How can I improve my learning capacity

Learning capacity

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1. When our learning capacity is exhausted
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If the Learning capacity is exhausted sinks the motivation; Fatigue and susceptibility to stress increase - Therefore, especially students and professionals who want to improve their career opportunities often look for ways to increase their learning capacity increase. The focus is on methods and resources mental relaxation, while cognitive skills such as concentration and attention can be trained at the same time. Memory exercises have proven to be effective, although studies from neuropsychology denote the sustainable added value of mental training testify.

When our learning capacity is exhausted ...

Is the learning capacity at first maximum Once there, many find it difficult to concentrate on a particular problem, and the work takes more time than usual. The reasons for that it is all too logical: Because ours Ability to concentrate noticeably decreases, we become more susceptible to external distractions, let our work rhythm be disturbed more easily and lose sight of the essentials. In addition, also takes the Susceptibility to stress markedly, we react and feel more irritable mentally unbalanced. Consistent work on the Increase your own learning capacity create. This can be favored by several factors, such as:

  • Get enough sleep
  • A balanced and healthy diet
  • Sports activities in leisure time
  • Mental relaxation exercises like yoga

Targeted increase in learning capacity with online learning training

Memory exercises are also a suitable means of increasing the learning capacity. The Online brain jogging from NeuroNation provides the ideal basis for this with more than 60 exercises from 5 different cognitive areas. With the help of professors, therapists and experts, a brain training was created that has explicitly set itself the goal of to noticeably improve the everyday life of users.

See your progress

In addition to the actual exercises, meaningful control analyzes and comparison options are available within a large community of knowledge. thanks to the Determination of the training the learning capacity can be increased within a short time. In addition, individual weaknesses can be selected with the Premium training to be addressed. Get to know the online brain training of tomorrow for free: Increase your learning capacity in connection with fun and efficiency with the memory exercises on NeuroNation!