What did your grandma say

10 smart phrases from my grandma that will make my life better

They still exist, the really wise people. You can recognize them by the laugh lines, the mischievous look and an unshakable optimism. My grandma Hilde is one of them. And this is her best wisdom:

1. Only memories have lasting value

When you have a choice of taking a vacation or any new device / car / sofa, take the vacation. Only this happiness lasts forever.

2. Those who get angry atone for the sins of others

Is someone really pissing you off? Don't waste your life thinking too much about it. Swearing once is enough.

3. If you paid too much money for parking tickets, stupid things or simply by mistake: Buy from them so that you don't get angry.

Have you ever paid 250 euros for a round of towing the car? Me, yes. What did my grandma advise me? Then buy yourself for the money so that you don't get angry too. Otherwise you have lost money and your mood. That doesn't make things any better.

4. Little child, you will never be as beautiful as it is today. So please enjoy it!

Only in 30 years will you realize how beautiful you are today ... uh, you were ... uh, you know. So just be happy and don't complain about yourself.

5. Better to lose a friend than miss a punch line

Sounds worse than it is meant to be. What Grandma Hilde actually wants to say: It is better to surround yourself with people who understand your sense of humor. Always having to pull yourself together so that you don't step on XY's tie is tedious and destroys the friendship anyway.

6. If you complain, do it yourself

My grandpa once dared to criticize my grandma's culinary art. As long as he lived he cooked. Because Grandma Hilde is rigorous: if you complain, do it yourself. Basta.

7. Never take something to please in order to please

My grandma has suffered a great deal of injustice in her life. What gives you peace today: "I always said it!" That seems to run in the family, by the way. Even my great-grandmother rejected the Mother's Cross of Merit in the Third Reich. "You Nazis are not completely clean!", She is supposed to have said. RESPECT!

8. Be kind because everyone has a tough battle with themselves

I don't know who the quote is from. I think she stole it. But she is right anyway.

9. There must be order, even in the most disgusting pigsty

How my grandma had to live in her life is a shame. Nevertheless, she always made it as beautiful as possible. The pillow handshake is a must, even in the most disgusting pigsty. "That preserves the dignity," says Grandma Hilde.

10. Don't let men tell you anything about being a woman

"And then the medical student wanted to tell me something about pressing," is how my grandma's favorite story begins. No, she has never been told anything by men. Especially not about things that concern only you. Yes, grandma Hilde. A true feminist ... and that at the age of 90.