What is time in the digital world

The systems generate new knowledge from the digitized data through factual linking, interpretation and evaluation. This process, which can also be referred to as "digital value creation", is a basic technology in the digital age. The process of communicating digital data itself constantly creates new information and new knowledge with endless possibilities for digital added value.

In order for digital communication and exchange to take place, the technology of networking had to be invented. This means the use of data transmission technologies in the form of physical networks as a cable network or mobile network, which is commonly referred to as the Internet. This is the stationary and mobile communication medium of the digital age. Networking exists worldwide with standardized procedures and includes all interest groups, whether political, social, societal or economic.

With the mobility the creation and use of information is decoupled from space and time, i.e. with the introduction of digital communication, communication can take place at any point in time and from any place in the digital age.

The mobility in turn was only due to the technological development of the Miniaturization of the systems possible, i.e. the downsizing of technical hardware components. For this purpose, other input forms and intuitive user interfaces first had to be developed, which together then led to broad acceptance of the use of mobile offers.