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ARTICLE Andreas Bodi111, Fritz Busch1, Christian Pick24, Torsten Foth22, Matthias Albrecht1
1SONOTEC GmbH68, Halle, Germany
2MBQ Quality Assurance GmbH5, Hettstedt-Walbeck, Germany
Abstract: Digital networking has long since found its way into NDT. Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things are central terms in most of the industry's strategy discussions. Nevertheless, it can be seen that the everyday life of an auditor is often far from the ideal situation discussed there. Using the example of ultrasonic testing of wheelset shafts, we will discuss the approach of linking digitization and databases with the actual day-to-day testing. Historically, wheelset shafts are checked for cracks and other defects at various angles using a conventional material A-scan test device. For this purpose, evaluation methods using specially made reference blocks and adjustment axes are used to help determine error sizes. When errors are found, handwritten documentation is used to record data, such as component-specific data, test conditions, adjustment settings, error size and position. Component identifications, testers, test devices, etc. must also be permanently documented. In order to optimize this entire workflow and to allow the documentation to flow directly into existing databases, the technical possibilities of today's A-scan devices must be adapted to the special applications and interfaces. Fast digital reading via RFID can be used for component recognition. Probes and the associated parameters, including the entire device setup and the test context, can also be loaded digitally in this way. The direct connection to the corresponding databases can be made via a wireless WIFI or Bluetooth connection. It is important here to make the interfaces to the databases as flexible as possible and to provide assistance to the auditor via software support on the device. A flow of information from the historical data already available about the test object to the tester via the database device connection is also conceivable. For example, it is possible to directly observe registered errors while the test process is running.

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