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Pension insurance carriers are the institutions that provide statutory pension insurance benefits on the basis of Book VI of the Social Code. The pension insurance carriers operate under the common name Deutsche Rentenversicherung.

With the organizational reform of the statutory pension insurance, the German pension insurance was restructured. The BfA (Federal Insurance Agency for Salaried Employees), the LVAen (State Insurance Agency), the Bundesknappschaft, the Seekasse and the Bahnversicherungsanstalt became the new German Pension Insurance.
Since October 2005, all pension insurance institutions have been operating under the common roof of "Deutsche Rentenversicherung".

The separation between workers 'and salaried employees' insurance was thus abolished. The contribution groups 0200, 0400 and 0600 have been omitted from 01.01.2005 in the contribution statement to the health insurance companies. There is no longer any distinction between blue-collar and white-collar workers.

The Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund is the largest provider of the German pension insurance. It emerged from the merger of the Federal Insurance Agency for Salaried Employees and the Association of German Pension Insurance Institutions.
The state insurance institutions were renamed on October 1, 2005. They are now called, for example, Deutsche Rentenversicherung Hessen or Deutsche Rentenversicherung Nord.
A second federal sponsor was formed from the Federal Knappschaft, the Railway Insurance Company and the Seekasse, the Deutsche Rentenversicherung Knappschaft-Bahn-See.

Information on notifications and proof of contributions in social insurance.
Information on statutory pension insurance.
The pension insurance agency is responsible for the social security check.

By the end of 2010, every employee received a social security card from their pension insurance company. Since January 2011, the social security card in its previous form has been discontinued. Instead, every employee receives a letter from his pension insurance agency, in which he is given his social security number. The content and function of the letter are identical to the previous social security card. The ID or the letter from the pension insurance institution must be presented to the employer.

The Pensioners page deals with the employment of pensioners (people who receive an old-age pension from the statutory pension insurance and are still employed). There you will find information on the treatment of additional earnings in wage tax and social security.
Information on retirement and retirement.

Online services of the German pension insurance

Deutsche Rentenversicherung offers extensive online services. You can

  • Request or view insurance documents (insured persons can use them to access their personal pension account),
  • Submit applications for premium payment, account clarification, insured person's pension or rehabilitation online,
  • Change personal data and
  • Send messages or ask questions.

Deutsche Rentenversicherung also offers the option of booking a fixed consultation appointment online via the Internet. You can select a desired advice center and your preferred date.

You can use the pension start calculator to determine the earliest possible and regular start of all old age pensions. You can also use the pension information, which is sent annually by post, to determine the amount of your pension.

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