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504: A year in the cold

  • Mar 26 2021
  • Length: 15 mins
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  • Welcome to entrepreneurship in 15 minutes. My name is Rayk Hahne, professional athlete and management consultant. Every week you get an immediately applicable training unit so that you can become even better as an entrepreneur. Thank you for spending the time with me. Let's start training. If you like the episode, share it with your friends under the link Today's episode is about a year in the cold. Which 3 important points can you take away from today's training? What my conclusion is: which moment was the worst, why I know myself better now. You must know someone for whom this episode is incredibly valuable. Share them and also help other entrepreneurs to overcome their challenges. The link is Before we start with the episode, I have a recommendation for you. This time on our own behalf: The time has come! You can pre-order my book “Your perfect business day” at The best interviews from the podcast, paired with my personal story and directly applicable tasks to be entered in the book. I promise you it will change your life. That's why we came up with a great campaign. We will raffle one year of entrepreneurship free of charge among all pre-orderers, as well as two entrepreneurial squads for four weeks. In addition, there is a meet and greet with me for the three winners. Either in person or by zoom. We even bear the travel and accommodation costs. So go to, make the pre-order for you and your business friends and get the chance to win great prizes. B. the cold targeted my worst moment: the first time we also made a YouTube video about how I ice bath at one degree: we came from diving training, so the body was already strained you can see here very carefully The rush of blood felt like my skull was going to burst was brutal and at the time I thought I had to fight my way instead of enduring becoming one with the cold and enjoying it a bit because I couldn't change the situation in and of itself. That was a great learning, because I would not have thought that my body could withstand 3 minutes in this cold water. It was the starting signal for “yes, what's going on?” then I was very motivated to keep working with the cold in January, when it had snowed, my body didn't care to walk in the snow and have snowball fights, just a matter of mind when you D tell a head that your human body was built to endure cold, then you can! -> I would like to make these points particularly clear! I thought it would take training and practice to endure the cold. But what we train is not our body, but our mind. Your body can take the situation. Only your mind has to be sure of it. Yes, that is also a type of training. When this muscle has been strengthened, you will become stronger in other areas as well. Further in the text: the exciting thing is to recognize and explore the limit - it's not about getting higher, faster, further, but about reaching a level ...
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