, Plant of a living being; also bacteria.

Cotyledons, in multicellular animals on the embryo after cleavage, cell layers that form from which organs arise: outer, inner, middle K .; ↑ History of development.

At plants the first arise on the seedling. Leaves (↑ Plate Col. 73).

Gonads, the parts of the genital organs that produce germ cells (eggs, sperm cells).

Sterilize takes place through high temp., disinfectants (formalin).

Biscuit, Pastries made from thin dough.

Kekule (by Stradonitz),Friedr. August, Chemist, 1892–96, co-lim. d. modern chemistry (benzene formula).

[305–306]Chalice, outer part of the complete. Blossom. ↑ Plate Col. 73.

Kelheim, Niederbayr. St., on the Danube, 4000 E.

Caucasian knitted kilim.

Kilim(Kilim), Carpet type.

Trowel, Ladle with long handle; Masonry tools.

Gottfried Keller.

Basement, cellar,

1) Godfr., Switzerland. realist. Poet, 1819 to 1890; "The green Heinr.", "People v. Seldwyla ”.
2) Helen, deaf-dumb-blind amer. Writer, * 1880.
3) Paul, * 1873; Novels.

Kellerhals, Superstructure or rising. Vault over cellar stairs.

Cellar sponge, Fungus that grows on damp wood in damp rooms.

Kellogg,Frank, * 1856, 1917 Senator v. USA, 1924 Embassy. London, 1925 State Secretary d. Ausw., Initiated the 1928 K.pakt, who condemns war as a means of resolving international disputes.

Kelsen,Hans, Law teacher in Cologne, * 1881.