What is a trade association

We act so that you can act better!

The Trade Association Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. (HBB) emerged on January 1, 2005 from the merger of the General Association of Retailers Land Berlin e.V. and Retailers Association Land Brandenburg e.V.

Wherever interests of the retail trade are to be represented, where excessive demands or bureaucracy burden the efficiency of your company, where fair competition is to be demanded - everywhere we act as a trade association for you. As a strong association for the retail trade in Berlin and the state of Brandenburg, which is valued in the political arena, the HBB has a high level of effectiveness and current know-how. The approx. 2000 retail companies that are members of the HBB represent more than 85 percent of the market shares in the retail sector in both federal states. Through their membership, they strengthen the trade and industry association and thus secure their existential interests.

Take advantage of the opportunity to become a member of the HBB and increase your chances in the market.

The activities of the HBB are based on the following focal points:

  • Coordination and representation of the interests of the industry towards politics, chambers, associations and other institutions
  • Employers' association for members bound by collective bargaining agreements when concluding collective agreements for retailers in Berlin and Brandenburg
  • Public relations for the industry
  • Advice and support for members on all issues that are relevant to corporate management

The aim of all steps initiated by the HBB in cooperation with professional associations and professional groups is to increase the attractiveness of Berlin-Brandenburg as a trading location.

For HBB, this includes using a balanced retail structure to help ensure that the quality of life in Berlin and Brandenburg continues to improve. HBB sees a major task in securing existing jobs and providing a large number of training positions for young people.

Participation and representation of the HBB in institutions, associations and organizations:

  • General local health insurance funds (AOK)
  • Professional association for the retail trade
  • BBB B├╝rgschaftsbank zu Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH
  • Federal Insurance Agency for Salaried Employees (BfA)
  • Main Association of German Retailers (HDE)
  • Signal Iduna
  • Pension scheme for the Berlin retail trade
  • Chambers of Commerce and Industry in the region
  • Employment Agency Berlin-Brandenburg
  • German Pension Insurance Berlin-Brandenburg (DRV)
  • Landeszentralbank Berlin-Brandenburg
  • SCHUFA Protection Association for General Loan Assurance GmbH
  • Special commission "Jobs for Berlin" with the Governing Mayor of Berlin
  • UVB Association of Business Associations in Berlin and Brandenburg e.V.
  • Headquarters for Combating Unfair Competition e.V.
  • Inner city forum Brandenburg
  • Local Neighborhood Forum Berlin-Brandenburg (KNF)